To do these six things for the rest of your life shows that you know more and more about life.

To do these six things for the rest of your life shows that you know more and more about life.

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pay more attention to health than to face

like beauty, everyone is the same.

it is understandable for a woman to pay attention to her face. The younger you are, the more demanding you are on your face.

when a woman cares more about her health than her face, there is no doubt that she is more mature.

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this sense of maturity comes from life experience, and the more women begin to understand life, the more they will focus on health.

the face changes with the years, twenty years old has twenty years old youth, thirty years old has thirty years old charm, forty or fifty years old can be different flavor.

Health is also changing with age, and women who will live will not go back to pay attention to it until it is too late. If you plan ahead, you can always live a better life.


adhere to an advantage over others

people always have an advantage that distinguishes them from others, big or small.

can cook, so your cuisine is full of color, smell and taste, which is a kind of life advantage;

can arrange flowers, and its colors are comfortable and pleasing to the eye, which is a life advantage;

can play musical instruments, or can draw and write well, and the "craftsmanship" that can come up with hands are all advantages of life.

these advantages can be big or small. As long as a woman is good at it, her life will not be mediocre and boring.

the interest of life is inspired little by little from these advantages.


maintain self-discipline, maintain autonomy

Women of any age, if they want to have a good state, they must not give up, which is self-discipline.

self-requirements, always remind yourself to maintain self-control. The harder you treat yourself, the more forgiving life will be for you.

self-discipline is invisible to a person for one or two days, but ten or twenty years later, there will be a completely different life.

correspondingly, women who can maintain self-discipline are all very independent.

there is no restriction in thought and no procrastination in emotion. This is one of them. In career work, it is neither humble nor arrogant, and maintain economic autonomy.

people who can always maintain self-discipline are not easy to mess with. But there is no doubt that they are people who understand the nature of life better.


have bosom friends, have circles

friends need not be too many, circles need not be too large, but to be able to have, this is the key.

A woman is very happy to have three or five friends. Yi Shu has a saying deeply in my heart:

"people in the city seem to be glamorous, but in fact, they all hide loopholes. High-ranking friends are full, and guests come like clouds, but there may not be three or two who can really talk to each other. "

it's hard to know a bosom friend and get one or two of them. In fact, this kind of life is lucky enough.

most of the time a woman's life revolves around her family. She has many identities, being a wife and a mother, but in front of a bosom friend, she can wantonly be her own identity, which is rare.


Women who are kind to others and do not mean themselves

tend to make people feel close.

Women who are kind to others usually show equal tenderness because they are kindly cared for in life.

this gentleness is sometimes valuable in daily life, especially in today's increasingly realistic world. Being gentle to others is to bring a spring breeze to other people's lives.

apart from this, the woman who is not mean to herself and gentle to herself understands the meaning of life best.

make others happy as well as yourself. This kind of life will not be wasted.


very contented, will find happiness in insipid

contented people often happy, open-minded people do not worry.

Women who know how to live are contented. The moon will be full and missing, and people will not be plain sailing. After a lifetime, there are peaks and troughs, that is normal.

Japanese poet Sakihara Shutaro said:

anyone, anything, do their best, know how to be satisfied, and enjoy the process. No matter how insipid life is, it will become more and more interesting.

the ultimate charm of a woman is often due to her particularly chic attitude towards life. The woman who strives to do these six things, her way of life is obviously much more open than others.