To be a man, you can keep your temper and keep your luck.

To be a man, you can keep your temper and keep your luck.

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there is a saying: "the more urgent the character, the lower the wisdom; the greater the temper; the less happy; the warmer the temper, the deeper the blessing."

I think so.

to be a man, you can keep your temper and keep your luck.


losing temper is instinct, managing temper is skill

bad temper is demon, if you don't control it, it will devour you.

saw the news that a man parked illegally in a pickup truck in the emergency lane of the highway, then got out of the car and beat the copilot, punching and kicking her for half a minute.

he also squeezed the copilot woman's leg with the car door, and then rolled up her sleeves as if her anger had not gone away.

the police on duty saw this on the Internet and sent traffic police to the scene, but by the time the man arrived, the man had already driven away.

later, the driver was detained for seven days for illegal parking and beating, deducted six points and fined 200 yuan.

imagine what happens if the man continues to beat the woman. What if the emergency lane is blocked, hindering vehicles that really need an emergency?

the consequences are unimaginable.

it's really inappropriate to beat people around you and interfere with public order just because you can't control your emotions.

when people are angry, their IQ is negative and they are apt to lose themselves.

A heart of anger is like a poisonous fire at the expense of others.

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everyone has a temper. Losing one's temper is an instinct, and managing one's temper is the skill.

your temper, hiding your self-cultivation, determines your life.

cultivate temper, cultivate vision, refine cognition, and form a pattern.

as Napoleon said, "he who can control his emotions is greater than a general who can take a city."


if you want to keep your good fortune, you must first control your temper

. In Buddhism, losing your temper is often compared to "burning Gongderlin", which means that if a person is angry, he will burn up a lot of blessings accumulated in the past.

this sentence is also very applicable in life. People who like to lose their temper often encounter a lot of troubles in life.

Don't let your temper get in the way.

my friend Xiao Zhu had a bad temper and often had disputes with people.

because of some trivial things, he often scolds people and gets red in the face.

many friends avoid him because of his bad temper, so his popularity is gradually becoming bad.

although Xiao Zhu has good working ability, he has changed several jobs because he has a bad temper and his life and work are not going well.

when he got home, he still treated his family with his bad temper, scolding his brothers and parents.

later, he came across an article about how emotions affect people's behavior and experience. He immediately realized that he had suffered so many setbacks because he had a bad temper.

after realizing this, Xiao Zhu began to slowly correct his attitude and became friendly and close to the people around him.

later, his career improved, his ability was recognized, and a year later, he was promoted and got a raise.

the better the temper, the deeper the reward.

if you want to keep your luck, you must first control your temper.

A good temper will make you humble, gentle, and full of sunshine.

only by being calm and doing things rationally can you keep your life.

as long as you have a good temper, everything will be all right.


learn not to be angry and be emotionally stable

only by practicing your mood well can you fundamentally solve the problem.

emotional stability is the cure for everything.

once a reporter asked Lin Chi-ling, "are you afraid of being treated as a vase?"

Lin Zhiling replied, "vase?" Very good, this is also a way to affirm the appearance, I will take it as a compliment, and say thank you. Of course, if you are really interested in this vase, as time goes on, you will see the real me. "

she answered the tricky questions raised by the reporter earnestly and without being rude.

another reporter mentioned that Lin Chi-ling's doll voice was too subtracted, so dubbing was used in the movie.

so she replied, "I envy that you speak standard Putonghua and will try your best to correct it and try to use your own voice in the next movie."

resolve the embarrassment on the spot. Originally, the reporter wanted to make a fool of her and made a fool of her, but he was praised as a result.

in this case, many people will be furious when they hear the reporter's question, and they can't control a decent answer.

but Lin Zhiling's mood was very stable and answered the reporter's question with high EQ.

people who are really excellent and people who are admired from the bottom of their hearts are all people who are humble and polite and have a good temper.

not angry, is a person's great self-cultivation and wisdom.

learning not to be angry is better than anything else.

as the writer Dickens once said, "A sound emotional mind is more powerful than a hundred kinds of wisdom."

only peace of mind can produce wisdom, and wisdom can create a better life.

be a person who is not angry and has a good temper for the rest of his life.