Three short stories: self-knowledge, knowing others, and foresight.

Three short stories: self-knowledge, knowing others, and foresight.

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it is often said that the scariest person in the world is not a villain or a bad person, but an ignorant person.

if a person is ignorant, there will be chaos and no light in his heart.

to take a good road in life, we need "Sanming": foresight, self-knowledge, and knowing others.


self-knowledge means that there was a "crazy man" named Mi Heng when he cultivated the

three Kingdoms.

the first time you met Cao Cao, you beat the drum and scolded Cao Cao. He also mocked that others were clothes hangers, rice bags, wine buckets and meat bags. All the generals and counselors in the Cao camp were deprecated to be worthless.

only boast that he is "familiar with everything in astronomy and geography; he knows everything in three religions and nine classes".

such a person has neither self-knowledge nor humility. How is it possible to leave a good impression on others, and who will take him seriously?

later, Mi Heng was killed because of a conflict of words, at the age of 26.

Gui Guzi said, "when you know yourself, you know yourself and then you know others."

if you want to know the world and others, you must start with knowing yourself.

A person's life is a process of constantly knowing himself.

No one is born with self-knowledge, so you have to stumble a few times in order to find your own way.

people who are not self-aware have no idea how much they weigh.

it is easy to be fooled by other people's polite compliments. The more others praise, the more inflated he will be.

along the long road of life, it is often not others, but ignorant ourselves, who hinder our progress.

inferiority and conceit, like twin brothers, may become stumbling blocks in our lives.

be self-aware. You can neither think too high nor too low.

know what you can do, know better what you should do, and then keep your feet on the ground.


knowing people is wisdom

as the saying goes: the human heart separates the belly.

people's hearts are like guessing melons across the skin, it is hard to know whether they are good or bad.

short-term communication depends on temper, long-term communication depends on virtue, and lifelong communication depends on character.

people you make, you must choose carefully.

Su Shi has made numerous friends in his life and knows people well.

one day, Su Shi and Zhang Li went sightseeing together.

through a mountain stream, there are boulders on both sides and torrents surging at the bottom of the mountain. There is a plank in the middle, which acts as a "bridge".

Su Shi did not want to put himself in danger, so he stopped; Zhang Li grabbed a withered vine, swung to the boulder on the other side, and wrote the words "Su Shi Zhang wandered here".

Su Shi sighed with regret: "this man, he will kill without the blink of an eye."

when others asked him why, Su Shi said: "those who do not cherish their own lives naturally do not take other people's lives seriously."

sure enough, after Zhang disobeyed and worshiped the prime minister, he sent his old friend Su Shi into exile.

interacting with others is a lesson for each of us to practice all our lives.

Su Shi once said, "if you want to do extraordinary meritorious service, you must know others."

the world is complicated and the human heart is unpredictable.

when people have seven emotions and six desires, they naturally have a dark side of their hearts.

learn to see through this darkness in order to better protect yourself.

Look no further than black maid of honor wear and be the center of attention. They are perfect for any occasion.

it is our principle not to harm others and to guard against others.


foresight is the pattern

Wu Qi was once a counselor of the State of Wei, and he learned that a treacherous courtier had falsely accused him in front of the king of Wei.

without waiting for the king of Wei to summon, Wu Qi hurriedly defected to the State of Chu.

others asked him, "the king has not sinned, so why did you abandon your official and run away?"

Wu Qi replied, "only when kings are close to virtuous courtiers and distant villains can hegemony be achieved. Now, when kings listen to slanderers, the State of Wei will be weak from now on."

not long after, the State of Wei was annexed by the State of Qin, which was exactly what Wu Qi had foreseen.

as the saying goes, "if you have no foresight, you must worry in the near future."

if one does not have a long-term plan, then suffering must be at hand.

you can't look at life step by step, but take a long-term view.

for short-sighted people, the road ahead will be bumpy.

opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, with foresight.

foresight comes from the accumulation of long life experience.

in the Book of morality, it is called "it is easy to hold, but it is easy to plan without warning."

the situation is best controlled when things haven't happened yet.

be prepared in advance, that is, you have an umbrella in your hand when others are in the rain.