Those who love to be alone deserve the most deep acquaintance.

Those who love to be alone deserve the most deep acquaintance.

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Mr. Lu Xun said, "Beasts always walk alone, and only cattle and sheep flock together."

in life, we can often clarify each other's inner insight and attitude from a person's state of solitude.

people who love to be alone are strong in heart, mature in mind, and most worthy of deep acquaintance.


people who like to be alone

have seen such an experiment.

the University of Virginia recruited a group of volunteers and left them alone in an empty room for 15 minutes.

during these 15 minutes, volunteers can choose to sit there doing nothing, or they can choose to press the button next to them and shock themselves to pass the time.

before the experiment began, the volunteers vowed that they would never use the electric shock button.

it wasn't long before more than half of the people would rather shock themselves than stay there alone.

at the end of the experiment, women with 1 stroke 4 and men with 2 stroke 3 electrocuted themselves at least once.

another volunteer shocked himself 190 times in just 15 minutes.

the philosopher Pascal said: "almost all our pain comes from our poor ability to be alone in the room."

many people don't like to be alone. When they are alone, they feel lonely and panic.

people who really know how to be alone are as calm as chrysanthemum, calm and calm.

Kenichi Tanaka, one of the youngest winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, is called a legend because he has never had anything to do with academia.

he was originally an employee of an instrument manufacturing company. He won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2002 because he accidentally created an important invention by adding the wrong reagent in an experiment.

after Kenichi Tanaka won the award, numerous honors and media popularity poured in, and he jumped from an unknown clerk to a national favorite in Japan overnight.

in an interview with a reporter, Tanaka was asked by the reporter: what do you want to do most?

Kenichi Tanaka replied, "leave me alone."

since then, Tanaka shut out all media interviews, refused the olive branch of the company, and returned to the research institute to immerse himself in the experiment.

until 2018, Tanaka published another important study in the authoritative scientific journal Nature.

Zhou Guoping said: "compared with socializing, being alone is definitely an ability."

in the era of impetuous prevalence, solitude seems to have become a luxury in life.

people who really like to be alone can endure a long period of silence, restrain impetuosity, and turn what they see into their own accumulation.

by being alone with love, we can also put aside our usual impetuosity and worries and reap peace and peace of mind.


people who love to be alone are filled with souls

how long has it been since you enjoyed your time alone?

outside the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, the flow of people, but your heart is lonely with nowhere to place.

you are eager to be the focus of the world, surrounded by applause and flowers, constantly seeking the attention of the outside world.

you keep going to one wine game after another, but you lose yourself in the crisscross.

such deliberate gregariousness does not seem lonely, but it is actually empty.

in many cases, low-quality social interaction is not as good as high-quality solitude.

Lin Xi, a famous calligraphy and painting artist, once mentioned in the essay collection "only joys but not sorrows"

for her, the best moment of every day is to get home, remove jewelry, wash face, brush teeth, wash hair, put on lotion, and put on comfortable and simple cotton clothes at home.

then go to the dinner table, make yourself a good cup of tea, light incense, cross your legs, take a deep breath, and even reluctant to turn on the music. Just so that I can spend some time with myself.

she believes that only in this way can she feel herself wholeheartedly and feel the return of her wandering soul.

Li Bai enjoys being alone, inviting the moon to drink, leaving "I raised my glass to invite the charming moon, and bowed my head to see that there were already three people drinking together."

Su Dongpo chanted Changxiang, "a haze of misty rain for life", relying on bamboo sticks alone to enjoy the good times.

"exquisite solitude" says: "solitude is not to escape from the world, but to participate in it in another way."

for people who like to be alone, they participate in the world in their own way.

even in the plain days of boiled noodles, you can sprinkle chopped onions, just like a confrontation with mediocre life.

with people who love to be alone, our lives can always be interesting and hopeful.


people who like to be alone

Zeng Guofan once said:

being alone is like a ruler, which can measure whether a person is self-disciplined or not.

once mediocre people are alone, they become more anxious and lonely. On the other hand, good people can always plan their alone time and improve themselves.

writer Li Shanglong said: "loneliness is the best value-added period."

as the saying goes, "the books you have read, like the meals you have eaten since childhood, cannot be seen, but they have already melted into your flesh and blood."

those moments of solitude that you can't see also become nutrients, nourishing your dreams and life.

some time ago, Japanese actor and model Takayama published their morning works on the Internet.He was watched and loved by 300000 people.

7: get up on time. Open the curtains, bask in the sun, and enjoy the quiet morning.

07:15: start exercising. Put on headphones, listen to music, run and think about your plans for the day.

08:30, go back to your room and wash up. Take a warm bath, wash away the sweat and put on a light makeup.

09:15, prepare breakfast. Boil a bowl of brown rice, boil a pot of flavor to increase the soup, set a plate to add a sense of ceremony.

10:10: morning reading. Open books, touch the pages to find incense, and fill the brain with knowledge.

10:30: go out to work. Wear medals-earrings, rings and watches and go to work and love.

but all the former mountains have been depressed, depressed, decadent and depressed all the time. At the age of 30, she broke up with her boyfriend of six years. After the breakup, she ate too much and her weight soared 20 jin in two months.

finally woke up one day: I want to cheer up! As a result, she moved out of the house where she lived with her boyfriend, rented her own house, and started a "devil-like" abstinence to live alone.

Today, at the age of 38, she smiles brightly and is still full of aura like a girl.

has always appreciated this kind of person who pays attention to herself from the hustle and bustle, and even more appreciates her self-discipline and leisurely when she is alone.

in this journey of life, we are all lonely walkers. Turning loneliness into solitude, shaking hands and making peace with it is a lesson we must learn.

people who like to be alone have long learned to use self-discipline against boring life.

get along with them, we can also learn to digest loneliness and plant chrysanthemums in the hustle and bustle.


people who love to be alone are most worthy of deep acquaintance

Yu Hua said in "Scream in the drizzle":

the most authentic appearance of a person is often hidden in his time alone.

those who love to be alone should be calm in their hearts and taste all kinds of tastes with ease.

those who love to be alone are filled with souls and feel affectionate with ordinary hearts.

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people who like to be alone live a self-disciplined life and use softness to get out of the way.

the antidote to human feelings in the world is hidden in solitude.

people may meet a lot of people in this life, but there are very few wonderful encounters worthy of deep acquaintance.

if you meet someone who loves to be alone, you must cherish it.

because you give them a smile, they will give you a warmth and beauty.