Those who insist on getting up early are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

Those who insist on getting up early are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

it is said that going to bed early and getting up early is good for your health. If you observe carefully, you will find that people who get up early are not only in good health, but also have special popularity.

this is not only because they are always full of vigor and vitality, but also because early risers bring the following excellent qualities.


those who insist on getting up early are good

Obama was asked during the election:

"what is the best thing about you?"

-- I'm always ahead of time. "

get up early every day, arrange a busy schedule ahead of time, go to the White House ahead of time, and attend press meetings ahead of time.

Obama said: "when you can always advance, there is nothing in this world that you can't do."

people who insist on getting up early are better and stronger than those who stay in bed all day, because they tend to be more self-disciplined and active.

Foreign scholars have spent five years studying the daily habits of 177 self-made successful people and come to the conclusion that 99% of successful people have the habit of getting up early.

Bill Gates is busy getting up at three o'clock in the morning every day, and getting up early has become a common occurrence.

Li Ka-shing, in his 80s, still keeps the habit of getting up early. No matter how late he goes to bed, he will get up on time at 6 o'clock the next morning.

the same is true of writer Haruki Murakami, who for decades insisted on getting up at 4 o'clock to write, never using an alarm clock.

getting up early is really a hard thing to stick to.

you just need to close your eyes and wait for the passage of time.

getting up early not only tests a person's willpower, but also fights laziness and a comfortable bed.

insisting on getting up early is the biggest challenge to test one's self-discipline.

everyone has had this experience.

the alarm clock for getting up the next day was set early the night before last.

as soon as the alarm clock went off the next morning, I saw that it was still early, so I lazily postponed the alarm clock for a few minutes.

after a while, the alarm clock goes off again, and your eyelids are too heavy to open. Just ignore the alarm clock and turn over to find a comfortable position and go to sleep.

as soon as I open my eyes, the sun is already high. Look at the time, it's almost afternoon.

those who like to sleep in are usually procrastinating, perfunctory and don't ask much of themselves.

people who get up early tend to be better, usually lead a self-disciplined life, do things neatly, are more efficient, and have strong execution.

if you interact with such a self-disciplined person, you will not only get along comfortably, but also get close to him and gradually become self-disciplined and excellent.


those who insist on getting up early are reliable

people, and the most taboo is that they are unreliable.

A man runs a train with his mouth full and boasts perfunctory to his friends.

after a long time, it is naturally boring.

but there is no such concern with people who insist on getting up early.

getting up early depends on self-discipline and cherishing the body.

A person who cherishes his body and insists on getting up early every day will feel more reliable.

reliable, it is a person's best reputation.

writer Li Siyuan once told such a story.

she has a friend who deals in building materials. In the increasingly competitive market environment, his business is booming.

his biggest customer is a big local decoration company, and he is the only supplier.

A few years ago, many factories competed for this list, but when bidding, the boss of the company inadvertently mentioned that he likes to get up early and run early in the morning, and persisted for 10 years.

he, who had no obvious competitive advantage, was selected all of a sudden and has been cooperating ever since.

later a friend asked the boss of that company why he boldly chose him just because of this hobby.

the boss replied:

"in fact, the conditions of your families are about the same. I choose a partner, in addition to the quality of the goods, the character of the other party is also very important.

after all, we do long-term business and need a stable supplier. We can't procrastinate too much or drop the chain all of a sudden.

when the bidding came that day, it was 8: 00 in the morning. I saw that everyone else came as if they hadn't woken up, and some of them hurriedly came a few minutes late.

you are the only one who arrived early and looked energetic and high-spirited. "

the boss said: "A person who can get up early for 10 years must have superhuman willpower, and such a person must also be trustworthy."

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those who insist on getting up early are reliable people.

whenever you promise anything, you can be serious and practical and do it as soon as possible.

dealing with people, a reliable person is more worthy of heart-to-heart contact.


those who insist on getting up early are optimistic

Franklin once said:

"I have never seen an early, diligent, cautious, honest man complain that fate is not good, good character, good habits, strong will, will not be defeated by the so-called fate."

according to the study, insisting on getting up early will have a promoting effect on mood, making everyone who gets up early feel good about themselves and be more optimistic and positive.

Mr. Nan Huaijin once said, "you can only control your life if you can control the man in the morning."

those who are used to sleeping in tend to stay up late the day before, get up depressed in the morning, and their work will naturally be a mess, let alone have a positive attitude.

and those who insist on getting up early for a long time almost never stay up late.Bad habits, their biological clock is more stable, physical fitness is also better.

so the mind is very calm and stable, and it is easier to deal with things positively.

neighbor Uncle Liu has been running in the park from 6 o'clock every morning since 3 years ago.

once I caught up with him at work and came home from exercise. I asked him why he was so happy every day.

Uncle said: "getting up early will give you a lot of unexpected benefits, and it will also make you full of vigor and vitality when you get up in the morning. This person, ah, lives younger and younger." People are naturally happy when they are relaxed. "

insist on getting up early, so you are young, optimistic and positive, and you are bound to take your life seriously.

get along with them, it is easier to find the good parts of life and feel different experiences and happiness.

I once thought it was easy to insist on getting up early. I thought it was just setting an early alarm clock to get up. What's the big deal?

until you start trying to get up early.

it's just a seven o'clock alarm clock that is not very early. Because I stayed up late the day before and had no habit of getting up early, I just stayed in bed and couldn't get up.

until the alarm clock rang again and again, I was so bored that I couldn't sleep, so I struggled to get out of bed.

then wash, get dressed and go out, and then look at your watch, it's almost 09:30.

only after that did I know how good people who insist on getting up early are.

it's never easy to get up early.

A person who can form the habit of getting up early must be worth your deep acquaintance.

cherish the people around you who insist on getting up early, be they relatives, friends or loved ones, and enjoy the morning scenery with them.