This is the best recipe for longevity! (worth collecting)

This is the best recipe for longevity! (worth collecting)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

everyone says exercise is good, but Professor Xu Zaichun, a retired national doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, does not think so. he has seen many people who go astray on the path of health preservation.

"there is a fool in life, and taking medicine without illness is the stupidest."

"exercise before the age of 40, proper exercise before the age of 50, no exercise and more maintenance after the age of 60."

the "lazy" old people will not do high-intensity exercise, but will choose gentle exercises such as walking, jogging and playing Taijiquan, which is actually more beneficial to the health of the middle-aged and elderly!

as long as you do it right, you can easily achieve the effect of exercise during the rest, and you can keep in good health without trouble.

this set of "lazybones longevity method", starting now


rest is the best exercise

take a nap for 20 minutes: let the heart move

A number of studies have shown that napping is a decompression artifact, which can improve sensitivity and work efficiency, and is more conducive to heart health.

the study found that people who took naps more than three times a week and took naps for less than 30 minutes each time reduced their risk of heart disease by 37%.

have a cup of hot tea to get your brain moving

A study published in the Frontiers of Human Neuroscience found that drinking water increases your brain speed by 14%, helping to keep your mind sharp.

drinking a cup of hot tea can open pores, accelerate sweat gland secretion, diuresis, and keep the brain awake at any time.

stretch the waist to make the lungs move

stretching the waist can increase the compression of the heart and lungs, increase the oxygen supply of the whole body, and is also beneficial to the contraction of muscles and the deepening of breathing.

when there is enough blood flow in the brain, people naturally feel awake and comfortable.

eat healthy snacks to get your stomach moving

eating healthy snacks between meals or before meals can not only relax your body and mind, but also help to replenish nutrition.

it is recommended to give yourself a short "tea break" around 10:00 or 3 p.m. Yogurt, fruit and nuts are all healthier snacks.

simple exercise, let the body move

stretch, twist, or squat, standing against the wall, high legs, push-ups and so on are relatively simple and easy exercises, you can also practice one or two groups of yoga or tai chi, do not take too long, a few minutes can fully relax the body. The benefits of

basking in the sun and getting the immune system moving

are numerous, but the time spent in the sun is still far from enough.

make up the lesson of basking in the sun when you feel tired.

10:00 and 4 p.m. Are the best times to bask in the sun, when you can take a walk or talk on the phone while basking in the sun, killing two birds with one stone.

it can bask in the back, legs and top of the head, which is helpful to the absorption and synthesis of calcium, and can also improve the immunity. It is suitable to be exposed for 15 minutes at a time.

in a daze for 5 minutes, let the spirit rise

Research from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts State University in the United States shows that a daze is the easiest way to reduce stress.

they found that alpha brain waves in the brain were enhanced when there were no distractions and nothing in the brain.

this special brainwave can suppress information overload and make attention and thoughts more focused, thus improving mood, reducing stress, relieving anxiety, strengthening memory, relieving pain, and improving immunity.

another study found that having an appropriate amount of hair every day can reduce the risk of anxiety and depression by 25%.


the five most common exercise mistakes

walk more

people produce more hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol during strenuous exercise. When these hormones are increased to a certain amount, the ability of spleen to produce white blood cells will be greatly reduced, resulting in a great decrease in cell activity in lymphocytes.


for walking and running, intensity is speed, and excessive intensity is prone to sports injury.

pain and injury of knee joint, ankle joint, hip joint and waist are more common.

get up early and run

go out without breakfast or water, which can lead to low blood sugar.

when getting up early, human blood is thicker, especially in patients with cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, the exercise risk is greater.

in addition, the early morning is the period of high incidence of cardiovascular disease, so high-risk groups should avoid strenuous exercise in the early morning.

severe cold and hot weather

Studies have shown that extreme temperatures increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. One hot and one cold is the "great enemy" of the heart and brain.

when there is a big temperature difference between morning and evening, we must always pay attention to the weather changes and avoid excessive exercise.

lose weight by walking

the more calories the body takes in in a day, the heavier the burden on the organs. If you do overloaded exercise, the burden on the organs will double, and over time, it will accelerate the aging of the organs.


Longevity prescription, everyone can copy

have you ever heard of people who have suffered from cancer can live more than 100 years old?

have you ever seen the youngest-looking and longest-lived old man in China?

this old man is Zhang Mingzhu.  Zhang Mingzhu

Zhang Mingzhu was born in Shanghai on June 22, 1905 and later settled in Beijing with her husband. He is known as the "most beautiful birthday boy in China".

in 2011, she took part in a program on the Life Channel of Beijing Television, which shocked the audience! Because, at the age of 106 at that time, she not only stepped onto the stage by herself, but also had delicate skin and exuberant spirit.

so, what kind of old man is known as "the most beautiful birthday boy in China"?What's the secret of longevity and beauty? Let's learn it together.

likes to bask in the sun and walk

Zhang Mingzhu has two habits. One is to keep walking. All the major parks are frequent places for old people. Most of the regular visitors there know her, and she is happy to chat with everyone.

the second is to bask in the sun, basking in the sun for a while after dinner or when walking.

Cancer is an "immortal disease". Don't worry about

for the long-lived elderly, what we hear most is that most of them are healthy all their lives and rarely get sick.

but this is not the case with Zhang Mingzhu. She suffered from bowel cancer at the age of 88 and underwent three major surgeries, removing all her colon and cutting off one meter of her large intestine. It was not until the third operation that she knew she had cancer.

but she said nonchalantly, "Cancer, cancer, is immortal. I want to fight against cancer."

sleep until you wake up naturally

"eat well, get enough sleep, bask in the sun and do more exercise."

I wake up naturally every morning. After getting up and watching TV for a while, I will sleep for more than an hour, and I will sleep about 3 hours after lunch.

adequate sleep ensures enough energy and makes the skin smooth, moist and elastic.

Love to dress up, brightly colored and in a good mood

Middle-aged and elderly people should also love to dress up and be beautiful. If they look good, they will naturally be in a good mood, and if they are in a good mood, they will feel better.

Zhang Mingzhu likes to put on powder, sprinkle some perfume on her clothes, like to wear clothes with bright colors and fashionable styles, and her grandchildren always give her small gifts such as scarves. She is always very happy.

there is meat to eat meat, vegetables to eat vegetables, especially braised meat

diet is one of the important factors that determine one's health. In fact, you have to eat a lot of food. For example, corn, sweet potato, pumpkin, rice, steamed bread, braised meat and so on.

therefore, we should eat with meat and vegetables and eat reasonably. Zhang Mingzhu likes braised pork best, and her good skin also comes from this.

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"just so-so" can live longer

if you want to live a long and healthy life, you must be calm and not angry. In the words of Zhang Mingzhu, it is "just so". Forgetting your age is also one of the secrets of longevity!

these methods can not only make you live a long and healthy life, but also make you look beautiful!

tell your friends these methods. May you all be healthy and beautiful even if you are one hundred years old!