Things will be reversed at the extreme (good text in depth)

Things will be reversed at the extreme (good text in depth)

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as the old saying goes:

in life, no matter what you do, you must grasp the measure and yardstick.


Don't be too full of words

in life, there are many such people who always like to speak out and embarrass people.

little do you know that when you interact with people, if you talk too much, you will often be full of contradictions and put yourself in a dilemma.


Don't get to know people too fast

in many cases, it's not a good thing for people to get to know each other too quickly.

as the saying goes:

you regard each other as a friend, but others may not take you to heart.

Don't open your heart to others as soon as you are familiar with it, and always remember to give yourself some leeway.

A few days ago, reader Zhang Lan shared something in the background.

not long ago, she joined the new company and became acquainted with a colleague. Because the two sat close to each other, they soon became acquainted with each other.

during the chat, Zhang Lan learned that her colleague was very close to where she lived, so the two often went to and from work together.

on weekends, colleagues often ask her out for shopping and dinner.

because they hit it off and hit it off with each other, Zhang Lan thought they had a good relationship.

one day, Zhang Lan wanted to ask her colleagues out for shopping, but her colleagues said:

next, Zhang Lan tried to make an offer to her colleagues several times, but she turned it down impatiently for various reasons.

in the long run, Zhang Lan was extremely chilled by the indifferent attitude of her colleagues.

in Zhang Lan's eyes, she already regarded her colleague as her own good friend, but she never thought that the other person didn't take her seriously at all.

after this incident, she realized that the relationship between people is better to take their time.

I can't help but think of the saying: it's hard to know a person's face and heart, and it's hard to hold a heart and a heart.

people are hard to guess. No matter what you do, don't show your heart to others without reservation.


Don't do too much

there is a saying that

there may be many people who do not understand what he is doing, but in fact, du Yuesheng knows very well that there is not much money that can really be returned.

if the children ask for the debt instead of him, the person who owes it may not buy it, or it may hurt his feelings.

do not do things, give others a step down, but also leave a way back for yourself.

Zeng Guofan said:

whatever it is, don't go too far, and always remember to give yourself some leeway.

as the saying goes, prosperity will fall at the extreme, and things will turn back at the extreme.

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to be a man and do things, you need to stop.

Don't speak casually, handle things carefully, and have room for heart-to-heart communication.

in dealing with the world, leave a line in everything, advance and retreat in a moderate manner, so that life can be leisurely.