There was no taxi. I got in a motorcycle.

There was no taxi. I got in a motorcycle.

In this world, everyone has the hardship of living.

Wen /Zhang Jingshi

Last night, taxis went on strike throughout the city.

Taxi drivers say: rents are too high, there are too few passengers, and there are no relevant regulations to regulate APP such as Didi Taxi, which makes business more and more difficult.

I posted a moments this morning, which roughly means: I should have been to half of the 32 towns in Dongguan, but only the drivers in the city and our town can turn on the meter. How can you blame passengers for not taking your bus?

this is true. The driver in some towns told me 20 yuan as soon as I reported a location.

I asked him if he didn't turn on the meter.

he pointed to the meter reader and said he couldn't type it.

when I looked at it, the meter puncher was sealed with cardboard.

so I closed the door and went back to Didi.

after that time, I haven't even taken a taxi in that town unless I'm in a hurry. Otherwise, I am willing to wait, wait for Didi's driver to call me, and then wait for him to come.

I couldn't help it in high school, when I didn't even have Wechat, let alone such weird things as Uber, China and Didi. I have to take taxis that are always 2.30, but I prefer to take a taxi without turning on the meter rather than a black car, because the quality of black car drivers is worse, they like to overtake, honk their horns, and may not be safe. So I can only choose expensive taxi, but this is the premise that there is no other choice, my choice in high school.

I took another taxi last month. He didn't want to charge me 15 yuan by turning on the meter. I wanted to take a picture of his license plate after getting off. As he was pointing his phone at the car, he backed up, rolled down the window and shouted to me, "what do you mean?"

I said: what do I mean? Does this distance cost ten yuan?

he put down the word "fuck" and left.

I was really afraid that he would come down and fight with me. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

even giving bad reviews is afraid of retaliation. When I write this article, I have to consider whether I will be seen by my elder brother. Maybe this is the problem. They blindly express their demands, but ignore the demands of their customers. How many times have we lodged complaints to no avail? how many times have we called for taxis but no one has come before we vote with our feet and use Didi and UBER?

but the driver in Dongguan city is very good. I have never encountered a roundabout road or not turning on the meter so many times. So I support those well-behaved drivers, their demands should be expressed, but the industry should be reshuffled, monopoly will only create more bad habits.

labor pains are necessary.

back to last night, because there was no taxi and the cell phone had no battery. I got in a motorcycle parked on the side of the road, and the master didn't start the price, it was only 6 yuan. But when it's cheap, I don't want to take a second ride, because they basically don't follow the traffic rules, go retrograde, rush the red light, overtake, and don't wear a helmet, which is too dangerous.

since there is no second time, I know I have to ask all my questions in these five minutes.

I asked the master where he was from.

he said Hunan.

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I asked, "can motorists make money?"

he faced the wind and said, "how can you make money? make ends meet."

I grabbed the iron at the back: "then why is it still open? and I think you're driving dangerously."

he passed the white car in front and shouted, "I have to eat. I'm fifty years old and the factory doesn't want me." I came to Dongguan to work as a security guard for five or six years, and now I have nothing to do. "

We turned around as we walked, because there happened to be a traffic policeman setting up a card at the intersection ahead. "I'm sorry," he said. "there are traffic police ahead. Let's go another way."

he told me that a motorcycle costs 1800 and a better one costs more than 2000, while his colleague was confiscated three last month. He used this data to tell me that they basically don't make any money in a month. And it doesn't matter how much he earns in a day. For example, today his business is so bad that he can't even go home at 11:00 in the evening.

when I got out of the car, he asked me how old I was. I said I was 21, and he said it was fine.

I don't know if he's talking about being young or I'm fine.

I patted him on the shoulder and said, "it's Chinese New year. Put your helmet on."

he said thanks.

I used to hate motorcycles very much, because of their unruly behavior, they always ran straight on the road. And as long as you stand by the side of the road, he will honk his horn when he sees you and ask where you are going. But now think about it, those motorists really seem to be middle-aged men.

when you are over 50, you cannot work and your life is insecure.

I don't know who's to blame.

last winter vacation, I went to Changsha.

because I am poor, I booked a special ticket, so it is a flight at 8 o'clock in the morning.

there are two plans. Either I sleep at the airport, or I call a black car to take us to the airport at 06:30 in the morning. Of course, I chose the second kind. The driver in Changsha is very talkative. As soon as he hears that we are from Dongguan, he asks the questions that everyone wants to ask.

this driver was met on the first day we went, because Baidu map showed that it took 2 hours by bus, so we decided to take a taxi, but there was no taxi, only a black one.

We were stuck on the road of Wanda in Changsha. He said that he was also a taxi driver before, so he was very familiar with these roads, and he could take us there in the shortest possible time wherever we wanted to go.

We asked him why he quit.

he said, "Taxi licenses are very expensive. You pay thousands of yuan every month, so you have to drive a sports car every day. You have to sit for more than ten hours, and you are covered with occupational diseases. The money is all returned with your life. I might as well buy my own car to run comfortably. I only drive home one afternoon a day at night.Come out and open it if you have nothing to do. "

"taxis are not easy to do."

this is his sigh. Didi Taxi was not so good at that time.

so, going back to the first story today, can taxi drivers who don't turn on the meter get a little bit of understanding again? And if you are a driver, can you also understand what customers are thinking?

it's too hard to understand each other, no matter how close we are. There are too many people in this world, each of whom has too many ideas and has his own interests.

I do not seek harmony, nor do I look forward to great harmony. I just want to tell you the story I've learned about taxis.

in this world, everyone's reason for living.