There is no need to explain different positions (profound)

There is no need to explain different positions (profound)

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I think so. The location of

is different and there is no need to explain.


former colleague Xiaoyu always likes to find fault.

seeing the good performance of her colleagues, she said, "Gee, she's just lucky. She just found a few clients."

seeing that other people's lives are rich and there are all kinds of activities, she said, "what's the use of these?"

when her good friend Nini went to study abroad, she laughed at Nini for pretending to study abroad, and it was useless to read so many books.

later, my friends studied abroad, their knowledge became wider, their abilities improved at a high speed, and at the same time, they also met many celebrities in the industry.

when Nini returned home, she became an executive in one of the world's top 500 companies and earned ten times more than Xiaoyu.

there are a lot of people with different voices who say, "Why are you messing around so much?" "you might as well take the civil service examination and be safe and secure." "with so much to learn, can you eat as a meal?"

some people can only see things on the surface, because they stand in a different position from us, and no matter how many explanations they give, they will not understand, so there is no need to ask everyone to understand.

the really high-level people are all wise people.

remember that there is a good saying in "Ode to Joy": "often compete with the same people, do not talk about the short and long with fools."

means to compete with like-minded people in order to motivate yourself not to argue too much with people who don't understand you, because it will consume your time and energy.

Su Shi said: "there are steep peaks on the side of the meandering mountains, but there are thousands of different ways in the past."

the summer worm does not speak the ice, the well frog does not speak the sea.

position is different, do not seek to understand.


A female netizen commented: "the biggest failure of a woman is not having a child. The so-called living out of yourself is deceiving people. It makes you 30 years younger. When you are 100 years old, can you still look 30 years old? no matter how beautiful you are, you can't escape the ravages of time. By the age of 90, the family is full of children and grandchildren."

this kind of comment has been liked 11000 times and is in the front row of the comment area.

this means that many women agree with the idea that Yang Liping is a failure without a daughter, and that she is not really living herself.

after the ferment of media reports, more and more people commented on it, and the stars came out to support Yang Liping.

many people say, "Why is success or failure now defined by having children?"

as a matter of fact, for Yang Liping, whether or not to have children is her own choice, and she also said that she does not think that giving up childbearing is a sacrifice, but a normal way of life.

although she is over 60, she still loves life very much and is very satisfied with her environment.

later she responded:

so the statement that "if you don't have children, you won't be happy, you will be a failed woman" is simply blaming other people's way of life.

if you feel that the life of having a child is complete, then you should have a child, but you should not measure or ask others by your own standards.

you are not her, and you can't live her life instead of her.

Don't judge right or wrong easily. If you look at things from your own point of view, you will never be able to see clearly.

the angle is different, so we can't generalize the whole.


heart to heart

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to push yourself and others, it is the top goodness.

recently, with the recent torrential rain and flood in Henan, Hongxing Erke, Honeysnow Ice City, Huiyuan Juice and other enterprises have been brought on fire. I think we all know how popular Hongxing Erke's live studio is.

people are shouting: I want wild consumption! Support domestic products!

but at the same time another thing happened.

many non-domestic brands, and even some domestic brands of live rooms, netizens' messages are daunting.

swipe screen Hongxingerke;

"guys, if we don't scold the anchor, we're not doing our job!"

there was an anchor who looked like Ma Rong, and then netizens scolded "Ma Rong off duty!"

there are others who want the anchorman to change jobs and go to Hongxing Erke as soon as possible.

what's more, the anchor of a studio wearing white clothes was described by netizens as "wearing a three-piece suit of filial piety."

there are also many live room anchors who are scolded and cried directly, crying and asking them to stop scolding.

I really want to ask, is such a vicious performance patriotic?

heart to heart, how sad would you be if the person standing right now was you or your family?

they are just ordinary migrant workers, and the live broadcast is also arranged by the company, and they mean no harm.

only when you know how to think of others, can you understand and treat others better.

just as we know how to sympathize with the sufferings of the people of Henan and it is not easy to sympathize with domestic products, we should bring this ability of empathy to all aspects of life.

Don't vent the evil in your heart on others.

give understanding, you can gain understanding;

give love, you can feel love.

position is different, do not seek understanding, this is self-cultivation;

different levels, do not explain, this is respect;

heart to heart, push yourself and others, this is kindness.