There is no need to complain in life, everything is the best arrangement.

There is no need to complain in life, everything is the best arrangement.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

if things go against your wishes, please believe that everything is the best arrangement.

A person's life is just an experience, ups and downs, joys and sorrows, after tasting, this life will be complete.

the ancients said:

people's life is not long, full calculation is only more than 30,000 days, short is not short, from youth to old age, there are also decades of time.

and every step of life will not be on the broad and smooth road, bumpy and muddy are inevitable.

when they encounter hardships, many people will choose to give up and begin to complain about the unfairness of fate, but only forget that "hardships make people".

everything we experience, everyone we meet, comes to visit us, every surprise we experience, every pain we suffer, makes us realize.

so, please remember that all God's arrangements must have a reason for it. As long as you stick to it, the good will come as promised.


Thunder rain and dew are all people in the world. All kinds of things in the world are unpredictable.

among these people, some people make you happy, some people make you sad, some of these things make you, and some hone you.

in the face of life, we might as well use a very popular word on the Internet: "Buddha system".

what is Buddhism? It does not really mean to see through the seclusion of the world of mortals, but an attitude towards life, everything goes with fate, and everything is treated in a calm and harmonious manner.

those who go well with the wind will make you go further, but those difficulties and obstacles will also make you stronger.

History Wang Yangming recited it at the age of eight and wrote a poem at the age of ten.

but he is also regarded as an eyesore by many people in the DPRK because of his outspoken righteousness.

was demoted into exile and assassinated.

fearing that his family would be implicated, he went to Longchang, but he was maliciously attacked by the locals and was on the verge of despair.

but Wang Yangming is not angry, but tries his best to improve the lives of the local people.

over a long period of time, the mountain people went from precaution to love for Wang Yangming.

later, Wang Yangming gave a lecture, and these people were the most sincere believers.

since he took part in the trial at the age of 22, Wang Yangming has had ups and downs in his life and even faced a desperate situation several times.

in the face of all kinds of hardships in life, Wang Yangming can always maintain a clear heart, protect the people when he joins the WTO, and cultivate the mind and enlightenment when he is born.

in fact, the secret of all this is only three words: normal mind.

see a passage:

when you experience more truth and falsehood and see the truth of the world, there is not so much sorrow. "

the truth of life is that the difficulties and hard times that we have experienced will eventually shape us.

Life is really hard, and there is only self-help. When you grind your teeth and go through the hard days that make you tired, you will look back and find that it was those days that made you who you are today.

people do not live for waste and depravity. In the face of suffering, you who choose to advance by leaps and bounds will inevitably become the hero of life.


there is no need to complain, everything has its own arrangement

everything has its own providence, and there is a reason for fortune and misfortune.

everything in the world is inseparable from the word cause and effect.

good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil. It is not that the time has not come yet, but when the time comes, cause and effect will be rewarded.

everything you get is caused by antecedents, not for no reason, not by accident.

since this is the case, there is no need to complain. Instead of complaining every word, it is better to calm down and look at yourself and change your destiny.

Zeng Guohua, the sixth younger brother of Zeng Guofan, has a high talent in writing. Zeng Guofan has always expected him to gain fame and make a career by virtue of his articles.

Zeng Guohua is also very confident, but he has repeatedly failed in the imperial examination room.

this is a big blow to him. Once a young man with lofty ambitions, he often hit a brick wall on the road of imperial examinations, and his mentality plummeted and complained endlessly all day long.

Zeng Guohua complained that the examiner was blind and could not understand his own articles; he even complained that his wife had failed to take care of himself, resulting in not doing his best to study.

but never find a reason for yourself.

when Zeng Guofan learned of this, he severely criticized him in his letter to Zeng Guohua. Zeng Guofan said mercilessly:

"you didn't pass the exam entirely because you didn't work hard and give yourself up. Who is to blame?" Who are you to complain! "

in Zeng Guofan's view, complaining is an act of the weak, and failure is due to his own lack of effort, so what's the use of complaining?

people should be able to resist gains and losses. If they have worked hard, they don't care about the result. If they choose to give up, don't complain about the unfair fate.

Li Zongsheng once said:

there is no futile effort or road in vain, all of which will turn into their own unique experience and exude unique charm in the future.

there will be wind and rain, there will be rainbows, life is not satisfactory, nine times out of ten, but the road you have traveled in the past, the good is called wonderful, the bad is called experience, is a part of life, we have to learn to accept calmly.

God is fair. He will not mistreat anyone who works hard, nor will he give alms to those who muddle along at will.

Don't envy the success of others, as long as you work hard, you can decide yourself.What life looks like.


if it is too bitter, try to reconcile with yourself

and fate in order to meet happiness.

what is really difficult in this life is not how to live, but how to live better. What is really sad is not the mood of falling into a low ebb, but the hurdle that needs to be crossed when making a comeback.

there is a saying:

do not be afraid of the ups and downs of the road, only out of the comfort zone, you have the courage to strive for progress, and those who do not beat you, will only make you stronger.

at the "complaint meeting", Yu Haoming said:

"We have been kidnapped by all kinds of things all our lives. I was kidnapped by my face before, and then I was kidnapped bravely. I finally figured it out over the years. What I need is not sympathy, but acceptance of myself."

had it not been for the accident, Yu Haoming's life would have been particularly smooth.

but life never has an if, only a result.

after the accident, Yu Haoming collapsed, looking at himself in the mirror, he constantly fell into self-doubt, and for some time even wanted to find a rope to end it.

for a long time, Yu Haoming could not accept his face because even though it was covered with foundation, he could still see the flaws in it.

but with the passage of time, some things will slowly fade, later, Yu Haoming chose to accept, because of acceptance, he lived a more magnanimous life.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

"I longed for the waves of fate so much that at last I found that the most beautiful scenery in life was inner calmness and calmness.

We were so looking forward to the recognition of the outside world that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others."

make peace with yourself, not to admit defeat with life, but to listen to your inner voice, slow down and think about what you want.

most of the time, it is not the difficulty that knocks us down, but the self who is addicted to the past and refuses to move forward.

the past will be a thing of the past, we can't change it, but life goes on, so why not try to make peace with ourselves?

regain your yearning for beauty, embrace yourself, let go of the past, and you will find that life is not as difficult as you think.

Life will always give you the answer, not at this moment, but the next.

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