There is a pattern called "keep calm."

There is a pattern called "keep calm."

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A person's life is a process of continuous growth and self-improvement.

on the road to success, many people only focus on the abilities and opportunities needed for success, but ignore the general pattern of life.

No one knows that this is the fundamental difference between winners and losers.

what people who miss success lack is not talent and diligence, but a calm pattern.


the more incompetent people are, the more they like to show off and show their edge; the more capable they are, they all know how to keep calm and rise abruptly based on their accumulated strength.

think of the allusion of Zhuge Liang's "Seven captures Meng Huo".

at that time, Meng Huo led 100,000 soldiers to attack Shu.

when Zhuge Liang learned that Meng Huo was not only brave in battle, but also had great prestige in the south, he decided to subdue Meng Huo and convince him sincerely in order to relieve the worries of the Northern Expedition.

after Meng Huo was captured alive for the first time, Zhuge Liang did not embarrass him, but loosened the rope on him and said, "General Meng, let's go for a walk together, and let you see our barracks and lineup."

after Meng Huo saw it, he sneered and said, "that's all!" If you let me go back and we fight again, I will defeat you. "

Zhuge Liang smiled but did not answer, but really let Meng Huo go.

but soon, Meng Huo was captured alive again. Zhuge Liang saw that he was still not angry, so he was released again.

after that, Meng Huo used a lot of tricks, but unexpectedly, all these tricks were seen through by Zhuge Liang.

in this way, Meng Huo was captured four times, but was released four times.

when Meng Huo was captured for the seventh time, Meng Huo was finally convinced, sincerely thanked Zhuge Liang for not killing him seven times, and decided not to rebel any more.

from then on, the rebellion in the south-central region was finally put down.

imagine that if Zhuge Liang captured Meng Huo alive and took advantage of the victory to chase and break the enemy, although he could calm the chaos of war for a while, he could not calm the hearts and minds of the people of Shu.

Zhuge Liang painstakingly captured Meng Huo again and again, calmly fought with Meng Huo, and in the end gained the stability of the whole kingdom of Shu.

people who are calm and calm tend to be cool-headed, clear-headed, good at seizing opportunities and having insight into the overall situation.

what they pursue is not the immediate interests, but the control and dominance of the future.

as there is a saying:

keep calm before you can win the final victory.


calm down, Fang Chengda

an entrepreneur once said:

most of the time, we are eager to achieve something great and want to make ourselves extraordinary.

therefore, we always focus on the distance, eager to rush to the goal, eager to accomplish a great thing to build our own success.

as everyone knows, haste makes waste, and success does not depend on the completion of a major event, but on the ability to keep calm and do the mundane things at hand one by one.

Leonardo da Vinci, a famous painter, studied from a master of art when he was a child.

but instead of teaching him practical skills, the artist kept Leonardo da Vinci practicing drawing eggs.

after practicing for a period of time, Leonardo da Vinci became bored and restless, saying that he had come to learn real art, not this simple basic skill.

after hearing this, the master said earnestly:

Leonardo da Vinci suddenly woke up, so he settled down and practiced drawing eggs patiently and intently.

after long practice, Leonardo da Vinci finally became a world-class master of art.

Napoleon said:

only by keeping calm and doing ordinary and simple things well can you make yourself different and become a great person.

and such people tend to have the potential to do great things.

only when you keep calm can you really become a great power.


there is a pattern called calm down

once heard the saying:

is quite reasonable.

in life, we often lose our temper and tend to deal with things with emotion, so in the end, things get worse and worse.

calm down and take your time, can you cultivate your own state of mind, become a stronger self, and handle things in an orderly manner.

General Eisenhower was asked: "what kind of opponent scares and headaches you the most in your life?"

Eisenhower replied bluntly, "it's my own mood."

Life is like a war with yourself.

the more impetuous you are, the more you will lose your rational judgment of things, and the more likely you will lose your dominance in life. In the end, I can only pass by success.

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only by keeping calm, controlling your emotions, and dealing with everything in front of you in an orderly and orderly manner, can you achieve real success.

I quite agree with the saying that

A person's ability is not measured by how much success he has achieved, but by how many failures he has experienced, but by how many failures he has endured and destroyed them.

being calm is the sharpening of the will, the breakthrough of the self, and the quality of the wise man.

keep calm, can you build a quiet and calm heart, and face the sharpening of life in a more humiliating manner.

with such a pattern, we can enjoy the infinite scenery of life.