There is a kind of self-cultivation called not to talk.

There is a kind of self-cultivation called not to talk.

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in life, there are all kinds of people, there are things about right and wrong, there are feelings of thinking, but there are always people who will point the finger. In fact, the real wise man: to deal with the world, but not to see through. "it took us two years to learn to speak, but it took us 60 years to learn to shut up," Hemingway said. A lot of things, you can see clearly at a glance, and you know each other.

do not see through, see through, do not expose, often leave room for others, but also leave space and retreat for themselves, which is not only a kind of kindness, but also the embodiment of a person's self-cultivation.

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Don't say it, it's a kind of wisdom. The ancients said: sit still and often think about your own mistakes, and don't talk about others. There are always some people who think how smart they are and how talented they are. They love to comment on something and call it straightforward. Not to say is a skill, is the highest realm of language art. Not to mention that it is a very effective weapon, it can solve many problems and avoid many problems.

No, it's a choice. Very often, in the face of some people and things, we will choose not to say, not who we are afraid of, but to let time prove time and let people's hearts verify the hearts of the people. Be calm, keep your feet on the ground, talk less and do more, know but not speak, and keep quiet at the right time.

No, it's a kind of self-cultivation. Mencius once said: good words are warm in three winters, but evil words hurt people in June. I talked about the importance and practicality of speaking. There are a lot of words to stay in the heart, do not need to say, grasp the degree. Even if it is good advice, it should sound comfortable. Everyone's situation is different, there are some things we only see the appearance, we should not comment on others at will.

not to say, it is a kind of maturity. Being good at listening is a sign of maturity. Be cautious in your words and deeds, think twice before you act, and think twice before you speak. Especially when they are excluded and aggrieved, not to mention. Continue to do your job with a magnanimous mind, everyone has an account in his heart.

Don't say it, it's a kind of calm. Among our facial features, there are two ears and one mouth, which is telling us to listen more and speak less. You don't have to say all you know, and if you do not have a friend, you have no friends. There is no need to be harsh in blaming others, but to be harsh is to be far away.

May you and I speak rationally for the rest of my life, grasp the size, see through, not break through, and watch your mouth, so that the road of life will be wider and smoother.