There are three things in life: don't fight for right or wrong, don't win or lose, don't win or lose.

There are three things in life: don't fight for right or wrong, don't win or lose, don't win or lose.

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in life, many people hold the mentality of "not fighting for steamed buns and fighting for breath". They like to compete in everything and win or lose.

to tell a news, we should compete with each other and feel that we can have a better foothold in our point of view; if we gossip, we should win or lose and think that our views are more accurate.

there is always a sense of superiority that "I am very knowledgeable and talented", but I do not realize that this will not be respected and respected by everyone. Nan Huaijin once said:

indisputable is the great wisdom of life!


there is no contention for right or wrong

in this world, not everything is black and white, right or wrong.

the simplest way to live in life is not to argue.

the heart is simple, the man is simple; the man is simple, the day is simple, and the day is simple, he can live at ease. Yang Jiang shared such a story in "the three of us":

"Zhong Shu and I had a quarrel on a ship abroad, only because of a French pronunciation.

I said his accent had a local accent, but he disagreed and said a lot of hurtful words.

I didn't want to be outdone. I responded with a lot of hurtful words, and then I asked an English-speaking Frenchman on the same ship to decide.

she said I was right and he was wrong.

although I won the quarrel, I felt boring and unhappy. "

people often say that there is no right or wrong in a relationship.

in my opinion, it is not that there is no right or wrong in the relationship, but that there is no struggle for right or wrong in the relationship.

you understand my difficulties. I understand your hardships and tolerate the imperfections in each other's lives.

quarrel is consumable in emotion, and the result of argument does not have any positive effect on the maintenance of emotion.

in the long run, it will also make two people's hearts further apart, so in life, very often, do not fight for right or wrong for meaningless results, otherwise the loss will outweigh the gain. I have read the story of another couple corresponding to this.

when husband and wife quarrel, the husband always gives way to his wife.

the wife asked, "Why did you let me go when I was wrong?"

the husband said, "because I'm afraid of winning the argument, losing the relationship, and losing you."

Yes, why do we have to fight for right or wrong?

this is true not only emotionally, but also in life. Smart people will not fight for right or wrong in words, but win or lose.

Don't argue, it's not silence that shows weakness, it's not care, it's love, it's treasure, and it's not wasting your precious time on senseless disputes.


do not compete to win or lose

remember that there is a saying: "the general has a sword and does not kill flies."

A general who battles north and south will not kill flies with his own weapon.

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when you understand this, you will think:

there is no need to struggle, many things do not need to win or lose, and many people do not need to worry about it.

one year, a writers' summit was held somewhere in the United States, and many writers were invited.

when all the people are showing off their works, only a woman in plain clothes sits calmly in the corner and listens quietly.

A writer next to her boasted proudly that she had more than 100 works, which suddenly became the brightest star in the eyes of the people around her.

finally, when she was asked how many works she had, she smiled and said, "I only wrote one book."

the writer got smug and asked her what was the title of her book. She answered only one word: gone with the Wind.

the writer immediately stopped talking in shame.

this woman is Margaret Mitchell.

Guo Degang once said a particularly classic saying:

"for example, I said to the rocket expert, your rocket is not good, the fuel is not good, I think it is necessary to burn firewood, it is best to burn coal, coal has to be carefully selected, and washing coal is not good.

if the scientist looked me in the eye, he would have lost. "

in real life, many people express their opinions and express their opinions in order to reflect their sense of existence; they argue and compete just to win.

writer Zhou Guoping once said: "people should have uncompetitive wisdom."

most of the time, winning or losing in words is meaningless, nor does it represent any valuable success.

not fighting to win or lose is not only a kind of open-minded, but also a kind of wisdom.


does not fight for gains and losses

means that benefits should be shared rather than embezzled, and if you want to gain alone, you are bound to fail. In fact, the deeper meaning is that people should have a long-term vision, not to destroy their future for the sake of immediate trivial profits, but to look to the future in order to reap the hearts of the people. During the reign of Kangxi, there was an alley between Zhang Ying's family and the neighbor's courtyard, which was usually used for entry and exit.

one day, the Wu family wanted to expand their new house and wanted to occupy the alley, but the Zhang family was not happy.

after all, this is a common place between the two families, so why should I give it to you?

the two families quarreled and refused to give way to each other.

the Zhang family sent a letter to Zhang Ying, the eldest son of the family, hoping to use their official position to support the family.

I didn't expect to receive only one poem in reply:

the Zhang family felt so guilty that they offered to give up three feet of land.

the Wu family did not bully the Zhang family. They were so moved that they gave up three feet of land.

since then, there has been a famous "six-foot alley" in Tongcheng, leaving behind a story that has lasted through the ages.

Yes, what's wrong with giving him three feet?

people walk in the world, gain and loss is a normal life. All our lives, we also spend our lives getting and losing.

getting and losing is not absolutely good or bad, but a blessing.The circulation of dependence.

Zeng Guofan once said:

only by being calm and indifferent can we really live in peace.

Life is a journey full of adventures, so why care about the gains and losses of one city and one place.


the ancients said: life, but a cup of tea, full or less, what to fight for! Strong or light, it has its own flavor. Be it urgent or slow, so what? Whether it's warm or cold, smile at each other.

Don't argue about right or wrong, be more tolerant, have less disputes, and you will feel more comfortable.

do not win or lose, more concessions, less disputes, life will be easier and happier.

do not fight for gains and losses, more bearish, less obsession, life will be more calm and calm.

indisputable, it is the highest realm of life.