The way your children eat reveals your family upbringing.

The way your children eat reveals your family upbringing.

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Deyun Society recently made two hot searches, both of which took place at the dinner table.

the first time was about Guo Qilin, the junior class leader:

in an interview with Hua Shao, two people sat down to drink tea and chat.

when pouring tea, Guo Qilin did not grasp the heat and accidentally let the tea spill over.

he immediately apologized: "excuse me, I'll drink this one."

he explained: half the tea, full wine, this is the basic table manners.

on another occasion, disciples Qin Xiaoxian and two "bosses" of Deyun Society, Guo Degang and Yu Qian, had dinner.

Qin Xiaoxian at the dinner table was so nervous that he was busy pouring tea for the chefs, only to make a mistake.

Guo Degang glanced and said, "are you just pointing the spout at me?"

Qin Xiaoxian looked dazed and had no idea where he was wrong.

on one side, Yu Qian reminded: "you have to understand this rule, son!"

it turns out that when Qin Xiaoxian poured the tea and placed the teapot, he pointed the spout of the teapot directly at Guo Degang.

there is a rule of table etiquette of our ancestors: whoever the spout of the teapot points at indicates that that person is an unwelcome guest of the host.

this paragraph quickly caused controversy.

some netizens think that Guo Degang relies on the old to sell the old and bully the young.

you can't chirp your mouth when you eat;

when the whole family sits around, adults and children can't move;

if there are guests at home, they should be invited to the table first;

if you add food to the guests, you can't ask: are you still begging? Instead, he asked: can I get you some more?

what delicious food is cooked at home, the brothers eat first, and then the rest of Guo Qilin is allowed to touch.


although the dining table is an inch of space, it is most likely to expose the true side of a person, and to see a person's family background and education best.

someone commented:

"if you can know now, what your child will be like in 30 years' time, what will he or she have achieved, be respected or made fun of?

will you re-examine the education you give to your children? "


not long ago, it happened to be a holiday, and I couldn't avoid attending all kinds of dinners, so I saw a thousand faces of life on the dinner table.

once attended a wedding reception, people who didn't know each other very well were randomly assigned to a table.

in the middle of eating, the waiter served a plate of hairy crabs, a table of people you push me to let go, and finally let an old man move chopsticks first.

at this time, an 11-year-old boy at the same table also stood on tiptoe to try.

before he got up, the old man had already taken away a hairy crab, and others moved their chopsticks one after another.

in a moment of anger, the little boy threw his chopsticks on the table and shouted, "Why don't you let me eat first?"

the table looked at each other in embarrassment.

the baby was crying and screaming, and his mother pulled him away and coaxed, "Grandpa is bad. Mom will buy it for you later and give it to you to eat."

on another occasion, I went to visit a distant relative.

during the meal, his child brought a braised chicken wing directly to him and stared at the dish all the way.

I politely remind: "Children should not be picky about eating other dishes."

he turned a deaf ear and still buried his head in eating.

after eating the chicken wings, he pushed the bowl forward and jumped out of the chair: "No more."

Grandma is scolding her mother at this time: "I want you to buy more for your children, but you don't listen."

after saying that, Grandma boasted about her grandson:

"my Lele was praised by the teacher a few days ago, saying that this child will definitely be admitted to Tsinghua and Peking University and become a promising person."

the table smiled and swallowed all the words they didn't say.

another time, several of our old friends got together.

my friend's children are in the third grade, but they still want their mother to chase and feed them.

during the dinner, we were having a good chat, and the child's word broke the harmonious and cheerful atmosphere.

it turned out that the mother had picked up a piece of meat for her child to eat. Unexpectedly, the child chewed two mouthfuls and threw it all into the bowl, complaining loudly: "Bah, it tastes terrible, Mom, I want to go home!"

etiquette master William Hansen said:

etiquette master William Hansen said:

the details on the dinner table hide the family education that a child has seen since childhood.

recall that in an episode of the program, a guest praised Ying Caier for being very good at choosing vegetables and that he had just enough to eat.

Ying Cai er said that he hated extravagance and waste, and shared his own table education:

warned his son not to waste food;

Don't put all the food in front of the child and let the child eat first;

Don't let the child have a sense of privilege at the dinner table: home is not a restaurant, eat what you have.

Zhu Dan disagrees and thinks that Ying'er has set too many rules for his children.

at this time, you should reply impolitely: "this is not a lot of rules, this is basic etiquette."

many parents ignore table manners, turn a blind eye to their children's indecent eating, or even connive at them without a bottom line.

but I don't know that there is nothing small at the table.

the real family education is hidden on the small table and in the usual three meals a day.


there is a topic on Zhihu: why did you break up with your partner?

There is such a line in the high praise answer: because of a meal.

she wrote:

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost half a year, and both sides think it is appropriate, so they take their boyfriend back to their hometown to show their parents during the holiday.

when my boyfriend came to the door for the first time, his parents attached great importance to it and made a good meal.

at the dinner table, my boyfriend's performance was very disappointing:

all the way, his mouth was full, and he kept picking up food into the bowl.

one of the girl's mother's specialties, the boyfriend directly started, not only grabbed the duck bone and sucked, but also gave a long burp happily after eating.

the girl broke up with her boyfriend after the meal.

she ended up saying:

"my parents have always told me since I was a child that we must be careful at the dinner table, because you represent not only you, but also your parents and family.

others will evaluate your education according to your behavior. I will teach you well now, but I don't want you to be accused of being uneducated in the future.

I think my boyfriend's performance let me down.

first of all, he picks up food only for himself, and all his things are piled together in the bowl, regardless of other people's feelings; second, he lacks etiquette, eats without appearance, and then even gets used to it directly, and burps brazenly in front of us.

I really can't imagine how his parents taught him. For such a person, I have no confidence that I can stay with him for a long time. I might as well get together and break up. "

in recent years, there is a popular saying: food depends on character, and table sees values.

more and more people think that whether two people are suitable or not, just have a meal together.

A well-known scholar Ma Weidu once told a story:

A father had dinner with his son and his friends. After eating, the father said to his son, "you are a friend, do not have a deep acquaintance."

the son was very confused. The father explained:

"when you see him picking up food, he is used to inserting chopsticks into the dish and turning it up, picking up his own food twice, regardless of others. This kind of person is very selfish."

the upbringing at the dinner table affects the child's marriage and making friends, determines the child's future, and even indicates the achievement of his life.

Chen Xiaoqing, general director of the documentary China on the Tip of the tongue, once said:

"there is nothing that cannot be done with one meal; if there is, then two."

Chinese people eat rice, group games, and look at the wisdom of dealing with the world.

listen to many friends who do HR say that now many enterprises take the dining table as the last level of the interview, and take the performance on the dining table as the assessment criterion to select talents.

it can be said that success is also the table, failure is also the table.

Zhang Xiaomei, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, wrote a paragraph in her book "Xiaomei talking about Etiquette":

I found that many people who care about their manners will relax at the dinner table, ignoring the manners and etiquette they should have at this moment, revealing hidden defects and defects, and greatly compromising their good image.

keeping good manners and self-cultivation during meals is the most effective time to show personal qualities.