The three values are different, which three values are they?

The three values are different, which three values are they?

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between people, the heart comes from the facial features, and the mutual defense comes from the three values.

No matter how beautiful the facial features are, if you don't agree with each other, you will break up and get tired of chatting. You can only make friends for a short time, not for a long time.

what exactly is the so-called three values?

the three values are:

even if there are differences, when opinions arise, they can understand each other and be tolerant and considerate.

then how to judge whether two people agree with each other or not, we should look at the following three points.


is there a common topic?

for a person with different values, talking to him is tantamount to casting pearls before swine. Two people will never talk together.

you said the sea was beautiful, he said he had drowned many people, you said travel was good, he said it was a waste of money and tiring.

you have never had a common topic, either getting hit or sulking.

with people with different values, he doesn't understand what you say, but you're not interested in what he says.

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the more you get tired, the more boring you talk. Communication is restricted and getting along with each other is very awkward.


is it understood to contain?

the three values are different, they are not compatible, and they are different, so they cannot continue.

in the eyes of people with different values, when you tell your mind, you are hypocritical, and when you say good things, you show off.

will not understand your difficulties and will not tolerate your shortcomings.

get along with people who don't agree with each other, he can't see your tiredness, he doesn't understand your suffering, he doesn't care about your pain.

if you don't get any understanding and comfort from him, you will only get more and more tired.


make concessions to you?

those who have you in their eyes, they have you in their hearts, and those who have you in their hearts are willing to give way to you.

if a person makes a mistake, but will not make compromises and concessions to you, he is also aggressive and arrogant.

such a person is not only without you, but also at odds with you.

people with the same values can reflect on their own mistakes, take the initiative to apologize, value your feelings and make concessions.

remember your goodness, give care, cherish your feelings, and live up to them.

I'll give you a full sense of security to make you feel at ease.

between people, the most important thing is never the beauty and ugliness of facial features, but whether the three values are consistent.

only when you are with people who share the same values, you will not be embarrassed and bored, physically and mentally tired, get along comfortably, and communicate easily.

so no matter whether it is choosing a friend or a partner, the three values are always more important than the facial features.

have the same values, get along with no burden, have the same values, communicate with the most peace of mind!