The ten people closest to you determine what you will look like ten years from now.

The ten people closest to you determine what you will look like ten years from now.

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as the saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together."

the relationship between people is essentially a mutual attraction and a kind of mutual influence. What a person looks like ten years later is mostly closely related to the ten people around him.

Goethe once said:

"No matter what the goal is, no matter what he does, he always has no strength alone."

gregariousness is always the highest need of all people with good thoughts. "

making friends with people who are in tune and growing up in groups is always the golden law of interpersonal communication.


the last ten people with you, that is, your circle

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, every few days, Brother Wang and Brother Wang are going to invest in a project, coupled with the careful matching of red wine and steak, which is enough to envy others.

recently, she had some problems with her friends, and as a result, all the bosses ignored her.

No matter how many people a person knows, there are only ten people who communicate most frequently.

apart from close relatives and friends, the people who can really help and influence each other are those who are closely related to you.

Life is a lifetime, though friends are always changing.

No matter how you change, the most critical period of time, the mutual influence between you, determines what you will look like ten years later.

A few days ago, six sisters majoring in journalism at Hebei University all got the Offer of graduate students from the favorite University.

from the beginning of their freshman year, they decided to study hard together, sit in the front row in class, and help others occupy seats for those who go early; if they don't understand anything, share their notes and discuss them together.

encourage and supervise each other for a long time, and the six people have their own achievements, and they almost rotate to get the school scholarship.

later, they each chose to protect postgraduate school or take the postgraduate entrance examination, and they all faced great pressure, but several people worked hard together and cheered each other, so they were not so lonely.

now, everyone has a better future, and what they will look like ten years later is almost clear.

the key factor that determines a person's next ten years is what you do today.

if you plant trees with others today, it will be ten years before you can enjoy the cool; if you do nothing today, you will be empty-handed ten years later.

and exactly what we will do today comes from the ten people around us.

as Xunzi said:


circle, determine a person's resources

once read a saying that owning resources is not necessarily successful, making good use of resources is bound to be successful.

in other words, if you make good use of the accumulation and exchange of information around you, you can see yourself getting better and better.

reporter Xie Mengyao recorded the story of a girl.

her family, school and personal conditions are all ordinary. I thought that her life would be so ordinary all her life.

but she is born an unyielding person and likes to tell jokes, which is the pistachio in the crowd.

so, I joined the sketch performance team in the university, got to know the foreign teachers who did impromptu performances, and followed suit.

that kind of impromptu performance is actually very difficult. Everyone doesn't have a script. A group of people perform on stage for more than 20 minutes on their own. She has good understanding, makes rapid progress, and slowly finds the feeling of acting.

she often rehearses and performs with the teacher, and sometimes she is scolded if she doesn't perform well, but anyway, she doesn't want to leave the stage.

in her mind, this stage made her discover her specialty on the other hand and brought a lot of confidence, so she practiced hard and didn't give up even if she was scolded.

Life is like this. When you really devote yourself to doing something and find superiority and happiness, it must be the right choice.


, many people left. She didn't want to give up. She met another team. She knew she was better suited here and joined in decisively.

here, the team is good at combining art with business, and people not only have income, but also have all kinds of resources.

as the resources increased step by step, she finally made up her mind to specialize in improvisation.

by chance, she went to Le Men Tonight with several friends, and thus became popular.

she is the girl Jin Jing.

what makes a person is not only talent and effort, resources and opportunities are also indispensable, and the circle happens to provide this information.

Jack Ma founded a lakeside university, and all kinds of bosses flocked to it. The reason why people want to go in is self-evident.

people find it easier to find what they are good at only when they are in a circle.

once rooted, all the resources and information in the circle are the best tools for growth.

as Schopenhauer said:


human potential is inseparable from the influence of circles.

Li Daokui, a professor at Tsinghua University, was invited to speak. He told students:

"Don't hesitate and recognize the general direction as soon as possible."

eliminate choices, be duty-bound, take a long-term view, identify yourself, and then find ways to find the circle you want to struggle for, and you will keep going up with this circle. "

the really smart people, who don't have a chance, create their own opportunities and try to find the circle they want.

Shen Congwen came to Beijing with a literary dream at the age of 21.

as a result, Shen Congwen worked hard to write. However, for a young man who was not well-known, most of his contributions were lost.

what makes him even more sad is that it is said that dozens of manuscripts he posted have been commented as if they were jokes.

this newspaper soon published Shen Congwen's prose and poems.

excellentCircle is the best place to nourish talent.


, Yu Dafu introduced Xu Zhimo to him. Xu Zhimo appreciated Shen Congwen very much. The Morning Post supplement published many of his articles one after another.

of course, Shen Congwen is not ashamed of his help to his friends. He worked hard to write and published his first novel collection, Honey Orange, which was well received.

A true friend must be someone who is willing to really help you, maybe not very close to you, but you have to find a way to get close.

with the company and encouragement of mentors, people's potential can often be brought into full play faster and better. This sense of trust affirmed by others can stimulate a person's inner motivation and help him drag himself upward.

Shakespeare said:


to have a better circle, first become a better person

Rhonda Byrne says in the Secret:

you have to be what kind of person you want to have.

A truly excellent circle must be a dynamic team with a common goal, which requires a threshold.

you have to work hard before you can let people know that you have this desire.

if you work very hard and show your edge, you will naturally attract people who appreciate you.

most of the time, what a person will look like ten years later is not much different from what he looks like now.

so only by constantly changing who you are and making yourself better and better, you won't be the same ten years later.

Today, if you aim clearly and move in the right direction, you are sure to attract better people along the way.

Today, if you work hard to grow up and find a good circle, ten years is enough for a person to transform.

in order to be better ten years later than you are today, your constant change and effort is the best way from now on.

encourage each other.