The ten most powerful words of brainwashing, I believed the first one.

The ten most powerful words of brainwashing, I believed the first one.

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when a person is always um, ah, good, whatever, to reply to you, it shows that he is already very disgusted.

some people, you have said a lot, they are only a few words, all are modal words, in fact, this kind of chat, there is no need to continue.

Don't be cared about, forget it, always please others, far from pleasing yourself!


Don't pretend to work hard and you won't act with you in the end!

people, no one cares whether you work hard or not, no one cares how much you have suffered, others only care about how beautiful you are!

each of us, sooner or later, will pay for his own actions.

along the way, people are the reincarnation of cause and effect, pretending to work hard, and finally deceiving themselves.


complaining about anger, you are doomed to be weak.

the more you complain, the more you want to complain, because when you complain, negative energy is still accumulating.

people, there is nothing to complain about. No matter how much you complain, you have to eat what you should suffer, and you have to go the way you should go.

Smart people don't wait for others to be successful, but they are their own biggest backers.


if you have no money, the people you love will give you cold words.

when you have no money, it's okay for one or two days, and it's okay for one or two months. Try it for a long time.

Sanmao once said:

Love is not easy to last long if it is not implemented in the real life of dressing, eating, sleeping and counting money.


people respect the softness that is enough.

you give people whatever they want, what do you do when you don't have it? You can help them with whatever they ask, but who cares when you are tired?

there should be a limit to pay, a standard for kindness, some people are not worth it, and some things should not be compromised.

when it comes to principles and bottom lines, if you give way again and again, you will lose your dignity.


No one can be trusted unless you are useful!

when you are useless, you have fewer and fewer friends; when you are useful, more and more people come for you.

A straw bundled with crab is the crab price, and bundled with cabbage is the cabbage price.

if you want to live a better and better life, make yourself useful before you can join the "crab" circle.


people who know how to stop loss in time live a more comfortable life.

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sometimes we are unhappy and wishful thinking because of love or friendship, making ourselves unhappy.

Love is supposed to be 1: 1> 2, but what should I do when love becomes 1 /2?

some people say stop the loss in time. When being with a person becomes a burden, it is a better choice to know how to give up.


Don't believe that people who really care about you are not afraid of being in trouble.

We really care about a person, and we are not afraid of trouble, even the more troublesome they are, the more fulfilling they feel.

who is in mind, his business is his own business;

there is no one in mind, no matter how small his business is trouble!


problems are all idle, and faults are all accustomed to them.

some people, the more you hold them, the more unscrupulous they become; sometimes, the more idle you are, the more worried you are.

if you spoil the outcome of others, you must have exhausted yourself;

the result of being idle for too long must be worrying about gain and loss!


the road is under your feet, and no one can determine your direction.

some people hurt you one after another, don't always give them a chance, it's the first time to be a human being, why is it too humble?

there is no big thing in life, if you don't want to, you won't be tired! When the heart is big, the matter is small; when the heart is small, the matter is big!

take the road under your feet and try your best to make yourself happy is the best way to live for the rest of your life!