The road of life is full of hardships and joys and sorrows.

The road of life is full of hardships and joys and sorrows.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


Life is a process, watching the landscape, facing the wind and rain, working hard for life at the same time.

although bitter, but can get happiness, although tired, but also can get fruitful results.

although you walk in the crowd, you should stick to yourself.

you don't have to care too much about what others think of you. Those who know me say I am worried, and those who don't know me say I want anything.

No matter how sincere you are, no matter how sincere you are, when you meet someone who doubts you, he doesn't trust you, you are hypocritical;

No matter how pure you are, when you meet complicated people, he is used to being thoughtful, but you are calculating;

No matter how naive and lovely you are, he can't appreciate real people, and you are a joke.

No matter how professional you are and meet people you don't understand, no matter how much you explain them, you are futile.

Don't expect a decision to be approved and supported by everyone, and don't doubt yourself just because there are doubts.

as long as you have a clear idea of everything and understand your geometry, let others say it, and be firm in your faith, loyal to your choices, and loyal to yourself.


the road of life through wind and rain, hardships and joys by oneself.

the relationship between people is long in simplicity and short in intensity.

I treat you with all my heart, but I don't cling to you.

We live in fate, not in relationships.

some people, meet and know each other, achieve an understanding; some people, but spectators, do not need to pay special attention.

often, we see some people who seem to be friendly but always walk alone.

it was not until later that I realized that being friendly to others is self-cultivation, and solitude is character.

be kind to everyone, like a spring breeze on your face; if something happens, you can be kind to each other.

who said that porridge in the morning tastes better than wine late at night, and people who lie to you will say better than those who love you.

it is difficult to climb the mountain, but easy to go down the mountain is to enter the trough.

if you want to live a better life in the future, you are doomed to cut through difficulties and walk more rivers and roads than others.

time is getting less and less every day, we are getting older every day, and all the unfinished business in the rest of our lives must be achieved and realized by our own inner conviction and persistence.


sometimes when I think about it, most of us are just ordinary people. As long as we have no guilt and no regrets, our lives will be complete.

Don't ask for too much, don't ask for perfection.

it is impossible for people to do whatever they want in their lives. Only when there are occasional twists and turns and ups and downs, can people feel more valuable about happiness and joy.

Life experience is worth living this time.

the first way is bitter life, the second way is sweet lips and teeth, and the third way is as light as breeze.

insipid is its true character; bitterness is its course; sweetness is its gift.

Life is all about tasting.

do not taste the human wine, do not know that it is drunk; do not fall in love in the world, do not know the tiredness of it; do not know the taste without suffering from the vicissitudes of life.

days, plain light is appropriate, life, sweet and bitter is wonderful.

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every day, give yourself a new expectation and let your heart think and do what you want to do.

live a life easily and be yourself happily.