The quickest way to get rid of a child is to let him spend his summer vacation the way he likes.

The quickest way to get rid of a child is to let him spend his summer vacation the way he likes.

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every wasted holiday is a slide to a mediocre life!

son, the harder you work, the luckier you will be!


the fastest way to get rid of a child

let him spend his summer vacation in the way he likes

. How to arrange the child's summer vacation has become a topic that every parent is most concerned about.

some parents think that when their children are finally looking forward to the summer vacation, they should let their children have a good rest and spend whatever they want.

while some parents think that they should not indulge their children even during the summer vacation. They still have to learn and force their children to learn when necessary.

should children have fun during the summer vacation? Or "push" the child?

there is a good saying: "every wasted holiday in a child's life is a slide to a mediocre life."

No child wants to grow up if they are allowed to spend their summer vacation in the way they like.

because it is the nature of children to have fun, it is really comfortable that they don't have to work hard.

most children only indulge themselves during the summer vacation, watching TV, playing with mobile phones and sleeping in all day.

but once you have formed the habit of idleness and become accustomed to living a life where no one is pushing you to work hard, it will really destroy the child.

the children had a good time during the summer vacation, but it was a tragedy at the beginning of school.

all the other children are making progress, only your child is going backwards.

Today is an one-step difference, and tomorrow is a big difference.

if you can, is there any parent who doesn't want their children to grow up happily and live their lives the way they like?

but it's your responsibility to be a parent, tell yourself you can't.

once read an article in which there was such a short story:

A mother posted a meaningful picture on moments: a bird rests on a branch, and a flock of birds fly into the cloud in the distance.

the mother also said, "son, I know you are tired, but everyone else is flying."

it is parents' instinct to love their children, but it is their responsibility to educate their children.

therefore, parents, even if they should have a rest and relax in the summer vacation, must make the right decisions for their children and force them to do so.

believe that when you grow up, your children will appreciate your harshness and persistence.


there are no winter and summer vacations in life

it takes time to succeed

people are lazy in nature, pursuing comfort and avoiding pain.

the same is true of children.

but learning itself is a process of enduring hardships.

in learning, nothing can be accomplished overnight, and real success is the result of accumulation.

I have seen such a holiday schedule on the Internet:

this handwritten schedule is titled "there is no winter and summer vacation in life, it is not that success is not fast enough, but not hard enough on yourself" as the headline. There are almost strict rules on the holiday schedule.

from getting up at 06:40 in the morning to going to bed at 11:50, all the time is for study.

even New Year's Eve, Grade one and Grade two of junior high school have to find time to study.

the final schedule also reminds yourself not to touch your cell phone.

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this schedule has not only been liked by many parents, but also reprinted by Xinhua News Agency.

many people marvel: "high achiever's holiday is really hard work."

high achiever is high achiever not because he is smarter than others, but because he spends more time studying than others.

in their eyes, there is no winter or summer vacation in life, and learning is all the time.

high achiever of Zhejiang University once became popular because of a dense schedule:

the schedule is also from 6 o'clock in the morning to 12:00 in the evening, the learning content of each time of the week is accurate to a few minutes, the state of study can be said to be racing against time.

what's more, it doesn't matter if you get good grades. The key is to be good at playing, flying airplanes, scuba diving, and creating your own fashion clothes.

No one is lucky enough to come out of thin air?

No effort, no gain.

as one teacher said, "all the ways that can really get a child to score are against human nature." Counterattack is never a legendary leap, but a step-by-step step-by-step step. "

there is no overnight success in the world, there is only cumulative persistence.

so even if you are a little tired, even if you can't play crazy during the summer vacation, so what!

Summer vacation can not be wasted, time can not be repeated.

son, the harder you work, the luckier you will be!


Children without umbrellas

should run hard

Learning is never an easy thing, it is the same all over the world.

but learning is always something we can't refuse.

because reading is still the best way for ordinary people to change their lives.

in the movie "Wind and Rain Harvard Road", the hostess Liz said two words:

"I have to move on under any circumstances. I come from a different world than others."

"I have no way out. I want to work harder and push myself into another world."

when you stand on the starting line that is inferior to others, you have no choice but to try your best to run forward.

the documentary "Senior three", aim at the camera.Such a group of children who "have no father to fight, can only rely on strength to counterattack".

Wang Jinchun, the head teacher, said to the children, "Please give half your life to the third year of senior high school. No one will fail because you work too hard, so I don't want your life, just half a life."

but some children still complain about hard study and give up the road of reading, thinking that there is an easier way to go in life than reading.

but 10 years later, people who gave up studying regretted it. They said, "I thought it was too hard to study, but I didn't know until I really went out that reading was the easiest way."

and those who are admitted to the university are all grateful that reading has changed their destiny.

it is difficult to have a noble son from a poor family, but there is a way out only by studying.