The power of good habits! (amazing)

The power of good habits! (amazing)

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Confucius said: "if few become natural, habits become natural."

sowing behavior can reap habits; sowing habits can reap character; sowing character can reap destiny.

Yes, when we stick to a certain behavior, whether it is beneficial or useless, after a period of time, it becomes an unchangeable habit in our daily life.

and when these habits are rooted in our hearts for a long time, they will eventually affect our lives and destiny.


good habits make us have a diligent life

Yan Zhitui said: "idleness becomes laziness, laziness leads to illness."

habits are those things that we naturally want to do without thinking every day, or every moment, without deliberate regulation, and certainly without the supervision and demands of others.

so, if you get used to being an idle person, you will gradually become a lazy person; slowly, you will become a patient, a disease of laziness that will eventually become incurable.

in life, some people are used to going to bed early and getting up early and diligent.

three shifts, lights and five shifts, be a good man who is used to reading all the time; some people are used to sports and martial arts, dancing like Zu Ti, so as to increase their talents;

some people are used to planting bamboo and growing flowers in spring, and then quietly watch the joy of blooming, just like Wang Yangming facing the green bamboo facing seven days and seven nights.

some people are used to reading and writing in the middle of the night and get peace of soul between the lines, just like Che Yin Sun Kang Ying reflecting snow and reading constantly.


good habits add wisdom to life

Laozi said: "Man is the law of earth, the earth is the law of heaven, the law of heaven is the way, and the way is natural."

everyone's good habits, whether they imitate heaven and earth or earthly avenues, will always return to nature in the end.

Yes, all good habits that are positive, upward, and bring positive energy to people are symbiotic with us in this heaven and earth, like all things in nature.

it will be like the spice in life, so that every day seems to have the same schedule and time with others, has the everlasting maximum value.

since ancient times, the story of good habits has been familiar to all generations of sages and sages. Their experiences and philosophies all warn us that good habits should be regarded as the most wonderful and beautiful wisdom in our lives.

Shen Kuo, a famous scientist in the Northern Song Dynasty, was good at thinking and exploring, and found science in poems.

he read Bai Juyi's poem "Peach Blossom in Dali Temple": "the peach blossom in the mountain temple begins to bloom when the world is in full bloom in April."

he couldn't help wondering: "Why do the peach blossoms in Dali Temple blossom at the end of April, a whole month late?"

with doubt, he climbed the mountain and came to the Dali Temple. Before he reached the temple, he felt a chill. At the top of the mountain in April, the temperature was several degrees lower than that at the foot of the mountain.

at this time, he suddenly enlightened: originally, at a high altitude, the temperature will drop, so the peach blossom must be later than Yamashita!

with such research results and, of course, with the harvest of good habits for him, Shen Kuo observed all the way, thought all the way, supported the quality of doubt, and studied it carefully. at the age of 55, he wrote an encyclopedic book, "Mengxi Writing."

broad and heavy, so carrying things; persevering, so things are also. It is new for a long time, so it becomes a thing.

people with good habits, such regular work and rest, planned life, targeted action, perseverance, their lives, there are always new discoveries, new wisdom everywhere!


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good habits are the ladder on the road of life

"Zhu Zi's Family motto" says: "one porridge and one rice is not easy to come by; half silk and half wisp, constant thoughts are hard to come by."

the Analects of Confucius says: "I reflect on myself three times a day. Do I work for others and be unfaithful?" Make friends but don't believe it? Are you used to it? "

these sages told us that frugality and reflection on these good habits are the etiquette that we should learn and accompany us along the way.

We may not be good, but we must not stop learning; we may not succeed, but we must not abandon self-cultivation;

We can grow up a little slower and grow later, but, please don't stop harvesting good habits.

only by being accompanied by good habits can we bring us amazing strength to move forward in the distance we expect.

every good habit is like climbing a mountain. When we keep learning, accumulating and harvesting, we gradually reach the peak of growth.

Fan Zhongyan, a famous writer and politician in the Northern Song Dynasty, lost his father when he was young and his family was poor. during his studies, he divided the cooked rice porridge into four pieces and filled his stomach with pickles twice a day.

when one of his well-off classmates brought him food, Fan Zhongyan didn't use it for a long time. The classmate asked and replied, "I'm used to Rice Congee. I'm afraid I won't be comfortable in the future."

this kind of good habit of self-discipline and hard work makes students admire it even more.

with such tenacious hard study and diligent perseverance, Fan Zhongyan became an outstanding politician and writer.

at the same time, he was familiar with the military books and Wen Tao Wu strategy. when he was guarding the border, even the Xixia army praised him: "there seem to be tens of thousands of armour soldiers in his chest."

Yes, countless "them" in history have gradually formed excellent character and personality because of the good habits they sowed for themselves in the early years, which not only give themselves strength, but also be admired by later people.

so, now, how can we not step by step to lay a step-by-step ladder for ourselves, leading, lifting, to the distance, to the high place …...


good habits are sharp tools on the way forward

have good habits, walk on the road of life, you will not be afraid of any difficulties and obstacles.

what we insist on and cling to on weekdays is the courage and sharpness we need to fight against life in the future.

perhaps, at this time, the books we read, the things we do, and the good habits we cultivate do not see any value and effect it brings to us in the short term.

however, as we grow up, they will be like a touch of aroma, a color, a mark, implanted into our hearts, painted into our souls, engraved into our lives.

then, with every step we take, the heart becomes strong because of them, the soul becomes interesting because of them, and life becomes rich and colorful because of them!

our whole life is, in fact, the sum of countless habits. Persisting in cultivating all your good habits is tantamount to preparing yourself all the sharp weapons that you can move forward, cutting through difficulties and without fear.

the road ahead is slim, and the sharp weapon is the right way. There is nothing to fear along the way, and the sword roars up to the sky!

good habits give us the strength to rely on, the courage to forge ahead, the strength to keep going to the end, and laugh at the last luck, so that we can look into the distance and become better ourselves.

therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.

years are stable, youth is just right, let good habits give us amazing strength, move forward bravely, go to the mountains and seas!