The power of appreciation (good text in depth)

The power of appreciation (good text in depth)

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Confucius said, "if three people walk, there must be my teacher."

everyone has a shining point that is different from others. The wiser a person is, the more appreciative he or she is.

in life, there is no shortage of people who condescend, judge others by themselves, and make good use of their strengths than others.

this is not how good he is, but rather his lack of ability to appreciate others.

appreciation is not only a sign of magnanimity and kindness, but also a spark of wisdom blooming inadvertently.

people need to be appreciated when they are alive. And to be able to truly appreciate others is a person's greatest talent.


everyone needs to appreciate

A friend once told him a scene he encountered at the railway station:

there was a street singer with a disabled arm near the railway station. He sang ecstatically with a microphone, and his voice came from the heart, low and melodious, attracting many passers-by.

many people were moved by his singing. After throwing money into the jar, they left with pity. In a twinkling of an eye, the jar was already half full.

but the singer's face did not show the slightest expression of joy, but his voice became more and more desolate and helpless.

my friend was very confused. When he took a break, he asked, "I've made a lot of money. Why aren't I happy?"

"what I need is applause, appreciation and approval, not sympathy." He said with a sigh.

the heart of my friend was touched, and when the singer picked up the microphone again, he raised his hand to get all the onlookers to applaud to express a feast for the eyes.

the singer's weak face finally broke into a smile, and tears of emotion welled up in his eyes.

money can meet the needs and appreciation of one's life, but it can satisfy one's heart's desire.

in the world of mortals, some people are in a high position, while others are in the mud, but they all have the same needs, that is, they want to get the attention of others.

appreciation is a kind of highest respect for others. Giving likes to people who are better than you is the icing on the cake. Admiration for people who are inferior to you is a timely help.

your encouragement may be a lifesaver for others, and your kind words may make other people's lives hang from now on.

to convey appreciation is to be kind to others, a cycle of positive energy.

as Sanmao said: "it is really a beautiful thing for people to be alive, not because of how beautiful and spectacular the scenery is, but in who they meet and are warmed up." Then I hope that one day, I will also become a little sun to warm others. "

when people get along with others, help is often rewarded with gratitude. Praise is at the bottom of the list because of the first contribution, and only heartfelt appreciation can open people's heart and make people experience the happiness of stretching from the inside out.

so don't be stingy with your appreciation, it is better than a daughter and has magical power. The satisfaction and happiness you bring to others may be unexpected.


knowing how to appreciate others is a kind of wisdom

I have read such a paragraph:

I don't quite agree with this.

because there are many people with beauty in their hearts and light in their eyes, living for themselves can only be regarded as wisdom, while releasing magnanimity and using a positive attitude towards the surroundings is a person's wisdom.

undeniably, as an ordinary person, it is really difficult to appreciate others. After all, you need to have a mind that is pleasing to everyone's eyes.

what's more, discerning money is not only an ability, but also a choice, because when you boast to the point, your compliments will have the opportunity to show your talents.

there is a saying on the Internet that has inspired many people: "with wise people, you will be extraordinary; with high people, you can reach the top."

in fact, this sentence has a background, and its extension means that you amaze people because talented people appreciate you, thus stimulating your infinite possibilities.

if you don't get the favor of the master, how can you get close to the red?

the story of Bole Xiangma is familiar to many people.

entrusted by the king of Chu, Bole bought horses that could travel thousands of miles a day.

Bole said: "Chollima is rare, it is not easy to find, and it is necessary to visit various places."

Bole ran a lot of places and worked hard, but he didn't find a good horse he liked.

one day, Bole returned from the State of Qi. On the way, he saw a horse pulling a salt cart, toiling along the steep slope.

Ma was gasping for breath, and every step was very difficult.

so Bole went up to the horse very kindly, and the horse suddenly raised his head, opened his eyes wide, and screamed loudly, as if to pour out something to Bole.

Bole judged from his voice that this is a rare horse, suitable for fighting, but not suitable for pulling a rickshaw.

but the coachman was convinced that it was an ordinary horse and did not want to sell it.

in the end, Bole bought the Chollima with a lot of money, and sure enough, Chollima fought bravely and made immortal exploits.

was there Bole or Chollima first?

this issue has been debated for many years. No matter who is the first, sometimes a person's specialty can be discovered under the wisdom of the appreciator.

appreciation is a powerful means to break prejudices and help a person turn around and revive.

I still remember what Shen Gongbao said in Nezha:

in fact, it is not difficult to move the mountain of prejudice, that is, to meet someone who appreciates you.


what kind of person you appreciate is who you are

Sebastian said: "those who know how to appreciate others will be appreciated by others."

it is true that there is no love for no reason or no chance in the world.Hate for no reason, a lot of things have a context.

therefore, there are: the sea does not quit the water, so it can become its great; the mountain does not quit the earth, so it can become its high; the wise Lord is not tired of people, so he can become his crowd; scholars are not tired of learning, so they can become their saints.

while accomplishing others, he must also exert himself and help others.

appreciation is a verb, it will flow; the end of appreciation is doomed to be colorful.

Taiwanese writer Lin Ching-hsien is a person who knows how to appreciate others very much.

once reported the story of a thief when he was a reporter.

at the end of the article, he could not help sighing: "A thief with such a fine mind, such dexterous tricks, and such a unique style is so gentle and temperament. if he does not become a thief, he will achieve something in any line of work, right?"

unexpectedly, the thief changed his life because of this sentence, and later became a big entrepreneur in Taiwan.

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Lin Qingxuan inadvertently praised the thief and reformed himself, just like a new life.

since then, Lin Qingxuan has also been praised by the majority of readers as a great writer with the ability to "choose his good and follow him".

know how to appreciate, is a person's character excellent display, is a person's broad-minded embodiment, the world is an echo wall, when you appreciate others at the same time, but also quietly appreciated by more people.

anyone who has read the Strange Theory knows that Zhan Qingyun and Fu Seoul are two strong debaters. When they face each other on the stage, their words are sharp, their minds are sharp, and they are sharp against each other, and the audience has the pleasure of meeting their rivals.

off the stage, they appreciated each other. Zhan Qingyun said that Fu Seoul was witty and humorous, and Fu Seoul did not hesitate to praise her: "listening to Qingyun debate is like being kissed by the wind!"

it is because of mutual admiration that they learn from each other to make up for their weaknesses and do not have a grudge against each other.

can see the excellence of others, but I am an excellent person.

people have a magnetic field, you like talented people, you are also a talented person, you admire a person with a pattern, you are also a person with a big pattern.


the philosopher Francis Bacon said:

I think so.

if you know how to appreciate, you must bring your own light; to be appreciated, even the stars will shine in the night sky.

when you learn to appreciate for the rest of your life, it will become a habit to pursue the strengths of others, and your life will be invincible and colorful.