The most beautiful day of my life

The most beautiful day of my life

Sitting in the car back to school, the street lights kept falling back in the early morning, the temperature dropped at night, the wind blew a little migraine, and the headphones were admiring "the most beautiful day of my life".

"thanks for your being in my life"


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before I went, I had been thinking about the significance of attending the Strawberry Music Festival. I spent two days inside, arrived at two o'clock in the afternoon and left at ten in the evening. In eight hours, I met 25000 people and met more than a dozen friends I had never met before.

I heard that Wanqing, Song Dongye, Atau, and Tsai Jianya became disconsolate fans. Within 40 minutes, I relived mc hotdog's passion and determined that I was a loyal fan of wavering. I had the honor to take a picture with Yao and watched Song Dongye sing "fall in love with a Mustang, but there are no chrysanthemums at home." Jump up and down with everyone on the electronic stage, cheer for the band on the stage with all your strength, drink beer gulp, pose for photos unscrupulously, walk until the calf twitches, fight with friends all the time, seriously say sorry when you meet others, become acquaintances in three seconds without a trace of embarrassment, watching singers jump onto the stage from their mobile phones to sing and interact with us.

well, having said so much, what's the point? I thought for a long time on the way back, because only when you went to the scene could you understand why the music was played so loudly, the drums resonated with your heartbeat, and the songs from the stereo could only be drowned out by screams. You can no longer pretend to be deep, and you can't think about life. Just enjoy the music. "there is no need to worry about the future and reflect on the past, but to squander the present as much as possible. "I was sitting in the car, the wind was roaring, the streetlights were falling back, the grass was still in front of me, the music was still going on, and you were still by my side.

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sitting in the bus back to school, the streetlights kept falling back in the early morning, the temperature dropped at night, the wind blew a little migraine, and the headphones were admiring "the most beautiful day of my life." I watched the memorial archway of the water village getting farther and farther away from us at the back of the car. I probably had the feeling of meeting with friends I had never met for a long time and found each other unexpectedly chatting. Two days later, we have to go back to our own track. the next time we see each other may be a long way off, or we all know that there will never be another time when we are in the same state of mind.

while waiting backstage to interview Fatty Song last night, Fanshuo told me that sometimes a lot of things are like this, inadvertently inserting willow Chengyin, you don't think about what you want when you do it, and you get unexpected things, like his photography, my tweets. At first, I just wanted to see strawberries, and no one was interested, so I posted "classmate, I'd like to ask you to see strawberries". As a result, I got a lot of responses from fans, media tickets from the South 289 and an invitation to interview. I have never thought about what kind of goals and benefits we want to get together by organizing this activity. It is only a pure idea: I am here, I am very interested in this thing, and if you want to come to me, then I will wait for you.

(Song Dongye photo @ Cai Fanshuo)

from the hotel to the venue early today, I sat on the grass in front of the stage. I was the only one sitting there listening to the tunes of the musicians on the stage until the audience was opened to enter, until the first disorganized fan on the 29th came to me. The second, the third, finally we gathered a group of people, wearing red scarves together and writing on our hands with red pens. Set up a base camp together, share snacks, play individually, come back when you are tired, take photos, chat, and play.

when I came back in the evening, I saw the fan circle saying that I was not interested in this, because I signed up for the article and went to the scene, then fell in love with it and met some interesting friends. Inexplicably moved, just like others influence me, maybe my every inadvertent small move will also affect others.

(A restaurant)

(Yao 13)

(Strawberry Festival founder Shen Lihui)

in an interview with strawberry founder Shen Lihui, he said: "I think every era is the most beautiful era, every era has fresh young people, they have youth on their faces, profligacy, this is the best time for them, in fact, we should enjoy the moment."

some people reject me because they are unwilling to spend money on such seemingly meaningless things, some people reject me because they have endless homework and work, and some people reject me because they think it is easier to listen to two songs in bed than to go outside to watch live. They are reluctant to try different things and take different risks. Remembering that tonight's hot dogs heated the audience to the best part, they sang a sentence and came out as soon as they wanted it. High wants to take advantage of it now. I want to change it to, come out as soon as I want, love now, take advantage of youth.

(mc hotdog hot dog)


they said that strawberry high didn't get up this time, and they left early. They criticized the deficiency of Dongguan strawberry. They said that many people joined strawberry to pick up girls or have sex. These two days, "they" are always telling me these things. However, from the media participation in the background to a real ordinary audience, what I see. It is the dedication and running of the staff and volunteers. What I see is the sincere performance and interview of the artists. What I see is the enthusiasm of young people waving their hands high to the music. The people I see do what they love in the field they are interested in, and what I think about after getting in touch with them is how I can become a more daring person.

at the end of the first night, I was so tired that I had to sit on the distant grass and listen to the chorus. On the second night, I couldn't help rushing to the front, standing in the crowd and listening to "May Love have nothing."Worry, the Song of the Highway, the most Beautiful Day of Life. People in the audience reveled, waved flags and fireworks, and for a moment I felt that maybe I could not say that I had no regrets because I saw strawberries, but I must say that if I did not come, I would definitely leave regrets at the best age in college.

the car is still walking and the streetview is still retreating. I have to say that I am really a little sad. I am sad that I want to put strawberries into my schoolbag to take home, or strawberries put me in the back of the car to take me away, but the car has been driving south.

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Thank you, every one of you who came to the appointment.

Thank you for meeting each other on strawberries.

Thank you, Wanqing, Tongyang, MONO, disconsolate, Hot Dog, TANYA, Thirteen, Sea Turtles, Fatty Man and so on. Thank you for coming to this city and realizing my dream in the third year of high school.

finally, I would like to thank the modern sky. Mr. Shen Lihui said that in every era, there are some brave people, very axial people, or strange people, broken people, there will always be people who will do different things, and there will always be people who will stick to something. In every era, there are some people who are willing to move forward. Thank you. Modern Sky is willing to go ahead, make strawberries and bring them to the south.

I'm sorry if this article makes you feel hypocritical, I'm sorry I have to say these hypocritical words all night tonight.

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