The most advanced way of thinking in case of trouble (benefit a lot)

The most advanced way of thinking in case of trouble (benefit a lot)

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I have heard a saying: "all desperate situations are due to mental deadlock."

all one's life, no one can avoid getting into trouble.

but there is no impassable road in the world. When you open your mind, all problems will be easily solved.

learn these five top thoughts, even if you are in a dilemma, you can turn against the wind and regain a new life.


subtraction thinking

the famous mathematician Guang Zhong Peiyou once said: "what seems to be a complex phenomenon is actually just a projection of simple things."

the beginning of all things, the road is simple.

most of the time, the problem you think is tricky is that you think it is too complicated.

the more complicated things are, the more you have to learn to subtract.

Edison asked his assistant to measure the volume of a pear-shaped light bulb.

after hearing this, the assistant was nervous and anxious.

the assistant first took the ruler up and down, left and right, and made a measurement.

then calculate the measured numbers one by one with particularly complex geometric formulas.

but several hours later, the assistant still hasn't worked out the result.

Edison came in while the assistant was frowning.

he picked up the light bulb, filled it with water, handed it to his assistant and said, "you pour the water in the light bulb into the measuring cup and you will get the answer we need."

it was only then that the assistant suddenly realized and had the result easily.

sometimes you think your path is difficult, but if you look back, you will find that the roads you think are difficult are just twists and turns.

when you simplify the problem, life is much easier.

I have read a very ironic short story.

once upon a time there was a man who wanted to carry a ladder into the city to run errands. Before leaving, he asked others about the size of the city gate.

he was in a hurry when he learned that his ladder, whether horizontal or vertical, was higher than the doorway.

but in order to pass, he is still going to saw the ladder short.

when his wife knew this, she laughed at him: "you put the ladder down and went in."

writer Li Shanglong said: "reducing a few options can really help you a lot. Man is an animal that constantly struggles and chooses. The older you get, the more you should subtract from your life."

you know, even in an awkward situation, there are thousands of ways to get out.

Don't always scare yourself and stumble yourself.

learn to simplify problems so that your life can be smooth and easy.


there are two kinds of people:

the second type of people tend to treat new knowledge with an open mind, and they see it as an opportunity to grow and improve their awareness.

the former is a typical red light thinking, which will be gradually eliminated by the society with the passage of time, while the latter is a person with green light thinking and the fastest progressive wave of people.

this reminds me of the first people who tried to sell goods live.

before live streaming was on the rise, no one was optimistic about this new industry.

some people even think that there is no prospect. It is not possible for others to sell goods emotionally offline. One person just talks to the camera. How can anyone buy it?

but there are always people who are willing to learn new things, try new changes, and choose to be the first anchors of the platform.

everyone knows what happened later.

they follow the trend of the times and take the lead in the field of live broadcasting through day-to-day efforts.

A lot of things in life are like this, as Via said: "I have always liked a sentence called embracing change." No matter how the industry develops, we should take the initiative to accept these changes and look for a new direction of development, but we must try our best to grasp the core things. "

without constant success, accidents can always happen in life.

if you stick to your opinions and refuse to accept new changes, your stubbornness will push you to the grave one day.

Green light thinking can make you more visionary and more in line with long-term development.

keep an open mind and embrace the unknown, and your life will be brilliant.


thinking of seeking differences

when people encounter problems, people are used to using conventional methods and experience to solve them.

as everyone knows, if we can break through conventional thinking, be good at thinking from aspects different from the past, and be good at thinking from the negative side and from the side, things may get different results.

the writer Stendhal once said, "A person with genius will never follow the thinking path of ordinary people."

this reminds me of a story.

the invention of ballpoint pen has brought convenience to people's writing, but it will leak ink after writing for a long time, which gives many scientists a headache.

after some research, scientists believe that this is because the beads at the tip of the pen are getting smaller and smaller, so they focus on how to improve the beads, but there is no ideal plan.

someone once did an experiment and found that the ballpoint pen did not begin to leak ink until it had written 20,000 words.

Why do you have to change the beads? He had this question.

so he tried to shorten the pen tube to less than 20,000 words and put less ink. As a result, the problem of oil leakage was perfectly avoided.

I can't help thinking of the words of Zhu Qingshi, an academician of the Academy of Sciences: "when I encounter difficult problems, I always try my best to find ingenious ideas and surprise me."Win. "

the old method cannot solve new problems, and the old thinking cannot break new ground.

all one's life, if one lives in a fixed answer, the road is doomed to become narrower and narrower.

the so-called dilemma is that you always copy in a fixed pattern.

the wheel of history is rolling forward, and the trend of the times is mighty.

you can only find an eye-catching way by allowing yourself to live outside the standard answer.

learn to be different in everything, the path of life will be broadened, and you will have more choices.


divergent thinking

when it comes to Hollywood, everyone is no stranger.

because of the high quality of the film, it is famous all over the world.

thanks to the divergent thinking of the screenwriters.

when a screenwriter has a good idea, he will find a dozen screenwriters, and they will sit together and brainstorm: what should be done at the beginning?

what are the setbacks in the middle?

what will be the effect if the spider becomes Superman?

how can the plot develop to be more attractive?

they spread their ideas unreservedly according to the whole story, and then through the arrangement of the stenographer, the prototype of the whole script is basically there.

then they will meet again after a while, asking everyone to point out what they think is inappropriate.

after a period of rest, they will brainstorm again, and everyone will speak freely to form a new script.

this cycle leads to a high-quality script presented to the audience.

as the famous writer Krylov said: "greatness is not only earth-shaking in his career, he often thinks it over silently."

sometimes, around a problem, diverge as much as possible, no matter whether the method is feasible or not, seek more, be new, be unprecedented, and allow to be "whimsical" and innovative.

your problem will break itself in the process. As a result, your life will reach new heights.

it's like someone connected a coat to trousers and invented braces; someone connected a radio to a tape recorder and invented a tape recorder.

if you are willing to break your previous thinking and imagine as much as you can, you will certainly be able to explore more possibilities in life.


growth thinking

Carroll once said: "the growth mode of thinking is to believe that human ability can be developed."

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun is a good explanation.

in his sophomore year, Lei Jun had already completed all his credits and completed his graduation project.

according to the way most people think, the remaining two years is to sit back and wait for graduation.

however, Lei Jun chose to start a business.

this is his first time to start a business. due to inexperience, he worked hard for three years, and finally made a mess.

even so, he firmly believes that as long as he keeps improving, he will have a bigger world one day.

later, at the invitation of Qiu Bojun, he joined Jinshan.

at first, he took advantage of technology.

after 16 years of training, he could have started his retirement life after leading Jinshan to be listed successfully, but he seriously reflected on his business thinking and took advantage of the development of the Internet. Re-enter the mountain:

chose the mobile phone field that was not favored at that time;

put forward Internet thinking;

created a new Internet marketing and manufacturing model, that is, Xiaomi model.

because of this kind of thinking, he is still growing in his career in his fifties.

Zhuangzi said: "my life also has a limit, and knowledge also has no limit."

everyone's life is limited, but everyone's final height is very different.

some people do nothing all their lives, while others can change the world as soon as they graduate.

think of life as an upgrade, constantly discovering your abilities, actively challenging, finding and solving problems all the way.

move forward with a growing mind, and you will eventually reach unexpected heights in your limited life.

people often say, "your thinking determines your life."

when something happens, the way of thinking is different, the result is also different.

Don't always be limited by inherent thinking, open your mind, think more, and take one more step in order to start a better life.