The most 170 pieces of physical knowledge in history are so useful! (recommended collection)

The most 170 pieces of physical knowledge in history are so useful! (recommended collection)

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1, washing feet in cold water is harmful to health;

2, eating more bitterness in summer is good for health;

3, drinking more water can prevent kidney stones;

4, you should not sleep naked in summer;

5, you should eat more hot porridge in winter;

6, you should not take more baths in winter;

7, you should not stay in a warm room for a long time in winter;

8, you should not stay in winter fog for a long time.

9, it is not suitable to use scarf as a mask in winter;

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10, it is not suitable to wash your hair in winter morning;

11, warm-up activity before fitness is very important;

12, sports injury should be dealt with\ "cold\";

13, walking in the right amount can make the brain younger;

14, walking is most beneficial to the health of the middle-aged and elderly;

15, deep breathing is harmful to the health of the elderly;

16, the elderly should eat first.

17, drink a glass of milk after exercise;

18, get enough sleep is good for your health;

19, bad mood can lead to stomach problems;

20, mobile phone film will hurt your eyes;

21, employees should not have lunch in the office and walk more at noon;

22, napping can help prevent coronary heart disease;

23, do not fry traditional Chinese medicine in boiling water;

24, traditional Chinese medicine should not be disinfected with 95% alcohol.

26, sunshine

27, damaged ceramic tiles have more radiation;

28, leaving slits in bedroom windows is helpful to sleep;

29, it is not suitable to open windows for ventilation in the early morning;

30, hot water bags are healthier than electric blankets;

31, it is not suitable to use plastic bags to preserve fruits and vegetables;

32, chopsticks should be changed once half a year;

33, gum bleeding should be replaced as soon as possible.

34, brushing teeth correctly is more important than choosing toothpaste;

35, it is not appropriate to fold quilts immediately when getting up;

36, drying quilts cannot be slapped;

37, it is not suitable to drink honey on an empty stomach;

38, drinking honey can be solved;

39, traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to drinking salt water in the morning and drinking honey later;

40, vegetarian diet is more suitable for Chinese people;

41, kelp can prevent hypertension;

42, washing your face with cold water has more benefits;

43, brushing your teeth with warm water is more beneficial.

44, wash feet with hot water;

46, dry chewing food can prevent brain aging;

47, basking in the sun in the morning is good for winter health;

48, raising your legs will affect your health;

49, wearing a hat should not be too tight;

50, often combing your hair is beneficial to health;

51, smiling for a long time and good for health;

52, holding back tears equals chronic suicide.

53, clenching your teeth while urinating is good for health;

54, don't cover your mouth when sneezing;

55, a glass of water in the morning is very important;

56, you can't drink plain boiled water for more than three days;

57, a cup of coffee a day is more beneficial;

58, coffee should be drunk while it is hot;

59, drinking coffee after drinking alcohol is prone to hypertension;

60, drinking afternoon tea is beneficial to memory;

61, green tea is good for prevention and treatment of hepatitis and liver cancer.

62, fat sea tea is not suitable for long-term drinking;

63, cold is not suitable to drink Kuding tea;

64, not using thermos cup to drink tea;

65, it is best to drink yogurt two hours after dinner;

66, it is not suitable to drink yogurt on an empty stomach;

67, drink plain water after drinking milk;

68, it is healthier to often drink soy milk;

69, soy milk should not be different from brown sugar and eggs;

70, liquor should not replace cooking wine.

71, eating seafood should not drink beer;

72, drinking green tea can keep blood vessels young;

73, fishbone sticking throat should not be treated with vinegar;

74, those with high cholesterol should eat less squid;

75, onions can cure high blood pressure;

76, eating too much meat is harmful to the body;

77, do not drink bone soup at the initial stage of fracture;

78, stew nutrition soup should not put salt first;

79, do not eat eggs when fever

80, tea eggs should not be eaten more;

81, steamed bread is more beneficial to zinc than rice;

82, porridge and cooking should not release alkali;

83, zongzi is nutritious;

84, food should not be "eaten while it is hot";

85, eating more black food can tonify the kidney;

86, eating more corn has more benefits;

87, do not eat open sugar fried board;

88, eating more walnuts is good for the heart.

89, peanuts have anti-aging effects;

90, eating peanuts regularly can prevent gallstones;

91, eating raw peanuts can cure stomach disease;

92, vinegar peanuts can soften blood vessels;

93, watermelons should not be stored in the refrigerator for a long time;

94, eating grapes is good for protecting the liver;

95, eating strawberries can help prevent radiation;

96, sugarcane is called "blood-tonifying fruit";

97, apples are nutritionally comprehensive;P>

98, apple can lower blood pressure, reduce fat content, protect prostate and prevent lung cancer;

99, red jujube can enhance body immunity

100, people with bad spleen and stomach can easily cause stomach stone by eating too much Hawthorn;

101, carambola is not suitable for eating carambola;

102, banana is a cheap weight loss drug;

103, pineapple can protect stomach;

104, mango has great health care effect;

105, rotten fruit is also toxic.

106, fruits are not as nutritious as vegetables;

107, papaya can increase gastrointestinal motility;

108, aloe can alleviate sub-health;

109, carrots can lower blood pressure;

110, carrots will be poisoned;

111, radish and cabbage should not be mixed;

112, ginseng and radish can not be eaten together;

113, broccoli has high nutritional value;

114, Toona sinensis is full of medicine and treasure.

115, Toona sinensis needs to be scalded with boiling water;

116, eating more tomatoes can protect against sunburn;

117, dried Lentinus edodes should use warm water;

118, you should eat green vegetables before eating food containing protein;

119, often eat Chinese cabbage is more beneficial;

120, leek can tonify the kidney and help Yang;

121, eggplant is good for lowering cholesterol;

122, onions can protect blood vessels;

123, cooking and thickening helps to protect the intestines and stomach.

124,cucumbers and tomatoes cannot be eaten together;

125,bean sprouts must be fried and eaten;

126. tomatoes should not be eaten before meals;

127. yam is a good tonic in winter;

128. eating more tofu is harmful to your health;

129. sweet potato leaves are treasures;

131. sweet potatoes can't be eaten with black spots.

132. eat less pepper in daily diet.

133, eating more monosodium glutamate affects eyesight;

134, eating more salt can increase blood pressure;

135, dried kelp can remove arsenic only by soaking for a long time;

136, kelp is not the more "green\" the better;

137, black fungus has the best effect of iron supplement;

138, garlic should be eaten raw;

140, yuba has the highest nutritional value in bean products;

141, Lycium barbarum can "strengthen essence".

142, Angelica can enhance gastrointestinal absorption;

144, men should not sleep on their stomach;

146, children are anorexic and eat more vinegar;

147, children often eat bread well;

148, the use of chopsticks can promote the nervous development of young children;

149, students are not suitable for compensatory dinner;

150, children should not use cod liver oil.

151, Fruit Vitamin C should not make children eat

152, oatmeal for breakfast helps to remember;

153, do not look up when nosebleed;

154, the cancer rate of children sleeping with lights on increases;

155, playing table tennis can prevent children from myopia;

156, children should not eat more Hawthorn tablets;

157, children eat. Sugar is more likely to lose temper;

158, children's sweet food tends to be weak;

159, children should not often take cough syrup

160, play is very important to children's psychological development

161, children need to exercise more during the day

162, children should drink more water when taking medicine;

163, give children medicine not to use milk;

164, color T-shirts are more resistant to sunlight;

165, it is not advisable to apply makeup immediately after bath.

166, can not be washed with hot water after sun;

167, balsam pear soup has good anti-acne effect;

168, too tight waist can cause hemorrhoids;

169, smoking can also hurt the stomach;

170, cigarettes without nicotine are still harmful.