The more capable a person is, the better he will be to his wife.

The more capable a person is, the better he will be to his wife.

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have you found that there is such a phenomenon in life: the more incompetent a man is, the more he yells at home;

the more successful a husband is, the more he loves his wife.

have you noticed that there is such a phenomenon in life: the more incompetent a man is, the more he yells at home.

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have you found that there is such a phenomenon in life: the more incompetent a man is, the more he yells at home.

in turn, a wife nourished by marriage will also improve a man's luck.

so, the more capable a man is, the more he knows how to be nice to his wife; the better he is to his wife, the more successful his career will be.


to be kind to your wife, you know how to respect her

once had a meal in a restaurant near your home, and a young couple came with their children.

while waiting for the food to be served, the man raised his chopsticks and buried his head to eat for himself.

the wife next to her asks the waiter for the baby chair and feeds the child for a meal.

when the children are fed almost enough, and the children shout to play with them, the wife lets her husband take care of the children for a while, and she eats a few mouthfuls of rice.

after dinner was over, the husband who buried his head in his mobile phone finally raised his head and reprimanded loudly: "if you eat, you just know how to eat, eat so much, and need help with a child."

the wife's face suddenly became very ugly, and the eyes of the people around her were focused on her, and she refrained from speaking again.

the food on the table is cold and there are leftovers. She opened her mouth and said angrily, "No, go back."

you can see that she is suppressing her anger in order not to embarrass her husband.

there is a way for husband and wife to get along, the wife should save face for her husband.

this sentence is not entirely correct. Respect is mutual and face-saving is also mutual.

are all adults who want to save face. If a husband needs it, so can his wife.

it is conceivable that a husband who does not save face to his wife outside will not give his wife a good face at home.

when a husband makes his wife unhappy, it actually affects the luck of the whole family.

actor Hai Qing once shared one of his son's paintings on Weibo.

her son also said a word to her, which embarrassed her: "you have a bad temper recently. Look at pictures, recite sutras, listen to music and drink tea, which is good for your health." Mom is good. I'm fine. Mom is safe! "

when Haiqing heard this, she was a little dismayed. She thought she had hidden her bad feelings, but she didn't expect that she was discovered by her son.

in fact, the wife is the soul of a family.

an unhappy wife is affected not only by herself, but also by the people around her.

A happy wife is a prerequisite for family happiness. Only when the wife's mood rises, can she bring positive feedback to the people around her.

she should be respected, which is not only the responsibility of the husband, but also the right that the wife should have.


to be kind to his wife is to understand her efforts

once heard a demolition household talk about her own experience.

he says he has nothing to lack and earns more than 10,000 a month by collecting rent alone.

as long as the wife is obedient, she doesn't have to do anything for the rest of her life. "

many people have doubts about whether they have hired a babysitter at home, but they do not seem to be able to hire a babysitter willfully even if they earn more than 10,000 a month.

when asked about his family, he has two children, the eldest is six and the eldest is two or three years old.

when the two children grow up, the wife is taking care of them alone.

sleep, breast-feed, dress, play with children.

it also includes the family's eating, drinking and Lhasa, and the wife is alone in charge.

my husband watches TV and plays games every day, and recently developed a new hobby, fishing.

A middle-aged man has a few greasy sets, which he owns.

when he met everyone, he said, "my wife has never worked a day's work since she married into our family."

whenever this time, the wife will answer at the back: "since I got married in their family, I haven't had another day off."

once, when his wife was washing dishes in the kitchen and the child fell in front of him, he was surprised that he did not lift his head buried on his mobile phone.

this is such a trivial matter that my wife really can't stand it and would rather leave the house and resolutely divorce him.

the husband not only refused to divorce, but also couldn't figure it out: "I've been married for so many years and haven't asked her to work a day. I'm a little grumpy, but I've never hit her, and my family doesn't have to worry about food and clothing. I never have to worry about money. Why can't life go on?"

such marriages have one characteristic: the husband is happy and the wife is just the opposite.

my wife is supposed to be a lifelong companion. She is not a cleaning aunt or a free babysitter.

her efforts should be seen, not ignored, should be.

in marriage, when a person's efforts are not answered or even taken for granted, in the long run, that person's enthusiasm begins to wither.

Director Ang Lee once said, "Love between husband and wife is first kindness and then love." Only by being grateful for each other's good will you love each other more. "

paying attention to each other's efforts and knowing how to praise and be grateful for each other is the antistaling agent for a happy marriage.


being kind to his wife is to tolerate her capriciousness

A Qiu, a friend, has been with her boyfriend for 5 years, and the two have been in love all the time, and there seems to be no mediocre period.

once my boyfriend worked late, and A Qiu was afraid that her boyfriend would be hungry, so she made the soup and sent it to him to the company.

We all joked with her, being so nice to her boyfriend, be careful that he ran away.

A Qiu is so sure because her boyfriend has given her enough sense of security.

it turns out that she is a relatively casual person who always does things carelessly. When she was a child, she was scolded by her parents countless times, but she could never change.

once in a painting, she accidentally spilled a plate of paint on the canvas. When she was at a loss, a boy beside her said that the paint was scattered just enough to draw a watercolor picture.

A Qiu said, "it was warmed up at that moment."

after being together, she is still in a daze. Instead of finding her unreliable, her boyfriend thinks she is cute.

her small mistakes have become limitless tolerance and interesting romance in him.

what is more interesting is that when A Qiu's mistakes are tolerated, she seldom makes mistakes.

Zhou Guoping said in "settling the Heart": "Love is heartache without reason and tolerance without premise."

people who don't love you always criticize you for not doing well enough; those who love you, no matter what you do, feel that no one can replace you;

this is the case with qualified lovers, no matter what the outside world says and does. I will always be the strongest force behind you.

it is a great luck for a person to meet a tolerant partner and live a life of "you are making trouble and he is laughing".


being kind to his wife is the greatest skill in a man's life.

I have heard a sentence and think it makes a lot of sense: "look at the happiness index of a family, regardless of whether her family has money, a house, rights, children's grades are good, and the husband can't work hard." Just look at one thing, and that is whether the hostess of this house is happy and nourished. "

the happiness of the wife determines the temperature of the whole family. Smart men all know how to be good to their wives, which shows a man's ability and pattern.

and you never have to worry about being good to your wife, it's futile.

because a woman is such a magical creature, throw a wooden peach in return for Qiongyao, if you are kind to her, she will give you a lot of kindness.

if the husband knows how to cherish and love, the wife will always return more.