The lower the valley, the more you have to smile.

The lower the valley, the more you have to smile.

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Bai Yansong once said: now Chinese people always seem to be unhappy. Students complain about too much homework, white-collar workers complain about tired work, women complain about housework, officials complain about social activities, and old people complain that their children do not go home.

some people are at the top of the mountain, have cars, houses and savings, but they have no fun at all.

some people are in the trough and go out to take the bus and squeeze the subway every day, but humming songs when they walk.

but in fact, the happiness and happiness of life is never determined only by material conditions, but more by our own state of mind.

Life is a mixture of joys and sorrows. If you laugh, you will know that Pepsi starts from the heart and a smile solves a thousand sorrows.


when misunderstood, painter Chen Danqing said: there is no need to let everyone know the real you, or you don't have to keep explaining to people what kind of person I am. Because it's invalid. When

is misunderstood, don't bother to explain. Not everything can be explained, and not everything needs to be explained.

I have seen such a story.

A long time ago, a young girl in the town was unmarried but pregnant.

unable to withstand the questioning of parents and relatives, the young girl had no choice but to slander the father of the child and was an eminent monk in a nearby temple.

so the parents angrily took their children to the eminent monk and asked the eminent monk to take responsibility.

when the eminent monk heard this, he smiled calmly and said, "this is it." And then silently took the child.

when people in the town learned of this, they abused the eminent monk one after another, and some even threw eggs at him, hoping to drive him out of town.

but the eminent monk is unmoved and pays attention to raising his children every day.

it was not until half a year later, when the child's biological father came to the door, that the girl admitted that she had wronged the eminent monk.

the truth was revealed, and people in the town came to apologize to the eminent monk.

the eminent monk smiled calmly again: "that's the way it is."

he returned the child to the girl and lived his life with peace of mind.

people live all their lives, they live in a mood; when they live a life, they live in a state of mind.

when we take a walk in this world, each of us will inevitably be unhappy and often encounter collapses.

these good and bad things are not up to us to choose, but we can decide how to face them.

when misunderstood, smile calmly, and then leave right or wrong to time, which is the best way to deal with it.

as the pick-up monk said: "just put up with him, let him, let him, avoid him, bear him, respect him, ignore him, stay a few more years, you can look at him."


when you are helpless, there are always times of helplessness in life, but it is your attitude that determines the height of your life, which is optimistic, open-minded, pessimistic and depressed.

the champion of longevity in ancient Chinese poetry is Lu you, who was 85 years old, and his secret of longevity is optimistic and open-minded.

once, the tiles on his house were removed by the strong wind, and the walls were about to collapse in the heavy rain. Such a desolate scene made ordinary people melancholy a long time ago.

but instead of worrying about it, he immediately wrote a poem:

the wind blew the house last night, and now it rains the wall.

although you know Chai Mi Gui, do not waste wild songs.

No one's life is plain sailing, we always encounter some setbacks and difficulties, but the difference lies in how you treat it.

optimistic and open-minded people always quickly get out of setbacks, calm down, and learn something from it.

and pessimistic and negative people tend to be mired in setbacks and panic all day long.

people will be reunited and separated, and the moon will be full and missing.

whenever and wherever you are, having a good mood is the most precious asset in your life.


when you suffer a loss, smile calmly

there is a familiar saying: it is a blessing to suffer a loss.

but most people misinterpret its meaning, thinking that if you often suffer losses, you will have good luck.

in fact, what it really wants to express is that the state of mind is still calm when suffering losses, and such people tend to be safe and happy all their lives. In other words, "it is a blessing to be willing to suffer losses".

I have read the autobiography of a rich man.

at the beginning of his business, he received an American order, and soon after the guest placed the order, he suddenly offered to cancel it, which was a huge loss for the rich at that time.

however, he did not entangle, let alone let the customer compensate, this kind of boldness moved the customer.

soon after, the rich received many orders from the United States introduced by this guest.

he did not expect that just because he accepted a breach of contract order, regardless of the gains and losses, it opened up a great situation for him.

in fact, people who laugh at losses do not like to lose money.

but don't pay attention to the short-term gains and losses and don't let yourself be depressed and sad because of a moment of unhappiness.

because they understand that there are always times when people suffer losses in their lives, and pinching pennies over and over again will only embarrass themselves.

the wise people in life are often those who are willing to suffer losses.

because all that is lost always comes back in another way. When


is frustrated, many people have a great dream when they are young, but most dream pursuers fall in one setback after another.

and the choice in the face of setbacks divides people into two kinds:

one is like grass, swaying in the wind and let it trample on;

the other is to live into one.A tree, let him beat the wind and rain, I stand still.

A few days ago, one of Yu Minhong's moments went on a hot search.

at the end of the era of education and training, New Oriental gave up the lease of some campus and donated nearly 80000 sets of desks and chairs to primary and secondary schools in rural areas.


, Yu Minhong announced in the studio that he and hundreds of teachers would bring goods live to sell agricultural products.

Yu Minhong in front of the camera, smiling, calm and determined, without the slightest sign of collapse.

from trough to peak, from uphill to downhill, no matter how collapsed, Yu Minhong still maintained his usual demeanor.

the biggest opponent in life is not those who fall to the bottom of a well, but those who are used to complaining and giving up.

similarly, the most important person in life is not those who are willing to give you a hand, but the one who never gives up.

frustration is the norm on the long road of life.

smiling when experiencing setbacks, and then cheering up is the most powerful counterattack to life.

Life is like a mirror. If you cry to it, it cries to you. If you want it to smile at you, there is only one way to smile at it. When

is misunderstood, an indifferent smile is a kind of mind; when

is helpless, a smile is a state of mind; when

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is at a loss, a calm smile is a kind of open-minded; when

is frustrated, a smile is a kind of demeanor.

Lin Qingxuan once said: "see the world with a clear heart, live with joy, love with an ordinary heart, and remove obstacles with a soft heart."

No matter how many grievances and pain you have experienced, you should live with an open brow.

Life may bring you a lot of tribulations, but as long as your heart is strong, it will never take away the smile on your face.