The law of happiness in life: there is a dispute, there is no dispute

The law of happiness in life: there is a dispute, there is no dispute

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"the world is full of illusions, only pain never lies."

whether you lie flat in the Buddhist system or fight so hard that your head is broken, hardship cannot be avoided, while happiness seems to be out of reach.

reach for it, you are not powerless.

all you need is to argue and not to argue, stand on tiptoe, and happiness is right in front of you.


people are at a low ebb.

No one is destined to be in the victory group of life. When it's your turn, you have to eat.

wait until the bitter end comes and smile, that's the meaning of what you've fought for.

there is a stay-at-home mother on Douban who has been with her children for 3 years and has found her true self.

when she first gave birth to the baby, she was out of shape, did not socialize, worried about milk powder money, and had to suffer from the baby crying and being so tired that she doubted her life.

it was in that period that she was afraid of being left behind in the workplace, so she decided to take the teacher's certificate.

buy books and download materials from the Internet, and review them all the time.

when the baby is playing by herself in the walker, she reads books, but the baby can't play by herself, so she learns by cutting seams and waits for the child to sleep and stay up all night drinking coffee.

while doing things, listening to lectures and written interviews are all one-off.

slowly, she tried to become a teacher in a training institution, made every effort to prepare for the exam, and won the undergraduate examination.

every time the husband has time in the past three years, the two take the baby out to play together. They have traveled to more than a dozen cities, moved to a new city and decorated a house.

the life is not over, but she has become the way she likes and is more determined than anyone else.

always feel that it is an inspirational story that depends on hard work. We are too ordinary and too difficult to achieve.

but precisely because we are ordinary and do not arrive at our destination as soon as we are born, it is difficult to wait for dignitaries and luck, and we can only earn our own happiness.

MiyazakiHayao said:

the more difficult it is, the more you don't give up on yourself. only when you fight for strength at a low ebb can you see the distance.


people in the highlands

once thought that the trough was the most difficult time, but later found that it takes more courage to seize happiness than to endure pain.

just like you climb a mountain, you will be happy to sit on the top of the mountain.

but if you sit down all the time, you will only feel bad.

whether it is because of luck or hard work, you should be more angry when you get to the place you look forward to.

Zhu Ting came into contact with volleyball at the age of 14 and played the main force of the country at the age of 18 with talent and tenacity. Instead of lying early on the merit book, she became the captain step by step.

before, she was strong, but not comprehensive enough. Lang Ping specially gave her more training, which made her look pale.

it is her constant clenching her teeth and giving full play to her luck.

Zhu Ting won the best main attack after winning the 2015 Women's Volleyball World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.

in the 1919 Women's Volleyball League, China was at a disadvantage against Japan. She frequently dunked and scored 18 points to help her team win the game.

just last month, she was hit in the eye when she blocked the block, played the whole game with a red eye, and helped the team score key points and beat the United States.

Zhu Ting told her teammates "it's okay, it just hurts" and posted Weibo "Thank you for your concern, I'm fine" after the game. Being strong seems to have become a habit.

the more famous and accomplished she is, the harder she is to herself.

even if it will be bitter and tired, and there will be pressure, I still want to fight for breath and choose a hot life.

it is not easy to see the scenery from high places, and it is even more difficult to keep climbing.

you may want to give up for a moment, but you know it's cooler and more meaningful to stick to it.

No one can bargain with life. You have to fight for what you want, and you have to keep what you want.


people walk uphill, do not pursue profit

all the famous quotes that awaken the moment are reasonable, and can not avoid three words, money, money.

No one will dislike too much money, but there is always a moment when the money is on hand and you take it back.

it's not because it's stupid, it's the principle and bottom line that can't be avoided.

Yang Jianqiu in Fox Hunt makes people both distressed and angry.

she was born as a rural girl. In order to help her brother go to school, she delayed her studies. Her brother helped her find a job. Seeing things better and better, she capsized in the sewer.

the 500000 shares given to her by Director Zhao, her boss, completely fooled her.

Yang Jianqiu was originally simple and kind to people. Having seen a lot of money, Yang Jianqiu slowly began to collect fees and buy houses in stocks. Even when her brother advised her, she no longer listened.

she lost her iron job in a bank and she went to prison.

my brother who works in the police station was also involved and got a stain for the first time.

Director Zhao, who gave her the problem stock, is in charge of everything.

always say that money is only good, not bad, but if you don't give it up, you can't get it.

because all the money you see is not yours.

No matter how good your ability is, no matter how smoothly you go uphill, you can only fall deeply and fall miserably without judgment.

former Huawei executive Teng Hongfei, with an annual salary of one million yuan, has won the highest honor of the company's management system, "Blue Blood Top Ten". Even if he took bribes in a moment of stupidity, he also ruined his future.

lust is hard to fill, but the yardstick is at heart.

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what you earn is what you deserve.

with principles, no regrets, it is safer to take the money, and there is only a way up the hill.

and squeeze your head, interest comes first, you can only be tired and useless.


when people encounter right and wrong, don't argue.

I have heard a joke:

there are young people who don't like what other people do and quarrel with people every few days. He always feels that everyone is against him and lives a boring life.

depressed, he asked the wise man, "what is the secret of happiness?"

the wise man told him, "Happiness is not fighting with fools for right or wrong."

he began to disagree again: "is that impossible?" It's not that simple. I don't think so. "

the Master smiled and said, "you are right" and ignored him no more.

when you encounter right and wrong and argue that you don't make sense, you can only feel worse.

if you want to be really happy, you'd better keep your mouth shut and ignore it.

backstage, a reader left a message saying that she was misunderstood by her colleagues at work, and gossip spread everywhere.

after a few words of argument, my colleagues burst out curses, and the sound could be heard all over the floor.

the leader not only did not say justice, but also called the reader to the office and severely criticized her, which made her full of grievances.

when she was angry, she heard the leader say, "everyone knows who she is. If you argue with her and give her a chance to make a noise, it's your fault."

not just anyone is worth wasting your breath, not just anything that is worth hurting your bones and bones.

just like others suspect that you ate an extra bowl of noodles, you won't cut open your stomach with a knife to prove it. If you encounter right and wrong, just stay away.

Luo Yonghao said that there are only two situations to explain in this life:

one is that the court and the police misunderstood and did not explain that something would happen;

the other was a misunderstanding between close friends, relatives and friends, and they would be sad if they did not explain.

friends with wine and meat, you don't have to take it too seriously.

some people will see clearly what you don't say, and don't worry about what you can't see clearly.

the biggest sobriety is not a sharp tongue in the face of bad things, so that everyone is willing to be defeated.

but without resentment or annoyance, be yourself and win before the war begins.


Happiness is a state of mind, but you do your best and listen to your destiny.

whether you are in a moment of high light or going through a trough, you have the right to fight for the gossip around you, and you have the right to choose to exit at any time.

the important thing is to figure out when to fight and when not to.

you just have to look and think, do what you can, let go of what you should let go, and you will always see the dawn.

click "watching". May you love, fight, fight, and know how to let go.

reap your own happiness on the road of becoming more and more sober.