The last month of 2021: if you don't want to work, check out these three people's moments.

The last month of 2021: if you don't want to work, check out these three people's moments.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I can't believe there's only one month left in 2021.

do you feel this way?

days seem to be pressed the accelerator button, every day I open my eyes is busy with work, worry about life.

We all kept spinning like a top, and we turned around to find that another year was coming to an end.

in the past three hundred days, I know you must have had a hard time: endless work, endless overtime, day by day alone, countless moments of grievance and heartache.

I can't tell you how many times the idea of "I don't want to do it" swings in your mind.

but in the adult world, there is nothing to say and leave unrestrained.

in the last month of 2021, if you don't want to work, take a look at these three people's moments.

people who work overtime at 10:00 at night

A while ago, the whole team was working overtime because they were preparing for the live broadcast.

I go round and round for more than ten hours every day. I can't eat well, I don't sleep well, and I have a severe headache.

once, I was so busy that I was suddenly hungry at night, so I went downstairs to buy something to eat.

found that the opposite building was still brightly lit, so I took a photo and posted a message on moments:

"in the office building late at night, desertion and busyness always go hand in hand."

did not expect the time to buy a meal, the comment area became lively:

an old friend commented: "coincidentally, I am also working overtime today. I have been staying up for several nights, and the customer is in a hurry."

wrote: "the third day of stomachache is also the third night of homework correction at home."

A former colleague said: "it's not easy to put the child to sleep and have a lot of work waiting."


as I looked at it, I couldn't help thinking of the saying circulated on the Internet:

at 10 o'clock at night, someone was drowsy in the car going home, and someone was yawning and working overtime at the company.

someone has just set up a barbecue grill, and someone has already finished the fifth race tonight.

We can't help complaining about hard work and feeling that life is not easy.

but of all the people in the world, who lives more easily than who?

in the circle of friends at ten o'clock at night, there are too many tired but persistent people like you and me.

in the corner where you and I can't see, there are too many people who are carrying heavy loads.

they have no time to grieve over spring and autumn and complain about their unfair fate. All of them are busy making a living.

on the highway late at night, tired truck drivers begin to slap themselves in the face when they feel sleepy.

of course it hurts, but why can't you bear to think about your wife and children at home?

the man who had been running for takeout all day was so tired that he simply slept in the underpass.

and the person who filmed this scene is another middle-aged man who works two jobs and has to be a substitute driver after work.

who doesn't want to make money easily and live a decent life?

but God, it has never given dignity to anyone.

in the empty street, the old woman selling vegetables trembled with cold, but she was reluctant to leave.

if she sells one more piece, she and her hemiplegic wife will have one more piece of living expenses.

there is no one whose work is not hard, but there is always some responsibility to bear alone.

No one wants to be busy, but the cost of food and clothing is free.

when he reaches a certain age, he is carrying a house loan and worrying about his parents and children.

go out dozing off every day and come back tired.

who doesn't sell their freedom just for firewood, rice, oil and salt?


people with insomnia at 3: 00 in the morning

have you ever noticed the moments in the early morning?

A writer friend once told a very impressive thing.

there was a time when he had severe insomnia, wanted to work and worried about new books, so he couldn't sleep.

as a result, I saw a circle of friends that was completely different from the glamorous moments of the day:

the intern editor, who was carelessly right or wrong, was scolded by the teacher and cried for an hour;

the college classmate who had just lost his job sent a picture full of cigarette butts with the caption: "there are a lot of crap in my heart, but it becomes nothing when I say it."

the boss I know at the exchange meeting, while lamenting the poor prospects of the industry this year, posted the physical examination list with the red light on.

my friend wanted to like each item, but he put down his phone after thinking about it.

because he knows that none of these moments will survive longer than tonight.

on weekdays, people always envy my high salary, I envy your leisure, you think I am stable, I think you are free.

but in fact, in all kinds of industries, everyone has their own hardships and difficulties.

when you work on a construction site, you have to endure the wind and the sun; when you work in a company, there will inevitably be intrigue;

you start a small business and worry about rent, electricity, and customers all day long, and it's all kinds of bad things to close your eyes.

as the saying goes:

"anyone who doesn't pretend to be worth it during the day dares to collapse occasionally at night."

how many times you lie in bed thinking about the grievances of the day, you can't sleep;

how many times you shed tears and dry, thinking that you will quit tomorrow morning.

but the next day, I went to work like nothing.

people are working hard in rivers and lakes, who hasn't finished a few cold meals overnight in tears?

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No job in the world is perfect.

when you feel like a mess, others are struggling.

you are depressed for a long time because of a criticism from your leader, while someone may not get a job for months.Capital.

you are aggrieved at the company's pay cut, but someone has just been laid off and lost his financial resources.

the job you complain about may be the envy of countless people.

if you have an income, you will have the capital to settle down.

when people are alive, no one is luckier than others, only one is more difficult than others.

despite the sadness and helplessness, everyone is holding on to it.


people who spontaneously burn at 6 o'clock in the morning

because of the high efficiency of writing in the morning, I always keep the habit of getting up early.

occasionally, when I am tired of writing, I will stop to watch the news and swipe my mobile phone.

after a long time, I found that there is a young man in Wechat who works as a salesman. Every morning, he posts a circle of friends:

"keep working hard in the new day. No matter how hard the work is, it's over!"

"work hard to be powerless, work hard to move yourself."

"Life is very tired, but I am not tired now, but I will only be more tired in the future. Come on!"

these are obviously sentences that sound a little bloody at first, but I feel very moved every time I see them.

in the adult world, not a dime is easily earned.

God will not treat anyone who works hard, so he will treat him differently.

slowly, everyone learned to be tired and fight by themselves.

maybe I just worked overtime until two o'clock in the morning last night, and maybe I haven't had time to digest my grievances.