The heart is kind, the heart is broad, the heart is upright and the heart is at peace!

The heart is kind, the heart is broad, the heart is upright and the heart is at peace!

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Zhou Guoping said: people, you must have a kind heart, rich heart, noble soul, so that you are worthy of the title of people, you are living in the world as a real person.

Yes! Born in the world of mortals, kindness is not only the background of life, but also the duty of being a human being. If we want to be recognized and respected by others, we must first have a kind heart, be willing to help others, and learn to be grateful, especially to be kind to and grateful to those who have helped us. Because grateful people are blessed, if you know how to be grateful, life will exude the warmth you should have. In this way, life can interpret the meaning and connotation of human life.

it can be said that good is the most precious and can be used inexhaustible in a lifetime, while the heart makes good land and consumes more than forever. Therefore, with goodness in life, people can live peacefully. In view of the fact that kindness can make people do better behavior and make the soul noble, it is more important than a beautiful coat, more valuable than a famous car and house, and more valuable than money and status.

hence the famous aphorism: kindness is the epitaph of the good; meanness is the passport of the despicable. If you can always treat others with a kind heart, do things in an optimistic mood, and walk open and aboveboard throughout your life, then you must live a more beautiful life than others.

to be a human being is to cultivate a kind heart, learn to repay and be contented, learn to cherish and be grateful, so that there is room for others in your eyes, otherwise, if you are always selfish and self-centered, you will only be hated by others and make people farther and farther away from you. We should know that kindness is not only the moral bottom line of survival between heaven and earth, but also a kind of great wisdom, the growth of the ability to feel the favor of others, and the indispensable source of maintaining one's own inner peace and improving the sense of happiness and abundance.

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because kindness is not only a kind of foresight, but also the source of happiness. By keeping a good heart, we can feel the joy and warmth of life all the time. If you always have ulterior motives, then you will never be liked.

so to respect others is to respect yourself. If there is love and love in the heart, the eyes will be able to accommodate the vast sea of people. At this point, the road is not in the line of others, but in the self-cultivation. When you do things, you should ask yourself more questions and complain less harshly. While being kind to others, you should also get a peace of mind for yourself. Why not do it?

because life has to be done on its own, the wise man asks for the heart but not the heart, and the fool does not ask for the heart. Only to live for yourself and do for peace of mind, then concession is compassion, kindness is wisdom. As long as you have a clear conscience, you will be a wise man, and your path will be incomparably broad, which is the result of the good deeds of gratitude to each and every one of us, as well as a moral character and the law of life that exists in the world.

the only way to live in the world is to be compassionate, respect, give, act and cherish, so that you can feel the beauty that life should have. It can be said: the gentleman is magnanimous, the villain is often sad. As long as you always feel grateful, your state of mind will be natural and peaceful; if you always make a living by doing good deeds, you will get the grace of kindness. Even if one day the face is no longer, life will be colorful because of your goodness!

because cause and effect is not empty, there is retribution for good and evil. Only by keeping a kind heart, can life be at ease, and our days be happy forever!