The happiness of a family begins with good words (incisive)

The happiness of a family begins with good words (incisive)

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A good word warms you in three winters, but a bad word hurts you in June!

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there are some words that we say, and it is extremely simple for us to touch our mouths, but it can hurt people to pieces.

the more you care about a person, the rebuke that comes out of his mouth and his dismissive tone is the real hurtful weapon.

No matter who we get along with, we should know how to talk well.

especially in family life, knowing how to speak well is the magic weapon of family harmony and happiness!


get along with husband and wife: more patience, less cold face

this world, even if they are as close as husband and wife, there is no obligation to bear each other's cold face.

I like this sentence best:

the relationship between husband and wife is not tied up with each other, so they can't be untied. If you want to untie it, it's actually a matter of changing your card.

Don't always take each other's goodness as a matter of course, disdain him, dictate him, and look at him with a cold face!

what is a couple?

is the person who has been with you for the longest time in my life and the most tolerant person in the world.

when getting along with husband and wife, you must be more patient with each other. Don't make up your mind and feel that each other is making a mountain out of a molehill.

from the bottom of his heart, if he doesn't talk to you, who will he talk to?

when you get along with husband and wife, you must learn to talk well, be more patient, be less cold, care a little, and feel sweet, so you will be much happier!


get along with your child: if your child is careless, look for more ways to help him get serious together;

if your child is playful and lazy, study with him more and encourage him to enrich himself.

if your child studies poorly, go and make progress together and participate in learning with him.

do not want children to study, parents play with their mobile phones;

do not beat and scold easily, compare with other children.

No matter how bad the child is, he is also his own treasure. Don't treat your treasure as a treasure in your heart, because if you often say that he is grass, he will really feel unimportant.

every child is an angel, and the formation of his character is closely related to the living environment. Treat your child with patience, perseverance, care, and don't always beat and scold him.

beating and scolding a child will only make him more and more tired of learning and make more and more mistakes, which will not have a better effect.

take good advice, prescribe the right medicine to the case, don't always compare!


get along with parents: think of others and be grateful for others.

parents are the people who love us most in the world. They spend all their lives trying to give us the best.

but people's abilities are limited, so let's not blame our parents for what we can't get easily.

parents love their children deeply and responsible. they just want their children to be more outstanding and have the ability to support themselves in the future.

parents sometimes like to nag, let's just listen, don't show an impatient attitude and make them sad;

parents sometimes control more, we have to listen, they have gone through most of their lives and know more.

when we have differences with our parents, we must speak well and speak our hearts. Don't hold it alone, but always complain that it is difficult to communicate with our parents.

for parents, be more considerate of others, think about their difficulties, be considerate of their tiredness, help parents when they can, and be a sensible enough child.

if you are middle-aged, go home more often and spend more time with your parents. when your parents are old, they don't want money, but companionship.

to our parents, don't resent, don't complain, talk well, care a lot, no matter how old the parents are, they love us, don't they want to be loved by their children?

A good life always begins with good words.

speaking well is the first step in our spiritual practice.

for the rest of my life, with a good heart, a good mouth, constant ploughing and a lot of self-discipline, I am sure to reap a good life!