The greatest upbringing of a person is to be kind to his parents.

The greatest upbringing of a person is to be kind to his parents.

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in "my daughter", Gao Yalin made a heartbreaking remark:

"parents are a wall between us and death."

I don't know what it means at first, but I feel deeply sad when I think about it.

parents give us life and bring us up for nothing in return.

there is no one in the world who can give to us without reservation and without asking for anything in return.

as the old saying goes, "it is useless to worship Buddha if you are unfilial to your parents."

A person will have blessings only when he is kind to and filial to his parents.


filial piety is a kind of Futian

"Collection of famous and sages" says: "filial piety at home, why burn incense far away."

Lin Zexu also said: "it is no good offering to God if you are unfilial to your parents."

filial piety is the first of all good.

if a person is not filial to his parents, the kindness shown in his life is hypocrisy.

I think so.

Confucius once said, "Color is difficult."

"color is difficult", which means an ugly attitude.

Confucius feels that filial piety is not only to help parents when they need help, but also to feed parents when they are hungry, which is far from enough.

it is easy for them to detect the change in our attitude towards our parents on some small things in our daily life.

therefore, filial piety to parents must be gentle and respectful.

if you are often impatient with them and add bad words to them, this is the greatest harm to them.

Liu Shengdong wrote an impressive passage in his sacrifice to his dead mother. He said:

No matter how much the mother gives to her child, she always feels a lot of debt. When the child gives her mother very little, she always says that she is filial piety.

filial piety to parents is the last thing one can wait for in life.

the grace of giving birth is the greatest kindness in the world.

parents are our own biggest Futian for each of us. Filial piety is a kind of Futian and accumulates good fortune.

now that my parents are old, please be more patient and caring when you get along with them. Don't hate them for nagging and clumsy.

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as the saying goes, filial piety, filial piety can be more obedient.

We can't consume our parents' feelings just because they indulge and love us unconditionally.

as the saying goes, it is better to serve parents at home than to burn incense thousands of miles away.

those who are kind to their parents deserve the greatest blessing in the world and deserve to be blessed.


the greatest upbringing of people is to forgive their parents' imperfections

for parents, children are their favorite, their flesh and blood, for the sake of their children, all parents in the world can be tit-for-tat with life.

for children, the grace of birth is greater than that of days.

as children, they should be more tolerant of their parents and forgive their imperfections in life, which is the most basic virtue of being a child.

many people always feel that their parents are not perfect, do not give themselves a high quality of life, and always feel that their parents are not as good as other people's parents.

but do you know? They have given you everything they can give you, and they have been subservient to the world for you.

when his father was young, he was also a recalcitrant young man with his own dreams and hobbies.

when her mother was young, she was also a little girl who loved to wear skirts. She was afraid of mice, afraid of the dark, timid and beautiful.

for the sake of the children, they gritted their teeth and carried all the hardships and difficulties.

time gives them a lot of wrinkles, and they hide all their hobbies and dreams so that we can have a better environment to grow up.

our present years are quiet, poetry and distance, aren't they all done on their shoulders?

there is a saying in

so you might as well be nice to the one who loves you and yourself. If you don't have time to love in this life, don't expect to meet again in the next life.

always remember that our encounter with our parents in the world is used to love each other.

Please look back at the parents who have been left behind, tolerate their imperfections and give them a little more attention in order to resolve the estrangement and estrangement between them.

forgive parents for their imperfections, and family is perfect.


parents are here, there are still places in life

parents go, and there is only a way to return in life

Bi Shumin once wrote: "parents are here, there are still places in life; parents go, life is only on the way back."

this is true.

for children on the road, don't forget the parents who are looking forward to their son's return at home.

their steps are becoming more and more stumbling, their eyesight and hearing are not as good as they used to be, and there are more and more wrinkles on their faces.

I still remember seeing such a story before:

an old man went to a mobile phone store to repair his mobile phone. After checking it for a long time, the master told the old man that the phone was fine.

hearing this sentence, the old man burst into tears.

the old man cried and said to the master who repaired the mobile phone, "the mobile phone is not broken, so why doesn't my child call me?"

you see, the old man can't answer the phone and would rather believe that the phone is broken than that the child didn't call.

isn't it true to think about us?

I often hang up after a few phone calls from my parents on the grounds that I am too busy at work..

I was supposed to call them often, but I still haven't called them for a long time.

I always say I don't have time, but I can always squeeze out time to play with my mobile phone and go shopping for TV shows, but I can't find time to call them.

We always feel that there is a long way to go, so there is no need to rush a lot of things.

but in fact, the future is for us, for our parents, the future is really not long.

as Lin Qingxuan once said, "it's the happiest thing in the world to let your mother hold hands."

while parents are still alive, filial piety must be practiced in time.

while the old man can still remember, no matter how busy you are and how hard you are outside, call your old parents more often. Only in this way will there be no regrets.

filial piety cannot wait.

on the way of life, when you are walking forward, you might as well turn around and give your parents a big hug.

for the rest of my life, be kind to my parents, love them, give them more patience and company, and make their old age happy.