The greatest sorrow of a family is not poverty or quarrel, but.

The greatest sorrow of a family is not poverty or quarrel, but.

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as the old saying goes: with the grace of parents, water cannot drown and fire cannot be extinguished.

in life, the most precious quality of a person is gratitude.

with gratitude and filial piety, the family is bound to be happy.

on the contrary, if you raise an ungrateful child, your parents will suffer for the rest of their lives.

as Shakespeare said, "an ungrateful child is more painful than the sharp teeth of a serpent."

the greatest sorrow of a family is that parents give everything but cannot raise grateful children.


Children who don't know how to be grateful, no matter how good they are, they all want their children to become dragons and phoenixes.

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so the most frequently said sentence is: you just study hard, and you don't need to worry about anything else.

as the old saying goes: to be a man, you must first establish virtue.

for a child, grades are not everything. Gratitude is the most worthwhile wealth.

without these, no matter how good he is, it will be a disaster for the family.

A sad event happened some time ago.

on the evening of November 12, a senior high school boy in Nanjing, Li, brutally killed his mother with a kitchen knife when he was doing his homework at home.

after killing his mother, Li did not feel guilty or repentant. Instead of calling the police, he calmly picked up his schoolbag and spent the night with his classmates.

it was only when he went to school the next day that he confessed to the head teacher and turned himself in.

when the police arrived at the scene, the mother had already lost her vital signs.

according to the description of the neighbors in the same community, Li usually has excellent academic performance and is cheerful and enthusiastic.

can be such an excellent boy in the eyes of outsiders, who can be killed just by being dissatisfied with his mother's discipline.

afterwards, the police handling the case asked him if he regretted killing his mother.

he replied carelessly, "No regrets." I don't have to study. I don't have to be so stressed. "

what is the use of such a child, no matter how highly educated he is?

there is an English proverb: "gratitude is the smallest of virtues, ingratitude is the worst of conduct."

A child who does not know how to be grateful has long taken his parents' efforts for granted, only for their own interests and neglecting their parents' hardships.

he who loses his conscience will suffer for the rest of his life.


the calamity of children is all the fault of parents

in China, many people believe in such a saying: no matter how poor you are, you can't educate your poor, and you can't suffer your children any more.

if you look at it, how many parents will live frugally and satisfy their children's desire to enjoy big brands;

they can endure hardships and sufferings, but they must not let their children have any pressure on life.

do not realize that too many people are spoiled by this "doting".

as the French educator Rousseau once said: do you know how to make your child an unfortunate person?

the answer is to obey him.

I remember that a few years ago, there was a very popular TV series called Tiger Mom and Cat Dad.

the daughter of the protagonist in the play is 5-year-old Cissy.

since childhood, she was spoiled as a "little princess" by her grandparents and became domineering.

whenever he is unhappy, Grandpa is asked to lie down on the ground and let her ride as a horse.

when he hears his mother's reproach, he will shout at the dinner table, "I will beat my mother".

refuses to sleep and asks my father to kneel down and beg her before he gets up.

as the old saying goes, there are many unfortunate favorites, but it is difficult for a spoiled child to become a talent.

at the same age, other people's children have already played the piano, read, recite ancient poems and other "decathlon", but Cisi is so doted that she only knows how to cry willfully and has no manners.

it can be said that this is all the child's fault, and it is not always the case.

Makarenko, an education expert, once said a very classic saying:

"everything is given to children, everything is sacrificed, even their own happiness is sacrificed. This is the most terrible gift that parents give their children."

in many cases, parents' doting is like a kind of "painless amputation". It is they who, in the name of love, brutally cut off their children's ability to be self-reliant.

therefore, children are ungrateful, and most of them are "used to" by their parents themselves.

the more "pampered" the children are, the more "hard and cold" their parents are;

the more "powerful" the children are, the more "humble and pitiful" their parents are.

if you don't want to eat the consequences of your child's selfishness, the only way is to learn to let go.

otherwise, your doting will eventually become a chronic poison that destroys a child and family.


the greatest achievement of a family is to raise grateful children.

there is a good saying:

"not every drop of water can be exchanged for Yongquan, and not every child can repay the kindness of his parents."

the greatest achievement of a family is to raise a grateful child.

some time ago, actor Huang Xiaoming was praised for his success in slimming down.

but I think his character of filial piety and respect for his relatives should be praised even more.

No matter how busy he is, Huang Xiaoming will take the time to go back to his hometown to visit his family and grandmother.

so that every time I want to leave, my grandmother will hold Xiaoming's hand reluctantly.

he always said, "Today of our parents is our tomorrow." For parents, the child is the biggest work in his life.Shit. "

I think this is a person's greatest filial piety.

there is a saying in the Book of songs: "Father gives birth to me, mother bows me, caresses me, grows me, takes care of me, goes in and out. If you want to repay your kindness, Haotian turns a deaf ear to it. "

if a person is not grateful to his parents and even loses his basic self-cultivation, how can he talk about starting a family and doing a prosperous job?

the foundation of the national style lies in the family style, and the foundation of the family style lies in gratitude.

only when children know how to be grateful, all the efforts of their parents will not be wasted, but will be turned into incentives, which will eventually be given back to the family, and then prosper.

gratitude is the foundation of building a family and the foundation of building a family.

people can't be truly happy in a family that doesn't know how to be grateful, no matter how rich they are.

if you can learn to be grateful, even if there is no great wealth, life will be interesting.

as Gorky once said:

"Thanksgiving, life is so extraordinary, there are indeed gems shining in the long river of life, Thanksgiving, life is so rich and colorful, the eternal enthusiasm of life given by all creatures."