The golden sentence of a mother's godson: the words of people who have been there are reasonable after all!

The golden sentence of a mother's godson: the words of people who have been there are reasonable after all!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

son, I hope you will become a spiritual aristocrat, a warrior in life, an explorer in learning, with principles, responsibilities, courage, planning, love, and braving the winds and waves in your own life.

Mom has lived half her life and sent you these 40 words. Maybe one day, you will find that the words of people who have been there are reasonable after all.

1. Learning benefits you for life. Whether in school or in society, "keep learning" is a necessary weight for you to achieve your goals.

2, there is no need to fight for the first place in everything. Just work hard. In the field of life, no one can take the lead every time. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes pressure will not become motivation, but will lead to emotional collapse and give up.

3. Look at the big and small things in life with a normal heart, and you are not afraid of difficulties. Smile more and have a good state of mind. Everything around you will be all right.

4. "sincerity" is always the most powerful weapon to communicate with people. People are all mutual. If you are true, he is true, and if you are false, he is also false.

5, "the gentleman is harmonious but different, the villain is the same but not". There are all kinds of strange things in the world, and everyone has his own point of view. There is no need for us to deliberately agree, respect the ideas of others, and respect our own differences.

6. Exams are not the only indicator, but they can most directly expose your learning achievements. College entrance examination is not the only way out, but it is the fastest way for children from ordinary families to rise.

7. Always be grateful. Not everyone has to love you and help you. To those who give you care and help, you have to say thank you and be grateful, so that the road of life can go a long way.

8, always with compassion. Look at everything in the world with a gentle eye, don't turn a blind eye if you can help, and don't pick and criticize if you can encourage. Born as a human being, everyone has their own difficulties. We can't empathize with each other, but at least we should know how to respect and understand.

9, always curious, actively observe the world, explore the world, you will find that life is very interesting, the world is really wonderful. This blue planet is worth living.

10, Mom is not Superman, can not help you complete all your wishes, some roads, you should explore, some hardships, you have to eat by yourself, the experience you have experienced is the most moving.

11. Our family is just an ordinary family. My parents try their best to provide you with the best things within your ability. I hope you know how to cherish and be contented.

12. Details determine success or failure. Don't look down on small problems, mistakes, and ailments, which are often the starting point for your failure.

13. Water droplets can pierce stones and iron pestles can make needles. Any small efforts are valuable, little by little slowly accumulate, slowly adhere to, the dream will not be far away.

14. Methods are always more difficult than difficulties. Don't worry when you encounter a problem, don't be afraid, don't run away, calm down and think about it. Try more, communicate more, think more, and you can always solve it. On the contrary, the more afraid and anxious they are.

15. Don't despise that your shoes are not good enough. There are still many people in the world who don't have feet. Don't complain that some things can't be done. In fact, you have done well enough.

16. Don't say anything against your will to make friends, don't try to please anyone, be yourself, even if you have a little temper, it's cute enough.

17. Don't speak ill of others, no matter before or after them, because there will always be a gust of wind coming into other people's ears.

18. Don't be nice to a person casually, and don't be too nice to a person for no reason. Often, such a person will not be cherished.

19. Don't care too much about other people's eyes. No one is king or queen in the spotlight. In fact, not so many people are idle and care about your every move.

20. Don't blindly follow the trend. You have characteristics that no one else has. Don't let it drown in the so-called "trend".

21. Sleep is the best charge for the body. Go to bed early and get up early, work and rest regularly, and your energy will be restored to the maximum extent. If you have good energy, you will be in a good mood, your concentration will be improved and your memory will be enhanced.

22. The plan of the day is in the morning. People who control the morning have more control over their lives than those who are used to staying up late.

23. Students don't just study, they can't keep up with their physical fitness, and no matter how good their grades are in vain. It is much more useful to take 30 minutes of exercise every day than to immerse yourself in a problem.

24. You can do things slowly, but don't procrastinate, the more you procrastinate, the more things will happen. Make a plan for yourself, follow the planned time to accomplish what you need to do, and gradually become a positive and self-disciplined person.

25. Except for your family, no one will tolerate your bad temper and slowly learn to control your emotions. Everyone will be irritable, depressed and angry sometimes, but no one is your emotional trash can. Try to digest it yourself.

26. Cultivate a hobby of your own, which can help you relieve all kinds of boredom in your study and work in the future. People who have hobbies are happy.

27, laugh if you want to laugh, cry if you want to cry, it doesn't matter, you are still a child, there is no need to endure it, no matter how difficult it is, your parents will cover for you.

28, it is better to say ten thousand words than to take one action. It's a pity that sometimes wonderful ideas are missed because there is no action. If you want to do it, try it bravely and be not afraid to make a mistake.

29. Don't care too much about appearance. The beauty and ugliness of appearance is only temporary, but the beauty and ugliness of soul is forever.

30, not only reading is learning, observing other people's behavior and travel.Understand different cultural characteristics and reflect on your own mistakes. As long as you make progress in thinking and improve in reflection, you are learning.

31, there is no absolute right, dare to question what you think is unreasonable, paranoid, suspicious, questioning, inquiry, in order to obtain the most valuable knowledge.

32. Sweet love is beautiful, but love is only a small part of your life. Don't regard each other as more important than yourself because of a moment of infatuation. The road is long, and no matter how sweet it is, don't delay your future.

33, there are only three mistakes. If you have made a mistake once, remember it firmly, find a way to correct it, learn lessons, and review and reflect on yourself from time to time.

34. Learn to protect yourself, both physically and mentally, not to be easily hurt by others.

35. Take the initiative to do what you can, and you will get a lot of unexpected surprises.

36. Speak well, say less hurtful words, and say more warm words. Sometimes, tone is more important than content. Treat every word you say with respect for yourself and others.

37. Life is so precious that anyone who gives up easily is a coward. No matter how many things you encounter, don't hurt yourself or commit suicide. Remember, there will always be people who love you more than yourself.

38. Time is fair to everyone. Some people use it to gain knowledge, some people get wealth. What you want to get depends on how you use your time.

39. You can ask yourself to keep your word, but not others to keep your word. You can ask yourself to be kind to others, but you can't expect others to be kind to you.

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40, love yourself, love your family, love your motherland.