The first reaction to an accident determines the height of your life.

The first reaction to an accident determines the height of your life.

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I don't know if you have ever heard a saying: if you look at how big a person is, it depends on his first reaction to an accident.

some people are emotionally stable and don't get sick in case of trouble.

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some people lose their temper and get flustered and angry when something happens.

there are people who, when something happens, simply hide in the corner and escape from reality.

A lot of people say that it has something to do with character, and frankly speaking, there is nothing right or wrong.

it is just this short moment that determines the height of your life.

I heard a story about a man who was out in a meeting and wanted to win a project.

in order to do this well, he began to prepare as early as a year ago.

I was well prepared and did a good job in the report that day.

in order to thank you for your efforts over the past year, the organizers prepared a dinner and hosted several responsible persons who participated in the competition.

prepare to announce the final winner of the project after this dinner.

because the man was happy that day, he felt determined to win, so he drank a few more glasses of wine.

after eating and drinking, when the man got up and went to the bathroom, he accidentally ran into the waiter who was adding water and the tea spilled on his suit.

at that moment, somehow, the man's mood was suddenly a little out of control.

regardless of the waiter's repeated apologies, he forced him to pay for his clothes, and even angered the hotel manager to ask him to comment.

the final result, I think you have guessed.

the hotel lost the dry cleaning fee for men's suits, but the items that men thought were readily available were lost.

in fact, he had a good chance of achieving this goal, but at the moment of arguing with the waiter, the organizer decided that he was not a reliable person.

I think so, because people who are angry and aggressive because of trifles are difficult to gain the trust of their partners.

in this way, one year's preparation was in vain, and when he returned to the company, he had to worry about next year's list.


in fact, such things are common in our lives.

A few days ago, a reader @ Huahua told me that there were so many people when she took the elevator that she was accidentally pushed back and stepped on the feet of the people behind her.

at that time, she was so embarrassed that she immediately apologized and took out a tissue to clean her shoes.

did not expect that the other party did not relent, threatening to let Huahua lose money by saying that his shoes cost hundreds of yuan.

because I was in a hurry, I added the other party's Wechat and transferred 100 yuan, so I didn't let it go.

in fact, Huahua was angry at that time.

it's just that she knows that anger won't solve the problem, so instead of spending too much time on it, she'd better calm down quickly and save time to do something worthwhile.

We all like Huahua's way of doing things.

also because of this, Huahua has a lot of friends. Everyone says that following Huahua can not only learn knowledge, but also learn the skills of dealing with people.

We often say that to look at a person, don't look at him when he is calm, but look at him when he is angry.

look not at the way he treats the people around him, but the way he treats strangers.

Don't look at how he does what he's ready for, but his first reaction when he comes across something difficult.


because only in this way can you see through what a person really looks like. Will see clearly whether he is reliable or not, whether he can be trusted or not.

because the greatest enemy of success is the lack of emotional control, it is of course difficult for those who can't control their emotions to seize fleeting opportunities.

I admire people who are emotionally stable because they can put up with mediocrity, accept defeat, suppress sadness, and resist anger.

Napoleon once said: a man who can control his emotions is greater than a general who can take a city.


two days ago, I saw a mother helping her child with problems.

the child is learning dancing. when he was in the junior class, he met a friend from the advanced class, and the two had a very good relationship.

but when the child's dance skills continue to improve, little by little from the junior class to the advanced class, this friend continues to alienate from her.

even in the children's solo show, pulling a few friends, hiding in the corner cheering.

the child was very sad and went home crying after the performance.

she doesn't understand how her former good friends have become like this. She can't get used to being good about herself, and even keeps suppressing herself.

the child cried and asked his mother if it was his own fault, so that's why good friends are like this.

Mom said that not everyone can grow up together in this life, and not everyone can be friends.

some people applaud for others to earn 1 million yuan, but not cheer for the small achievements of the people around them.

such a person is not worth making a deep acquaintance, much less worth worrying about.

when you meet them, your first reaction should not be to question yourself, but to stay away as soon as possible.

that's the way life is. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and worrying about what you're going to lose, it's better to stop your loss in time.

only if you keep saying goodbye to the wrong person, is it possible to meet the right person.

what Uncle Fan is trying to say is that life will never go smoothly, and the height a person can reach often depends on his reaction when he encounters a hurdle.

what you have to do is not to complain, get angry, or shift the blame onto others when you run up against a brick wall.

but know how to stabilize your mood.Overcome difficulties with reason.

behind this is what you want of yourself and what your partners want of you.

you know that your first reaction determines your life.