The first friend is not really my friend.

The first friend is not really my friend.

We are out of touch a long time ago.

@ Tongc

moments have been scrubbed by black screenshots. Many people are showing who the "first friend" is, but few people answer the question "are you still in touch?" while taking the screenshot.

my answer is that there has been no contact for at least three years. Even that profile picture and nickname seems to be the first time I have seen it, but this person is actually my "first friend"?

I was surprised why my first friend on Wechat was Y, because it was not a friend in terms of love. It was just that I couldn't save face and delete that because I had met an old classmate we all had in common. So when I saw someone saying, "'my first friend'is not my friend at all," I felt funny and sad at first.

I am trying to think about the concept of "first friend". I find that it does not seem to exist to me. Probably many people will think that the relationship will be as good as the lyrics. But the definition in my mind, in the past 18 years, I have automatically divided into four stages according to time and space, primary school, junior high school, high school and college. Without exception, there is a rule that there has been almost no contact since graduation, not even a "happy birthday" for birthdays. This is like a spell, doomed that all relationships are phased, like a sentence seen in other people's notes, he said, in that particular stage, we need each other and take what we need, but I treat you with my heart. I will allow you to run freely in my world, but I know that after that stage, we become another ourselves, and you will never come back.

this sentence is calm and gentle.

is the "first friend" given to me at every stage.

I don't have a first friend, and sometimes I even feel like I don't have a friend.

for example, I was ready to go to bed at 08:30 on the night of December 31.

because it was a lively day, and I.

# good night, I'm Tong c

@ Zhang Jingzhi

the H5 entitled "the Story of me and Wechat" maxed out my moments in the evening. It mentioned "friend" twice, once your first Wechat friend, and it asked us, "are you still in touch?" The second time was on the right side of the picture above. I got 3038 likes. It said, "it's nice to have friends!"

to be honest, the tone of H5 is sad. First of all, it reminds you that your 2015 has passed, and it helps you make a little summary, telling you some details that you don't pay attention to and notice in time won't change anything. Then it blows away the haze of the past, spreads its hand and tells you:

"Oh!" This is your first friend. "

he is a high school classmate of mine. I don't know why my first Wechat friend had to be him. As a result, I was caught off guard. If I remember correctly, I blocked his circle of friends when he became a WeChat businessman and sent me a group message a year ago.

because I hate WeChat merchants who sell A goods and stick to the original order. We used to be classmates for two years, when we often went to the canteen to buy sausages at recess, but we really didn't talk to each other after graduation.

I tried to ask him: what have you been doing lately?

he said: nothing, call LOL.

I said: which district? Gang up together in the sky.

he said: Hello, my Zuan.

as a result, we looked for it for two years, but we couldn't find that day.

Don't blame him or me. We used to be good friends, but there was a vacuum. I didn't know what he had done, and he couldn't understand what I had been through. As a result, the conversation between us lost its soul, leaving only a dry gag.

that's really not a friend, it's called an old friend.

Today's H5 was sent to me by a former good friend. She is a girl. We often ride bicycles together when we are in the second and third year of high school. At that time, we often talked about some funny things, such as what kind of people we are going to be and what kind of men /girlfriends we want to find.

what we have done, if expressed in words, many people must think that we are lovers. We have tried to get up early to climb the mountain, but also tried to ride a bike at night, usually go out for afternoon tea and find some nice places to drink. She will tell me everything that happens in class, and I talk to her about Wechat every day.

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but we are really good friends, pure good friends.

she also said on the night after the college entrance examination: "if we all find someone we like, then the four of us will come out and ride bikes together."

I said, "how is that possible? doesn't your boyfriend mind?"

she said, "I'm not looking for a boyfriend who cares about this kind of thing."

as a result, I was one step ahead of her in finding someone I liked. But she and I never went out for a bike ride, had afternoon tea, and even had less chat on Wechat every day. Until now, I found that this Wechat post was our first chat post since I browsed my computer 2 months ago.

actually, I don't think it's a pity at all. I think she is, too.

because there are some roads, it's impossible to walk together all the time.

some people don't believe what I said above. They think that a friend for one day is a friend for life, so they forcibly maintain the relationship of an old friend whenever they have a chance. But most of them suffered losses, and some even put their good memories into it. But don't rush to write an eulogy to commemorate your friendship in your moments. All you have to do is turn all the good things into blessings and say from the bottom of your heart:

"go well, don't look back."

give a big wave of your hand, make it easier and faster. Because the person who cried with you late at night is going to the conference room to cry with another person.

# I don't know how many of the 3038 praises I got are yours?

those friends I used to have.

# good night, I'm a thorn