The concentration of companionship determines the temperature of love

The concentration of companionship determines the temperature of love

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likes the saying

"Life begins with meeting, and love lasts longer than company."

each of us will encounter all kinds of company in our lives.

some are accompanied for a while, while others are kept together for a lifetime.

the best companion in the world is not a promise, but a waiting.

you are always there when I need it; when I am helpless, you appear immediately.

the rest of my life is so long, it's a good thing to have you by my side.

Let the dull years become good times.


companionship is not to say hello by phone, but to often go home and see

in September 2017, a sad accident occurred in Dalian:

A man in Dalian went to see his father who lived alone more than a month later, only to find out that he had been dead for many days.

the police investigation showed that the old man died unfortunately because he fell heavily while taking a bath and was not detected in time.

strangely, the old man still has some animal bite marks on his body.

it turns out that the old man kept a puppy to accompany him on weekdays, and the body of the puppy was also found in the room, which was also dead.

according to insiders, it may be that after finding the old man's fall, the puppy tried to drag his owner with his mouth, but failed.

after the death of the owner, the dog gradually had no food to eat, and in the case of extreme hunger, he did not eat the owner's body and starved to death.

faced with these situations, the man burst into tears. He said, "my father and I live far away and usually make phone calls. If I had known this, I would often go back to accompany him."

the biggest sadness of being a child is that you want to go home and have a look when your parents are gone.

you know, there are not so many days to come in the world, and parents are not always like Superman.

Jiang Xun said:

when parents grow old, what they fear most is not lack of money and good health, but lack of company.

with the passage of time, their world keeps getting smaller, so small that it is only full of you and me.

our world is getting bigger, with friends, lovers, children and careers.

so stop saying that when you are free, don't wait for fame.

when I miss my parents, I go home and have a look, chatting with them, picking vegetables and watching TV dramas.

in a familiar environment, even some ordinary things are enough to warm parents' hearts.

give birth to kindness and nourish it, but there is nothing in return.

the only thing we can do is to accompany our parents as much as they can during their lifetime.


companionship is not about getting rid of the shopkeeper, but learning to share

some people say that the warmest love word in the world is not "I love you", but "I'm here".

the longest love confession is not how much you give to each other, but how far you can accompany him on the road of life.

Last year, talk show actors Siwen and Cheng Lu divorced.

the reason is that it is not cheating or cheating, nor is it abuse or domestic violence. It is just that they can no longer live.

Sven participated in an interview before and talked about his marriage.

she said that in the past year, it was a year of twists and turns. She was ill and had surgery, and her father and grandmother also left. At that time, I really wanted to have Cheng Lu to accompany me and talk to her.

but during that time, Cheng Lu was so busy with closed writing that he didn't even have time to make a phone call.

so Siwen survived all the grief alone and went to the operation alone. When she was pushed out, Cheng Lu hurried over and stayed for less than 20 minutes and said, "you look fine." Gone again.

on the way to love, what I fear most is not the wind and rain, but when the wind and rain comes, you are struggling to resist, but he is indifferent.

Siwen understands her husband's busyness and feels sorry for the vicissitudes of life visible to him, but she prefers to have a shoulder leaning over and a voice saying "I am here" when she is vulnerable and depressed.

Marriage, two people should support each other instead of helping the poor.

Mandy and her husband are college classmates. They have been in harmony for nearly ten years since they met each other until they got married and had children.

at a party, everyone asked her for advice on how to keep love fresh.

Wenwen said with a smile that her husband works out of town and only goes home once a week. As long as he comes back, he will prepare a table of good food, have a meal with him, chat with him, talk about their current situation, and discuss the big and small things at home.

sometimes when two people have nothing to say, they just stay together quietly and feel particularly at ease.

in fact, whether a relationship is good or not depends not on whether two people are well matched, but on how much time they spend on each other.

the so-called marriage, only two people go together, face together, can go further.


companionship is not to give money blindly, but to give love and time

I have seen a variety show called "Juvenile talk" before, and one of the clips impressed me particularly.

A second-grade girl stood on the rooftop and shouted

"my greatest wish is to accompany my parents on my birthday."

the little girl is a left-behind child. Her parents both work in Shanghai and come back only during the Spring Festival every year.

although her grandparents are very kind to her, she is very sad whenever she sees other children accompanied by their parents.

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on the rooftop, the little girl said sadly, "Mom and Dad, will you come back?" I miss you very much. "

students off the stageThey looked around, thinking that her parents were also listening in the crowd under the roof.

however, there is no response.

the little girl said to herself again, "you're not coming back, are you?"... "

her expectation looked timidly at the crowd.

still no miracles happen.

later, the host asked her, "did you tell your parents how much you want them back?"

the little girl hung her head and said, "No, I'm afraid of delaying their work."

other people's parents are listening to their children under the rooftop. She is the only one shouting into the air, and no one responds.

in fact, every parent loves their children very much and is willing to sacrifice their rest time and give up their hobbies to make money.

but what children want most is not brand-name clothes, high-end food and expensive gifts, but parents who can play with him, talk with him and grow up with him.

there is a saying: "No matter how much money is earned, it is only a material life, and it can never make up for the gap in the child's heart."

Children who lack the company of their parents will inevitably encounter more wind and rain in the future.

Life is irreversible. Don't let your family be late and let love become a regret.


the concentration of companionship determines the temperature of love

Wang Zengqi said: "the family sits idle and the lights are amiable."

the happiest thing for a person is to have a home to go home, someone to wait for, and a lamp to stay for you.

your family may not know you best, but they must be the ones who stay with you the longest.

in this fast-paced age, time is so precious that it should be reserved for the families who love us most.

when you are away from home, remember to go home often, call your parents and add an extra bowl of soup and rice;

No matter how busy you are at work, you should also take the time to accompany your wife, lend a hand in the housework, and talk more about your daily life.

No matter how much you socialize, don't ignore your child, turn off your cell phone once in a while, put down your baggage, and play with him.

the real companionship is not to get along with each other day and night, but to be connected and tolerant when we are together.

fireworks are easy to get cold and years are easy to go by. May you and I seize the time and grow old with our loved ones.