The cleaner your home is, the more blessed you are.

The cleaner your home is, the more blessed you are.

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Home is our eternal destination, the dependence of our life, and the safe haven on the way of life.

in fact, the state of a home can best expose your level of life and attitude towards life.

and these will affect your fate imperceptibly.

as the Yellow Emperor's House Classic says:

therefore, the environment of the home determines one's luck, as well as the happiness of the family.


your room is your life

your life is just a few decades, and home is the place where 2/3 of our lives are spent.

maybe we will hide ourselves when we are outside, but when we get home, we will take off our masks and be who we really are.

Bernard Shaw once said:

therefore, the appearance of a room often hides the most authentic appearance of a person.

Last weekend, I went to my friend Dazuo's house as a guest.

as soon as I entered the door, I was frightened by the scene.

there are a lot of sundries in the living room, clothes are thrown on the sofa and floor, and food debris left uncleaned the night before is still left on the table.

the house rented by the big left is not small, but it is difficult to settle down, and even gives people a feeling of breathlessness.

with a look of embarrassment, he moved the clothes on the sofa and let me sit down first.

then scratched his head and explained to myself:

I teased him about the "messy prince" and helped him clean up the house.

it turns out that the project that Big left was responsible for made a big mistake. Forced to leave his job, he interviewed for more than two months, but failed to find a suitable job.

later, with the attitude of broken jars, he played games at home all day to relieve stress and escape from reality, and he didn't want to do housework.

A girlfriend who comes back from overtime has to be busy washing clothes, cooking and cleaning the room. Over the years, there has been more and more friction between the two.

Last week, his girlfriend had a big fight with him and moved out, leaving him alone at home, so he was even more lazy to tidy up.

in fact, your room is a reflection of your life.

as the writer Liu Liangcheng said:

"the home in one's heart is not just a house of one's own, but the life spent in this house for many years."

A sloppy home will make you feel lazy and explode with negative energy, which will affect your life posture and hinder your progress.

A clean home will give you peace of mind and joy. When you are in it, you are always at ease.

once the room is clean, the heart naturally shines. Keep an optimistic attitude and your luck will change.

as the saying goes, what kind of room you have, you have what kind of life. If you want to know whether a person's life is good or bad, just look at the room he stays in.


the cleaner the home is, the more advanced the life

likes Gu Cheng's sentence: one should live as himself and cleanly.

it can be said that cleanliness is the highest praise for a person.

if the neat and decent appearance reflects a person's etiquette and elegant demeanor, then whether the home is clean or not reflects his habits and attitude towards life.

speaking of Han Xue, I believe many people are no stranger. They have made their debut for many years and still maintain a rare sense of simplicity and freshness.

when I watched the variety show before, I was amazed by Han Xue's home.

it's not because the house is luxurious or large, but because it's so clean and everything is neat.

there are special storage bags for cleaning and tidying up every room, as small as headphones and charging wires.

Han Xue said:

so no matter how late she comes home, she will clean up the house before going to rest.

her room is full of a sense of order and her life is arranged in good order.

she has set a strict schedule for herself:

every time I see her, there is a smile on her face, permeated with a comfortable and refreshing breath, which makes people feel like a spring breeze.

Clean and tidy, it seems to be a common trivial thing, but it best reflects a person's pattern.

like Han Xue, every detail of her life runs through her exquisite lifestyle and hides her optimistic and meticulous attitude towards life.

Thoreau wrote in Walden:

Life is as simple as possible to enjoy a fresh life without distractions.

in fact, tidying up the room is ostensibly cleaning up the clutter in the environment, but in fact it is clearing away one's own inertia and cultivating one's own character.

also seems to inject strength into life invisibly, giving you an impulse to move forward.

I think so.

only when you have a clean house can you have a pure heart; only when you have a pure heart can you live a bright life.

Today, when cleanliness is precious, we should always keep the room clean so that we can usher in the splendor of life and live out the quality of life.


the family is safe and happy.

I have read a story.

the little girl selling flowers gave the roadside beggar a rose when she closed the stall.

the beggar never thought that anything good would happen to him. He felt so happy that he decided not to beg today.

when I go home, I put the rose in a glass bottle and put it on the windowsill, quietly enjoying the beauty of the flowers.

how could a beautiful rose be inserted in such a dirty bottle, so he took the bottle and washed it.

suddenlyBut he thought of something, beautiful flowers and clean bottles, how could they be put in such a messy room.

so he began to clean up the room, and all the items were arranged neatly.

the whole room is fresh and warm.

suddenly, I saw myself in the mirror, greasy and dishevelled. I can't help but ask myself what qualifications I have to stay in the room.

so he went to wash and shave at once, and he took on a new look.

go to the mirror again and a handsome young man appears. The beggar can't help feeling, why do you want to be a beggar when you are so young and handsome?

he decided not to be a beggar, but to find a job to make a living.

slowly, beggars became better and better in their careers and finally made great achievements.

it can be seen that the cleanliness of a room has an impact on a person that cannot be underestimated.

just as Akada Guangyang mentioned in "cleaning Power":

if your room is in a mess, I'm sorry to tell you that your "good luck" and "dreams" will slip away.

not only that, a messy room will bring you bad luck if you let it go all the time.

the living environment is always powerful, a clean environment can bring luck, while a dirty environment will overdraw negative energy until the whole life is swallowed up.

as the saying goes, the family is at peace, and good fortune comes.

the environment affects people's destiny. if you want to organize your life, the first step is to start by cleaning the room.

when your living environment is clean, it will sweep away tiredness, make people feel happy, and enjoy the peace and comfort of life.

Life will become more and more energetic, love and embrace every bit of life attentively, and make your ordinary days steaming hot.

in this way, good fortune will come uninvited.


as the saying goes, "plant a sycamore tree and attract the Phoenix."

A clean environment is the best feng shui for a home.

after a day, work hard for a day, the home is clean, the mind is also clean, naturally can imperceptibly attract the good fortune of the world.

keeping clean is not only your lifestyle, but also a choice of attitude towards life.

if you want to get better in life, start by having a clean room.

the past is gone, but the future is long.

in the fleeting years, may we all learn to shake hands with life, enjoy the sunny beauty of all things, and live a clean and comfortable life.

maybe this is the happiest look we expect.

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