The books you have read are hidden in your values.

The books you have read are hidden in your values.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Zhihu once had such a question: "how does one's values change slowly?"

there is an answer like this:

but I think there is another point, that is, reading.

Reading will exert an imperceptible influence on one's world outlook and values.

for example, if you read more about Zeng Guofan, you are likely to be a person who is good at introspection;

if you read Su Shi more, you will gradually become free, broad-minded and indomitable;

when you read Jane Austen, you tend to look at feelings more rationally, believing that there is a better self before you have better love and marriage.

the books that a person has read are often revealed in his every move and hidden in his values.


Jiang Fangzhou once said:

self-media author @ Zhang Cenxi once shared a story.

one of her college classmates was born in the countryside. Her parents didn't have much education, and her brother didn't like reading since he was a child. He graduated from junior high school and went to a technical secondary school, then went out to work.

but this classmate is different. she loves reading very much from an early age, until she takes part in work, and still keeps the habit of reading.

I can't find any pettiness in her.

her way of thinking is also obviously different from that of her family.

she is more like a lady from a scholarly family who is knowledgeable and reasonable.

Zhang Cenxi once asked her, "Why do you seldom see the shadow of a native family and seldom be influenced by your parents in your three values of thinking?"

she said: "because I have loved reading since I was a child, many of my thoughts and ideas have been influenced by the books I have read. I know which ideas of my parents are right and which are wrong, so I have formed my own judgment. Over time, I formed my own values."

every page of a book that is not read for nothing in life counts.

Reading affects one's vision and attitude towards problems.

as the writer Lin Yutang said:

A person who does not like reading, the formation of his three values is very simple, and the formation of his three values depends on the influence of relatives and friends around him.

those who are full of experience have rich three-dimensional values, can accommodate the diversity of the world, and are more able to dispel their own sufferings with compassionate tenderness.

what kind of person you can become is ultimately determined by the books you read.


someone on the Internet asked, "Why do you want to read more?"

I agree with an answer: "Books are like medicine, and good reading can cure fools."

in the movie the elegance of the hedgehog, there is a janitor named Renee, which impressed me a lot.

Renee's native family is terrible. She has never been to school, and the residents in the building don't remember her face.

she has always been self-abased and lives carefully, describing herself as

"I am completely in line with the role of a concierge, old, ugly and grumpy."

but she, who is so useless, later has a whole library of her own.

whenever she has time, she goes to study.

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Freud, Husserl's phenomenology, medieval philosophy. She's done some research.

through self-study, she opened the door to a new world and saw a way of life she had never come into contact with.

Reading made Renee know herself again and became confident. Finally, she plucked up the courage, crossed the class, and accepted the love of the elegant, rich and well-educated Mr. Ozu:

Renee's life, with the help of the power of knowledge, transcend the humble situation and achieve a life-long growth.

this reminds me that in Reading and Beauty, Yan Geling said:

for people who read books, the important thing about reading is to be able to find, review and transform themselves in books.

if you don't read, you can't get to know yourself correctly, and you don't know what kind of life you want.

and reading can not only increase wisdom, but also enrich your values, let you stand in a higher place and gain a higher level of cognition.

those books you have read will become the most precious wealth and confidence in your life.


I very much agree with what Liang Wendao said:

in the past two years, Luo Xiang has been very popular, whether in class or in interviews, his words exude charm.

the most people's evaluation of Luo Xiang is: the three values are extremely positive. All this has a lot to do with the books he has read.

people around him say that wherever Luo Xiang goes, he always carries books in his bag, sometimes one, and sometimes three.

Luo Xiang said that the changes in his character and values are also related to the books he reads.

in the past, his mantra was: "what do I care?"

he will be moved, shed tears and donate money for the suffering people thousands of miles away, but he is very indifferent to the people around him.

this indifference is reflected in his work. He even dislikes his colleagues and thinks they are incompetent. When he comes across a colleague who has made a small mistake, Luo Xiang points it out bluntly.

but once he read the story of Brothers Karamazov, and he began to realize:

this makes him start to reflect. In fact, it's great to be able to care about the specific people around him.

Luo Xiang also admitted that he was a "regional black". In his book Circle Justice, he said:

"I am from Hunan, and I have been proud of Hunan since I was a child." I despise all people and things from other provinces, and I am dismissive of mainlanders. "

it was reading that made him change this prejudice.

because I have read it very muchHaving read a lot and seen the larger world, he realized that no man is an isolated island, isolated from the rest of the world, and that everyone is part of a vast continent.

in his view, we went to school and asked, read thousands of books and traveled thousands of miles in order to get rid of the prejudices based on our regions, lineages, and nationalities.

Reading can help you get out of your own narrowness and appreciate the vastness of the world.

philosopher Hesse once said:

people who love to read have the ability to think independently and know how to distinguish between right and wrong.

people who insist on reading for a long time will have different ways of thinking, speaking and behaving differently, and will be more modest and rational in dealing with things.

Yang Jiang once wrote in "Reading bitterness and pleasure":

if you have read hundreds of books, just like talking about all kinds of values, you will have your own firm value judgment.

the more a person reads, the more he can perceive the pluralistic world and feel all kinds of sentient beings.

the books you have read will also become your armor and your refuge at some point in the future.