The best way to live at different ages! (must see 30-60 years old)

The best way to live at different ages! (must see 30-60 years old)

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people live a lifetime, a hundred years of spring and autumn.

No one can stop the passage of time. It is a necessary cycle of life from birth to aging.

as long as we know how to cherish and learn to enjoy, each age has its own unique charm. "

since you can't change your age, change your mind.

Don't worry about the coming of old age, let alone waste every inch of your life and live every stage of your life just right.


Thirty living charm

there is a question on Zhihu: "what state are you in when you are about thirty?"

the highly praised answer is:

We have bid farewell to the innocence and ignorance of our twenties. As we enter the age of 30, we are separated from our original families and ushered in the real sense of independence and growth in life.

when you are thirty, you will not be bound by life or worldly bondage, work hard, enjoy moderately, and live a life with lasting charm.

once followed a video blogger, Korean girl Onnuk.

after graduating from college, like all young people who have just entered the workplace, they have become an ordinary designer.

I often work overtime on weekdays and don't relax on weekends.

when she was 31 years old, she wanted to change this state, leave her original living environment, change a new job and start a new life.

after work, she learned to add some "ingredients" to her leisure time to make her life more enjoyable.

every morning, she makes breakfast by herself and starts a vibrant day with delicious food.

after work, she goes to the supermarket, selects the freshest ingredients and makes a simple meal for herself.

on weekends, she leads a rich and interesting life, clocking in coffee shops, visiting museums, exploring new delicacies, and making life full of surprises.

in her thirties, she said goodbye to her hurry, slowed down the time, and lived her little life.

when we were young, we were used to following the rules, going with the flow, and getting used to being arranged by others.

but when life enters the journey of 30 years old, we need to know that there are not so many "should" in life, and we have to arrange our own life.

the rest of my life is long, so you and I don't have to panic.

instead of being hurried by the pace of others, it is better to dance a waltz in your own rhythm.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

after the age of 30, don't try to please others, but spend more time enriching yourself.

you can read books in the evening to enrich your mind, or you can arrange flowers on weekends to make your days delicate.

Don't make do with it, live up to the quality of life; live up to it, seize the present time.

the age of 30 is just the beginning of life. As long as you perform your own script confidently and calmly, you will be able to reap the best fruits in the future.


40 living wisdom

Confucius said: "Forty is not confused."

after working in society for more than a decade, I have experienced the vagaries of the world and the warmth of human feelings.

at the age of forty, life has entered a new stage, beginning to get rid of ignorance and become wise and sober.

Han Han once said:

at this age, don't be carried away by honey words and applause.

know how to distinguish the truth and falsehood in your ear, and learn to distinguish the truth and falsehood around you.

during the period of the three Kingdoms, Lu Dai, an official in Wu County, became a close friend because he appreciated Xu Yuan's talent.

Xu Yuan was born in poverty, and only after being recommended by Lu Dai did he enter into an official career and serve as an official.

many people think that Xu Yuan should be grateful for such a great favor from Lu Dai.

unexpectedly, instead of singing praises, Xu Yuan was the first to stand up and point out his problems after every mistake made by Lu Dai.

seeing this, some people began to point the finger at Xu Yuan, thinking that he was ungrateful.

but Lu Dai said:

as the saying goes, "fair words are easy to say, but good advice is hard to hear."

being able to stay awake in the flashy world and rational in the praise and admiration is the reason why one can go to the top.

Tan Buniu wrote a poem:

when a man is forty, he must live to be wise.

be round on the surface, square on the inside, and stick to the bottom line in your heart;

be confused on the outside, awake in the heart, and know how to tell the truth from the false.

Don't be tempted in front of desire, keep introspection in the flowers, so that you can constantly correct yourself on the way of life and become a better self.


50 live calmly

life is a hundred years, fifty is half.

Confucius said, "you know your destiny at fifty."

in the year of destiny, half of your life has passed, and maybe life can't go well.

some people worry about their health, some people worry about life, and some people worry about age.

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but as the saying goes, nine times out of ten things go wrong in life.

No one's life can be plain sailing, stumbling is the normal state of life.

when you have something to worry about, don't worry about it, don't get caught up in it, take it easy and take it easy.

at last year's Golden Rooster Awards, 51-year-old actress Yong Mei was invited to the stage as the last best actress.

after the speech, Yongmei looked back and said to the staff:

"can I try not to fix my picture, if not?"If you fix it, please don't flatten all my wrinkles, it's hard for me to grow.

Age is not my enemy, my story is written on my face.

and this face is the truest tribute to time. "

many people begin to worry when they are fifty years old.

some are worried about physical decline, some are afraid of getting older, and some feel that life is not easy.

but life is like a river, we are boats sailing on the river.

if you carry too much trouble, you will be too heavy to move; if you have too many things to fear, you will lose your course because of fear.

look at the light, worry-free, in order to sail the ship to a farther place.

as the saying goes, "there is nothing in the world to worry about."

accept what should be accepted; there is no mountain in the world that cannot be climbed;

solve what can be solved, and there is no barrier in the world that cannot be overcome;

let go of what should be put down, and there is no barrier in the world that cannot be crossed.

many of the difficulties that we thought we could not overcome at that time were just a drop in the ocean for the rest of our lives.

Don't worry about troubles; don't be afraid when you encounter problems.

if you have a broad heart, don't worry about everything.


Sixty years of living

60 is easy.

We took on too many roles in the first half of our lives.

at home, we are parents, children and partners;

in the company, we are employees, colleagues, leaders, but not ourselves.

at this age, children have grown up and can live independently;

families are stable and do not have to worry about running a business;

work has come to an end, and retirement is on schedule.

taste all the bitterness and sweetness, taste all the flavors of life, and finally come to the stage of enjoying the fruits of life.

when people are at sixty, put aside other people's things, do happy things, and live their own scenery.

in the variety show Mamma Mia, a dance troupe left a deep impression on me.

the members of the group are retired aunts with an average age of 60, but they are doing hip-hop dancing.

some people do not understand: "how can you be so old and not serious when you are so big?"

an aunt said:

"I grew up fond of dancing, and when I was young, I didn't have a chance to walk on the stage. Now I have a chance, so I must seize it."

having been busy for half my life, I am selfish now. I don't have to be your housekeeper and I don't have to make money.

I want to fight for my dream in my lifetime. "

I think the life trajectory of many people is similar to that of this aunt.

with pressure and responsibility in the first half of his life, he can only choose to give up his dream and give in.

but when the trajectory of life slips to the second half, you should live for yourself once.

I like Sanmao's sentence very much:

Sixty years old is another golden period of life.

We have enough time to do what we wanted to do when we were young but didn't have time to do it.

maybe it's a trip with friends to broaden your horizons; maybe it's going to college for the elderly and continuing to improve;

or doing a square dance to strengthen your body; or playing cards, playing chess, and spending a leisurely life.

as said in the six Tales of a floating Life:

"when others are in love repeatedly, the world is cool, you have leisure time, and you spend your time."

in old age, people do not disturb others, but only live for themselves, add to life and increase the happiness of life.

there is such a conversation in

the first Zen asked Master, "is it good for a person to have an ordinary life?"

Master replied:

Don't haggle over pennies when the wind is light and cloudy, and you don't need to look mature at a domineering age. "

No matter what age, there is something wonderful that belongs to that age.

at the age of 30, if you live with charm, you will not be swayed by others;

at the age of 40, if you live with wisdom, you will not be overthrown by ignorance;

at the age of 50, if you live calmly, you will not be entangled by troubles; at

60, if you live with ease, you will not regret life.

as long as you are full of love for life, you can live 70 years of grace even at the age of 70, and 80 years of detachment at the age of 80.

in life, there is no need to be afraid of the increase of age, because what controls us is never time, but our own state of mind.

Master Hongyi said: "Huazhi is full in spring, and the sky is full with a full moon."

the journey of life is very long, looking forward is at a loss, looking back is wistful.

for the rest of your life, may you have the courage not to admit defeat, the pride that is not entangled, the state of mind that does not care, and the heart that is not heavy.