The best way to deal with things (benefit a lot)

The best way to deal with things (benefit a lot)

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learn to be silent

speech is silver, silence is gold.

when people reach middle age, they gradually find that 50% of the words do not need to be said, and 50% of the words are useless.

those who understand will naturally understand. In the face of those who do not understand, we should learn to be silent.

Lu Mengzheng in the Song Dynasty was often looked down upon because he came from a bad background.

thanks to the emperor's appreciation, he was promoted to politics soon after he became an official.

people who used to despise him were out of balance and began to chew their tongues behind their backs.

one day in the lower dynasty, someone ridiculed him behind his back: "is such a thing worthy to participate in politics?"

but he didn't look back as if he didn't hear it.

friends are aggrieved and want to go back to theory.

he grabbed his friend and said, "Don't worry about it, let him talk."

onlookers say that he is very broad-minded and will be prime minister in the future! Later, he was sure enough to achieve the prime minister.

speaking is certainly an expression, and silence is also an attitude.

in the face of those who are different from themselves, you don't have to argue, try to do your own thing, and keep silent is the best contempt.


do not reject new things

Ji Xianlin once said:

the so-called thinking fossilization means that a person no longer has the ability to absorb new things.

it is easy for such people to be out of touch with society and trap themselves in the small world of the past.

Zeng Guofan is a traditional Confucian intellectual.

when he was in primary school, he read four books and five classics and accepted the defense of Yi Xia.

but his mind has always been open, active in learning and never getting old.

other scholar-officials regarded foreigners as barbarians, and only he said: foreigners also understand faithfulness, and we should also learn the skills of foreigners.

in his fifties, Zeng Guofan actively studied the mathematics, chemistry and chemistry of the West and promoted the Westernization Movement.

the Armament Institute in Anqing, founded by Zeng Guofan, is the first arms factory in China.

he asked his son to learn English and hired the best English teacher for him to see a wider world.

he sent China's first batch of foreign students and opened China's first translation library.

it is Zeng Guofan's unremitting efforts to enable ancient China to slowly understand the outside world.

teacher Li Nan once said:

A person's world can grow a little bit every day as long as he doesn't refuse new things.

this person's vision and pattern will also become bigger and bigger.

after one keeps trying new things, life will become more and more fulfilling and interesting.


stop temper

it is nature to lose one's temper, and it is self-cultivation to stop one's temper.

the better one's self-cultivation, the better one can control his emotions.

once upon a time there was a general who went all the way to the Zen master to ask for advice.

when he arrived at the temple, he asked the Zen master: what is heaven and what is hell.

the Zen master said, "as a martial arts man, you deserve to talk to me?"

the general was so angry that he drew his sword and put it around the Zen master's neck and roared, "so rude, I'll kill you!"

the Zen master calmly replied: this is hell.

the general was stupefied and suddenly put his knife in the scabbard, bowed to the Zen master and thanked him for his guidance.

Laozi said, "those who win are strong, those who win by themselves are strong."

A person who can really control himself is really strong.

people who cannot control their emotions can only become slaves to their emotions, vent wantonly, harm others and harm themselves.

when emotions rise, man is an irrational beast.

whatever you do is wrong at this time.

calm down, leave the scene, listen to music, run, and think more about others.

wait for the mood to calm down, and then make plans.

only such people can truly control and dominate their own lives.


be good at bothering others

many people think that helping others more can make more friends.

but in fact, if you bother others, you can build strong friendships.

when Hu Shi was sent to study in Shanghai when he was a teenager, his mother was worried. When she sent him to the station, she said:

you are going to the bigger world. I can't help you any more. Let's do it by myself. I'll send you four words-- learn to ask for help.

years later, recalling these four words, Hu Shi began to understand his mother's wisdom.

everyone is eager to be needed, and as long as it is not too much to ask, others will be happy to give you a hand, which is also a pleasure for helpers.

Franklin had a difficult opponent in the 18th century.

every time he gives a speech, the congressman will sing a different tune to him.

he has always been polite to this congressman, but the congressman just refused to cooperate with him.

until one day, he knew that the congressman had a set of out-of-print books.

he hurried to borrow it, but unexpectedly, the congressman agreed, and since then, the relationship between the two has obviously eased.

finally the two became friends.

Franklin said:

Do you want to buy the funky wedding dresses for older women and show off your body? Find a design that is right for you, wedding dresses for older women will add new dimension to your wardrobe.

A lot of people are afraid of bothering others, but if they don't trouble each other, they can't build a relationship.

only when you know how to trouble others and come and go, can you slowly get to know each other and become friends.


take your time.

Wang Yangming once said:

this sentence means that what everyone can learn every day is limited. Don't try to get fat in one mouthful. To learn, you must do it step by step.

is like watering a tree, the seedlings that are just beginning to sprout can only be watered a little.

when the tree is a little older, water it a little more.

if the newborn sapling is watered with a bucket of water, it will soak it out.

once upon a time, Jichang worshiped the master of archery, Fei Wei, as a teacher to learn archery.

Fei Wei asked him to practice the basic skills of his eyes, and then taught him how to shoot arrows.

he went back to watch his wife weave, looking at the shuttle without blinking.

later, Feiwei asked him to regard small things as big things.

he stared at the bug in the distance every day, and it was not until he saw the bug as the size of a wheel that Feiwei began to teach him how to shoot archery.

later, Ji Chang really became a famous archery master in the world.

A meal should be eaten one bite at a time, and the road should be taken step by step. Haste makes waste.

in today's increasingly impetuous day, don't worry.

find the right direction, one step at a time.

as long as you hold on, all the good things will come as promised, and everything that belongs to you will come eventually.