The best teacher is not as good as a pair of far-sighted parents.

The best teacher is not as good as a pair of far-sighted parents.

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someone said: "copy, paste, and then send, just flatter, just follow the wind."

but ran Gaoming, a former primary and secondary school teacher, said:

as a teacher, I hope that parents will have a sense of participation in educating their children.

Don't be a good parent in the group, but be a good teacher in your child's education. "

I think so.

for the vast majority of teachers, what they really need is not the flattery of their parents, but that every parent can deeply understand one thing:

on the road of education, children are semifinished houses, teachers are only decorators, and parents are the real owners.


the same class, the same teacher, why is the gap between children so big?

when they are in the same class, they come into contact with the same teachers, courses and assignments every day. Why are some children so far ahead while others are reduced to the last?

in the final analysis, it lies outside the school, in places that teachers can't see--


as Minister of Education Chen Baosheng said:

"the lack of family education will not only counteract the effect of school education, but also have a negative impact on the development of children."

I have seen such a picture on the Internet:

there is a child in the class who does not hand in his math homework again and again. The teacher sent messages to remind parents many times, but unexpectedly, when the teacher went to urge him again, he was blocked by his parents.

it really makes people angry and helpless.

many parents feel that since they have sent their children to school, the teacher should be fully responsible for their children's grades.

this is not true.

Teachers can teach children knowledge, but they can't cultivate good study habits; teachers can teach children how to solve problems, but they can't give them interest in learning.

it is the parents' attitude that determines the gap between children rather than grades and scores.

you know, educating children is the most important career in parents' lives.

as a parent, you don't have to be rich, but you must have foresight; you don't have to be rich in learning, but you must firmly believe in the power of knowledge.

after all, parents are the masters of their children's fate.

do you still remember what Wu Yishu's mother said about "Girl of Genius"?

"genius does not exist.

any good child is not a miracle born out of thin air, but a cause and effect that can be followed.

its cause is in the family. Its roots are in the parents. "

the attitude of parents is to give their children the most important love, which is related to the fate of their lives.


it is the teacher who teaches, but it must be the parents who educate people.

Han Yu wrote in "Shi Shuo": "if you are a teacher, you will preach and receive karma to solve your doubts."

means that a teacher is a person who teaches lessons, teaches studies, and answers difficult problems to students.

but in the word "education", if there is only teachers'"teaching" but no parents'"education", in the final analysis, it is still incomplete education.

Xia Donghai in "Family has Children" is a father who knows how to educate people.

once, his parents promised Liu Xing a MP3 if he won the first place.

Liu Xing secretly used Lesser Snow's composition as if he had written it himself, and really won the first place. But when he held the award, he felt very guilty.

after thinking about it, Liu Xing took the initiative to explain the situation to the teacher, admitted the mistake, and returned the award.

when Xia Donghai learned about this, he did not criticize him, but said:

"I have some admiration for your courage to face and admit your mistakes. You are really the second man in our family."

"because you dare to admit your mistake, Mom and Dad decided to give you MP3."

in the process of growing up, almost all children have lied more or less.

but instead of denying their children's character as other parents do, Xia Donghai has established a relationship of mutual trust with his children with tolerance and understanding, making him believe that

at all times, parents are your strongest backing.

what is the ultimate goal of education?

I believe that most parents will answer to make their children a better person.

but in fact, the foundation of education is always to educate people first.

as Yu Minhong said:

"growth is far more important than success.

Fostering a child is like planting a tree. Only by nourishing him on the roots and then irrigating them with moral nutrients, the child can grow luxuriantly and closer to the sun. "

how far a child can go in the future depends not on his grades, but on his character and self-cultivation.

if the duty of a teacher is to preach, teach, and solve doubts, then parents must shoulder the burden of educating people without hesitation.


the most taboo thing in education is that parents regard educating their children as a task assigned by teachers.

Education is a career that can change a child's life.

but in life, there is such a kind of parents who regard educating their children as a task assigned to them by their teachers-

teachers say that their children do not do homework?

OK, then rush into the classroom and tear up the child's books and exercise books.

the teacher said that the child was undisciplined and could not sit still.

then beat the child to tears in front of the teacher.

when the child has a problem, the teacher tells the parents, but the parents feel that the teacher gives them a cloth.Set tasks "and" make trouble ".

my friend is a primary school teacher. She told me such a thing:

there is a boy in her class who can't sit still for a minute in class, picking his fingers and stomping his feet.

sometimes the teacher is giving a lecture when he suddenly stands up and slaps his classmate on the head.

every time a friend calls the mother of her child, the mother always says she knows.

but her way to solve the problem is not to communicate with the child, nor to train the child's concentration, but to punish the child to kneel.

every time you punish a child, you have to take a picture and send it to a friend.

at first, friends would advise the mother to pay attention to educational methods and methods, but then it suddenly dawned on her:

the mother was punishing her child, announcing to herself, "look, I don't care about the child." I don't care. It's not my fault that he makes mistakes again.

finally, my friend said to me:

"tell me, which other teacher dares to control such parents?" Which teacher will take care of it? "

in the end, teachers don't want to care, parents don't care.

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the child has more and more problems, but no one around him can help him.


teachers can only accompany their children for a ride, and parents are the class teachers who will never retire.

as a teacher, I often hear the following words:

"teacher, my child will be left to you. If you have any problems in the future, please take care of yourself."

"teacher, the child doesn't listen to me, so take good care of him for me."

but in fact, although teachers can teach their children knowledge and tell them the truth, the best teachers are not as good as their parents' deeds and deeds.

what's more, there is only one teacher, but he has to face so many students.

there are a lot of things that they really can't do.

but parents are different. Parents are teachers of their children's life and head teachers who will never retire.

watering the flower of life depends on parents never giving up.

not long ago, a father found that his son was tired of learning, but instead of beating and scolding his child, he chose to communicate with his child.

finally, the two reached an agreement: take a trip across the country and let the children choose whether or not to continue their studies when the trip is over.

Father and son set out from Dandong Donggang, passed through Shanhaiguan, Xi'an, Luoyang and other ancient cities, and finally went south to Lijiang, Yunnan.

along the way, the father took his son to enjoy the natural scenery and explain the history and culture.

finally, he won back the child's heart with patience and company.

in the interview, the son said:

"I didn't want to see him before, but now we talk like buddies."

"now every day he is shooting videos, cutting videos, cooking, and taking care of me. I feel that he is very hard, so I don't make him angry now, and I will take him out for a walk later if I have the money."

"I still want to read. I want to study hard in the future."