The best state of life: money in pocket, books in hand, good health

The best state of life: money in pocket, books in hand, good health

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

English poet Byron once said:

sometimes I really feel that time flies and goes a long way in a whoosh.

it is clear that many scenes in the first half of the year are still fresh in my mind, but I am suddenly surprised that half of the year has passed.

all the achievements, joys and sorrows, have become a thing of the past and remain in the past.

in the days to come, may you grow up, grow savagely, and have the best living condition: money in your pocket, books in your hand, and good health.


having money in your pocket can solve the worries of life

there is a joke circulating on the Internet: "all your troubles are just because you have no money."

although it is a joke, it hides the unspeakable bitterness and helplessness of adults.

when I was a child, I always thought that money was not important, and I just wanted to be happy all my life.

when I grow up, I find that money is the lubricant of my mood. When I have no money, my heart feels like rain and rain, and I haven't seen it for a long time.

as the saying goes, if you have food in your hand, you will not panic.

No matter what the situation, only if you have money in your pocket can you dispel the troubles brought by the outside world.

have seen such a true story.

42 years ago, a baby boy was born in an ordinary family.

like all families, his arrival has brought infinite happiness to the whole family.

however, the good times of happiness did not last long. When he was 10 months old, he became cerebral palsy due to a high fever that led to a nervous disorder in the cerebellum.

because of his strange way of walking and talking, he was laughed at as a "fool" by people around him when he was a child, and even complained that he was "not as good as a dog" when he grew up to work in a factory.

once, when he applied for a job, the security guard thought it was a beggar to beg for money, so he stopped him outside the door and gave him ten cents.

he tried his best to explain himself to the security guard, and the response was that the security guard threw him another dime and sent him away.

after ridicule and beating, he was so excited that he plunged into his work.

from setting up a stall to repairing a car, to opening a bubble water shop, to opening a newsstand, a telephone supermarket, a photo studio, and a computer assembly store, he has successively opened six stores.

after slowly making some money, in addition to calling him a "fool", some people also began to call him "master".

in the days of hard work, he ushered in an important opportunity in life. He became an e-commerce business, opened a factory, had a turnover of more than 10 million yuan, and even went to CCTV to give an interview as a representative.

with more and more money in their pockets, people call him "boss" again.

he is Lu Hong. With his unremitting efforts, he has gone from ridicule to recognition.

Guo Degang said:

indeed, the biggest sense of security for adults is given by money.

discussion, ridicule, bitterness and helplessness all disappear with the money in your pocket.

at any time, money is the greatest strength for a person to face life, and it can solve 80% of life's troubles.

if you earn one more point, your troubles will be reduced, and life will naturally be easier.


only when you have a book in your hand can you grow toward the sun

Han Yu wrote in the South of Fu Shu City:

people often say that there is a spirit of poetry and books in the belly.

A person who reads too many books not only practices his words and deeds, but also broadens the road to the future.

this is the truth that reading can increase the breadth and thickness of life.

every book you read affects your future invisibly.

Last year, the story of a migrant worker was scanned across the network.

his name is Wu Guichun, and the shoe factory where he works has been shut down because of the epidemic.

in desperation, he was forced to go home and leave the city where he had been staying for 17 years.

before leaving, he specially came to the Dongguan Library to write a message:

after many netizens read it, they were impressed by his literary style and affectionate language, and even "People's Daily" posted a like for him.

behind the explosion, he studied hard for more than a decade.

in 2003, Wu Guichun came to Dongguan and worked mainly as a handyman in a factory.

after work, he always goes to the stall to buy some books.

once, a colleague chatted with him and told him:

since then, he has become a regular customer of the library, whenever he has time, he will get into the library.

when a worker plays mahjong, he reads; when a worker drinks, he still reads.

in this way, 54-year-old Wu Guichun has been able to understand more difficult works from the beginning with the help of the Xinhua Dictionary.

between cold and summer, I read it for 12 years.

more than ten years of cultivation and reading have become an indispensable part of his future.

talking about the influence of reading on him, Wu Guichun said:

"Reading is helpful to my character, state of mind, and vision. I am not so grumpy now. I don't always argue with people. I can be normal when I see anything. I won't be in a hurry."

"I think everyone should read more books. Reading will make people polite and make society more harmonious."

Reading can change fate, which is more suitable for Wu Guichun.

he had been forced to go home, but after his reluctance to study became popular on the Internet, the local government arranged sanitation and cleaning work for him in a local community.

in this way, he stayed unexpectedly.

I can't help remembering what Dong Qing said:

sometimes, the changes brought about by reading are imperceptible.

it may not make you rich overnight, nor can it make people famous overnight.

but it will be accompanied by every book you read, internalized into the flesh and blood of life, so that you have a rich mind, full strength to deal with life.

Reading is always the nobility of the lowest threshold in the world. If you study hard, you will certainly take the sunny road.


Health is the treasure of life

I saw a video earlier, which was particularly gripping, called "the Last Ten years of Life".

the video tells the story of two different lives experienced by two old people in the last stage of their lives.

A person exercises every day, plays with his children and grandchildren, wears a tie, travels, and enjoys the happiness of his family.

one is cooped up in a hospital bed every day, cared for by his family, intubated, wheelchair, suffering from illness.

the video ends with a sentence: "it's time to make a decision and change your future."

the so-called change is nothing more than paying attention to health, exercising regularly, and then calmly facing daily life.

Haruki Murakami once said:

the most precious thing in one's life is a good health.

if you are in good health, you are qualified to pursue happiness; if you are in bad health, everything will become empty talk.

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I remember an article entitled "living to death, a journalist's hospital diary" that once went viral on moments.

the protagonist is Yan Junjie, a journalist with a smooth career and a happy family.

however, sometimes under the seemingly calm sea, there is always a hurtful undercurrent.

all his beauty came to an abrupt end because of a physical examination.

High pressure exceeds 190 and low pressure exceeds 135, which, in the words of the doctor, is only two or three steps away from death.

after admission, he was tied up by five flowers and was admitted to the high-care ward. In the

diary, he described it like this:

he never thought that he would be alive on weekdays, and his body did not reflect any signs of discomfort, so he became the doctor's priority in the twinkling of an eye.

fortunately, during the 13 days of hospitalization, Yan Junjie's indexes returned to normal.

the moment he walked out of the hospital gate, he was relieved.

after rubbing shoulders with death, he realized the importance of health and began to run and swim.

everything is a cloud except health in one's life.

A house only provides accommodation; a car can only bring convenience.

only by staying healthy can we have the ability to choose life and the capital to feel happiness.

in the final analysis, a person's greatest happiness is to stay up late, indulge less, keep in good health, exercise more, and have a good body.

as the philosopher Schopenhauer said, "A healthy beggar is happier than a sick king."

Bi Shumin wrote such a sentence:

take a trip around the world. May you have money in your pocket and stay away from trivial troubles. May you have books in your hand to expand your broad future. May you be in good health and enjoy stable happiness.

you have to clench your teeth and rush forward with riveting strength.

although all kinds of hard work, but after hard work, it must be a hot and shining life.

even if there are setbacks, we will fall, but as long as we move forward, we will meet at the finish line.