The best living condition of a woman (worth collecting)

The best living condition of a woman (worth collecting)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in life, it is difficult to be a man, but it is even more difficult to be a woman.

We will encounter all kinds of troubles in our lives, which will make you sad and anxious.

but it's not easy for us to come to the world for a walk. no matter how violent the wind and rain are, we have to be happy and casual.

Women, as long as they do the following four points, they will be able to live a beautiful scene, live their best life, and give their best appearance to life.


keep a good mindset

the appearance of a woman before the age of 40 is given by her parents, and the appearance after the age of 40 is given by herself.

when we live to a certain age, we will eventually learn not to argue, not to quarrel, not to show off.

No matter how bad things happen in life, take it calmly and face it with a good state of mind.

I often see many female friends around me complain that they are always busy for the sake of their family and children, and their husbands are still unable to understand and the children are still disobedient.

Women who often complain are usually unhappy and have a bad life, showing depression on their faces, which is a bad cycle.

when you are always thinking about the little things in life, it is easy to become mean;

when you are always anxious about your child's study, it is easy to become grumpy;

it is easy to get angry and hurt others as well as yourself.

however, women with a good state of mind have a kind of calm and self-confidence in their bones, which is their best wealth and care products.

in life, when we go through a lot of things that we can't do, we will inevitably collapse and feel frustrated.

looking back after a while, I thought it would be too hypocritical.

those things that I think I will never forget for the rest of my life have finally been forgotten under the washing of the years.

in this life, nothing will belong to you. If you don't bring it with you, you won't take it with you.

only by keeping a good state of mind, not happy with things, not sad with yourself, can you really control your life.

woman, make yourself better, no matter what happens in life, please remember to smile at it!


Economic independence

in this life, women should not think about who to rely on, rely on mountains, rely on everyone to run, and really rely on themselves.

instead of betting on others, it is better to work hard not to admit defeat. When you are strong, you are better than anything else.

Financial independence does not mean that you are successful in your work or career, but that you cannot lose your ability to make money.

because this ability will give you the confidence to withstand the wind and rain and the courage to fall and get up again!

I have a neighbor, Sister Li. Two years ago, her husband had an affair outside, and he always wanted to divorce her, because after he had children, he relied on his husband to support him.

although I didn't go out to work in the past few years, I gave everything for my family. I worked hard and diligently, but I ended up being driven out of the house.

like the situation encountered by Luo Zijun in the TV series "the first half of my Life", Tang Jing once said to Luo Zijun:

when you remain financially independent, you can raise your head in front of men, advance, attack and retreat, and will not be restrained.

the most basic sense of security for any woman is to have independent financial ability.

only when you are economically independent can your soul be independent, and you have the strength to say: love a person, love a thing, everything, I will not make do with it.


either read or travel

some people say: either read or travel, soul and body must have one on the road.

Reading and traveling are both an attitude that loves life, which can broaden their horizons and enrich their hearts.

Reading is mental travel, while travel is physical reading.

as one writer concluded:

only by reading can people break the limitations of time and space and travel in the world of wisdom.

Reading can raise people's level of thinking. In a few paragraphs, sometimes you can enter the deep mountains and forests, and sometimes you can meet the broad ocean.

but reading, less immersive and a little less hands-on.

go to travel, see the colorful world, will bring you different feelings, is a process of improving the spiritual realm.

for example, when we stand on the edge of the Yellow River and look at the rough Yellow River, we will suddenly feel small, the greatness of nature, and our minds will be more open-minded.

on the way to travel, you will meet all kinds of people, you will know yourself more clearly, listen to your heart, and become the person you want to be.

if you stay in the same place for a long time, you will think that this is the whole world, which is the most terrible thing.

Women, remember to read or travel, to embrace a better self.


keep healthy

as the saying goes, "A healthy beggar is happier than a sick king."

We must first be healthy before we have more energy to do what we want to do and to love the people we want to love.

Health is 1, and the rest of the career, family, children, and money are 0.

if you are in good health, even if you hit rock bottom, even if you fall into despair, you still have the possibility of counterattack.

if you lose your health, even if you are rich, even if you are very rich, it will come to naught in the end.

because even your husband can't stand it becauseTheir own physical condition, and the physical, psychological, material pressure.

without health, women lose almost everything.

remember that you are too old to be unscrupulous, so be sure to be nice to yourself.

maintain a healthy lifestyle, from now on, eat well, sleep well, don't stay up late, don't get angry, and exercise more.

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only when you are in good health, everything will be all right!


be a delicate woman with a healthy body and a good state of mind.

keep a positive attitude towards life, you can emit boundless light.

I hope you will be wise, generous, tolerant and simple enough for the rest of your life.

May you bloom like a flower and live as you like.