The art of praise (good text in depth)

The art of praise (good text in depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I have read a fable.

A teenager was being taken to the execution ground to be shot when the grandmother in the crowd suddenly exclaimed:

"look, how charming the child's blond hair and blue pupils are."

hearing this compliment, the teenager's expression immediately changed from ferocious to peaceful, and he bowed sincerely to the old man with his hands together.

he cried out with tearful eyes: "if there were more such people around me, I might not have to die!"

the writer Thoreau said:

sometimes, an opportunity for rebirth often comes from a compliment.


learn to praise others, it is grace

life is too bitter, need praise to adjust sweet.

No matter who the other person is, learning to praise can leave each other a pleasant experience.

Mr. Jin Yong had an interesting conversation with Japanese cultural celebrity Ikeda.

Jin Yong said: "I am a far cry from the celebrities you have talked to in the past, but I am still very happy and can give me the opportunity to communicate with you."

Ikeda said hurriedly, "you are really too modest. I have heard a lot about your" adult style ".

as everyone commented on you, where there are Chinese, you must see the works of Jin Yong! "

after talking to each other, they laughed and got off to a good start for the conversation.

after reading it, I have to marvel that they all belong to industry giants, but they are still not arrogant and unstingy in praising others, which is a model for future generations.

looking back at real life, praise has become a luxury, and criticism has become a dogma that people pursue for growth.

the children's grades are improving, and the parents are not the first, burning up all the children's enthusiasm;

the partner carefully cooks a delicious meal, but the other person is accustomed to not noticing it and even talking about wasting food;

subordinates try to win some small achievements, but their superiors ignore them and never talk about any recognition or reward.

Life without praise is more or less bitter.

as the saying goes, being able to speak is a skill; being able to praise is a virtue and bearing.

praise is the romance of life.

it is like a candy that adds some sweetness to you when you feel bitter in life.

it doesn't need you to have many gorgeous and exaggerated words, it just needs your sincerity from the heart, and then express it appropriately.

Yes, if you praise others, you can add a candy to other people's lives and make them happy. Why not?


learning to praise yourself is wisdom

learn to praise yourself and make yourself happy.

living in this world, someone is bound to roar over the ruins of your life, even impolitely trample down you and look down on you.

I read a conversation that was interesting:

someone said, "you are a stay-at-home mother who can live such a happy life because you are lucky enough to marry a good husband."

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someone replied, "No, you are wrong. I am beautiful, gentle and virtuous. It was my father-in-law's good fortune that he married me."

in the face of contempt, disdain and anger in the face of others is not so much self-cultivation as a kind of wisdom of life.

this wisdom can help us resist the storms in our lives and heal the harm done to ourselves by others.

appreciate what Wang Yangming said:

other people's attitude towards you is always a reference, and your attitude towards yourself is the most important.

have a clear affirmation of yourself, give yourself some praise at the right time, in order to calmly turn over this life full of thorns.

so, don't forget:

when you are down, give yourself a "come on" and praise your persistent self;

when you are happy, applaud yourself and praise your great self.

Life is really hard, so you should learn to make yourself happy.

use some beautiful words, praise yourself, praise yourself, and make your heart more confident and powerful.

as for those "alternative" voices, let them be buried deep in the ground over time.

Sanmao said:   Sanmao said:

praise is indispensable to life.

We never know what kind of emotion and change a compliment will bring to each other.

it is like sugar and light, giving people sweetness and warmth.

praise makes us feel happy, and praise makes us love ourselves more.

knowing how to praise others is the bearing of being a man; knowing how to appreciate yourself is the wisdom of life.