The 33 most ruthless hidden rules in China are enlightening!

The 33 most ruthless hidden rules in China are enlightening!

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Chinese society is subtle, complex and changeable.

however, no matter how many changes, there is always a constant rule.

there is an invisible hand that controls the reincarnation of society. This hand is called "the way of Heaven"!

the Tao of heaven is the law of the universe, and it is like a net of heaven and earth.

Heaven and earth are not benevolent, taking all things as ruminant dogs.

in front of the Tao of Heaven, all our abilities and skills are not worth mentioning.

the gains and losses of happiness and misfortune in life are all caused by violating or conforming to the way of heaven.

those who are in an invincible position are often those who have mastered the Tao of Heaven.

once you understand the law behind it, you can respond to changes without change.

to understand these laws is far better than any skill!


the law of planting flowers

the flower giver is surrounded by flowers, and the thorn grower is surrounded by thorns.

being kind to others will benefit you in the end; if you do evil to others, you will be in an irreparable situation.

A wide accumulation of good karma is paving the way for yourself!


the law of being good at war

those who are good at fighting must seek it from the situation if they are in an invincible position.

the key to life is to borrow strength, not force. The wisest way to do things is to create momentum first, and then borrow it!

A good wind with strength, send me to Qingyun, get twice the result with half the effort!

those who are not good at taking advantage of the east wind will always work hard and get half the result with twice the effort!


the law of dilemma

self-centered people will be trapped in the biggest trap in life.

when the word "I" is overemphasized, it becomes a curse.

people who only think about themselves all the time will never get out of that predicament.

after that, his body comes first, and he lives outside his body.

the person who can achieve the perfection of others is the achievement of the society.


Law of Freedom

when you climb over a thousand mountains and be tolerant of everything, there will be nothing you can't figure out.

vulgar people have a secular side, but everyone's secular side is different.

see that all people are good people, that everything is good, and that everything is good.

forgive others so that you can live at ease.


Law of success  there is only one kind of failure in the world, and that is to be defeated by failure.

everyone has to experience failure. Many failures come one day earlier, and people can be strong one day earlier.

not afraid of failure, perseverance is the only way to success.

the really strong are those who have experienced all kinds of failures but have never been defeated by them!


background Law

Chinese people pay attention to background and background, and the biggest background in the world is the hearts of the people.

once you are supported by the people, no one can touch you.

therefore, being a person who is beneficial to the public is the greatest umbrella.


the law of care

always cares about the vision of others, and you will lose yourself.

many people care too much about what others think of themselves. if they praise him, they will be happy, and if they criticize him, they will suffer. They always pay attention to what they look like in the eyes of others.

such people, like learning to walk in Handan, will lose themselves a little bit.

the law of reflection  08   the law of reflection  08    the law of reflection  08   the law of reflection  08    the law of reflection  08   the law of reflection

see the virtuous thinking, see the unvirtuous and introspect.

when you meet a good person, try to learn his strengths; when you meet a bad guy, reflect on whether you have the same shortcomings.

people like this are getting stronger and better every day!


the law of being a man

will always be more important than doing things.

Ten successes in "doing things" cannot conceal a failure in "being a man".

if you are good at being a human being, you are good at employing people.

immersed in work, it is often only suitable for hard work, learning to manage, manage, and employ people in order to achieve great achievements.


abandon the law

if a person wants to succeed, his greatest ability does not depend on his ability, but on whether he will gain great value at the expense of small interests. This is the truth of how to choose the big at the expense of the small.

this is the road to life, far better than the skill of doing things.


the lotus law

the lotus in the pond blooms twice as many as the previous day.

if on the 30th day, the lotus will be full of the whole pond.

on what day did the lotus bloom halfway in the pond? Day 15? "

wrong! It's the 29th day.

by the 29th day, the lotus is only half full, and the other half will not bloom until the last day.

the last day is the fastest, equal to the sum of the previous 29 days!

many people work hard at first, but give up on day 9, day 19, or even day 29.

most people give up when they are only one step away from success! The closer you get to success, the more difficult it is, and the more you need to persevere!


three taboos

cleverness, if smart people also choose to take shortcuts, they will be damned!

talent is taboo. The more talented you are, the more you need to go deep into the group.The more arrogant you can be, the less arrogant you are.

if you are arrogant and detached from the masses, you will certainly be down and out.

mediocrity is taboo of laziness. Ordinary people in the world are defeated by a lazy word.


High-profile Law

the more successful people need to be careful in their words and deeds, such as treading on thin ice; the weaker people are, the more daring and savage they are.

but many people turn it upside down-when they are young, they are timid and eventually accomplish nothing; when they succeed, they are bold and finally fall down.


the law of villains

the most important thing in life is to avoid fighting and never fight against villains.

the villain has his own enemies, and the villain has his own mill.

for example, if you get stuck in your car, let him go. Next time he will encounter the traffic police.


the Law of fools

never take advantage of the mouth and never argue with the fool.

A fool has his own way of living. You can't save all people.

everyone has their own way of living, and they may be much happier than you.


the law of care

the more you care about, the easier it is to lose; the more eager you are, the more likely you are to miss; once you worry about gain and loss, you have no grace and courage.

the desire of modern people is so strong that they want to become fat in one bite, and regard every opportunity as a lifesaver to get rich overnight.

so he worried about gain and loss, bound his hands and feet, and panicked.

most of the failures in the world are actually lost to the word "care".


the law of desire

those who are addicted to deep desire are shallowly talented.

the greater one's desire, the less clear one is ahead; the calmer one is, the easier it is to look at the overall situation.

if you are full of desire, you must be frightened.


Law of sympathy

when the strong and weak compete, people will always sympathize with the weak.

as long as you are weak, even if you are unreasonable, you can certainly win everyone's sympathy.

No matter how reasonable you are, if you don't know how to show weakness, you will become the target of ten thousand people.

therefore, to keep a low profile is the king's way, and to know how to show weakness is great wisdom!


the law of knowing stops

the one who can leave the game when he wins is the biggest winner.

those who know to stop and can stop in time are really awesome people.

everything goes to the extreme, but when the moon is full, it loses.

if you brush your clothes and hide your name deeply, you will reap the greatest happiness in your life.


Law of non-greed

if a person wants everything, he will get nothing in the end; if a person does meritorious service but does not take credit, he will certainly win the hearts of the people.

those who are popular win the world, and those who don't want anything belong to it in the end.


Law of Solitude

the higher a person's position, the more people will think about and calculate you.

the more outstanding you are, the more people will denigrate you.

the wood is better than the forest, the wind will destroy it, it is not bogey to be mediocre, and the strong know how to enjoy loneliness.


the law of escape

anyone who tries to escape from a place or a person, or thinks that when he comes to a place and meets someone, that he can live a happy life will never be happy.

so many people went to Lijiang to look for a paradise, only to come back a few months later. Many people think they have met the perfect person, but they are still unhappy after being together.

Real happiness is inner happiness, which has nothing to do with the outside world or outsiders.

Happy heart, wherever you go, with whom you are happy; if you are not happy in your heart, no matter where you go, you are not happy with anyone.


the law of spiritual practice

there is only one way to find happiness and peace in life-- that is to regard the world as a kind of spiritual practice.

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the real practice is not in the temple, but in the earthly world, learn to practice in life, let all pain and difficulties hone your state of mind, they can raise your level and increase your wisdom.

the heart of the world of mortals, you can finally be invulnerable.