Thank you for showing up in my youth.

Thank you for showing up in my youth.

"I'm so lucky to meet you."

maybe the Gu Han class sitting in the first row of red pen, blue pen and black note in the afternoon was so boring that in the last ten minutes of the class, the roommate secretly handed over his cell phone from below and said, "Hey, let's go to the cinema tonight." So after class, I sat alone in the canteen waiting for my roommates to finish the regular department meeting. with ten minutes left, when the movie began, we, Didi Taxi, rushed to the cinema. By the time we sat down, the movie had already started for five minutes.

"if you are a boy, I would like to tell you about her ordinary life, an ordinary girl you have not cared about since childhood." Lin Zhenxin

there are so many goddesses like Tao Minmin in the world. There are only so many ordinary girls who can no longer be ordinary like Lin Zhenxin. When they were young girls, they loved those shining male gods. Also fantasize that one day, really like the idol drama, the male god will fall in love with the ordinary himself. When he is playing basketball, secretly cheer for him below, only hope that when he is shooting, the corner of his eye can see that I am also there. When eating in the canteen, I always happen to be sitting near him. I just hope that when he looks up, I can see that I am also there. Pretend to mention him in chat with others in order to know more about him in the mouth of others. Only dare to write in the diary full of love for him, but do not dare to do it again, personally say to him, in fact, ah, I like you for a long time. Because I am not good enough, I can only hide these little thoughts secretly.

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"it turns out that if I like someone, I won't have the courage to tell her that I made a wish to a meteor that night, hoping that I was in her wish." Even though I knew that it was someone else who could make her happy. " Xu Taiyu

nowadays, I only dare to get close to you as a good friend and care about you as a good friend. Secretly in love with you as a good friend. There was a meteor shower the night before last, you asked, if the meteor passed, what wish would you make? At that time, I just laughed at you for being bored, but you didn't know that I was on the balcony in the middle of the night. I just wanted to make a wish. I hope you will be there in the future. And I am also trying to become better, become shiny, and try to catch up with you. One day, I can confidently tell you in front of you that I really like you, fool. I hope I am the one who can make you happy.

"sometimes she is very sad, but she tries to say that she is all right. Breakfast will hesitate for five minutes, but in the end, you will choose turnip cake. She often walks without watching the road, so remember to keep an eye on him all the time. Want to take the National Taiwan University, but poor math, like skating, like watching Zhou Xingchi, she, she likes you very much. Although she is stupid and short and likes other boys, I still like her very much. " Xu Taiyu

you are sometimes very tired, but you persist in trying to be brave. You always leak things, but you are always lucky to get it back. You said that you want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, have your own goals and work very hard to achieve them. You have a lot of weird ideas and like to be different. You like to eat mangoes, like to drink milk, like to go on a trip, like to write things, like late night affectation and daytime idiots. Although others always make fun of you and poke at your shortcomings. At that time, I always thought about it in my heart, but I didn't dare to say it. Even if you were not perfect, I just liked you. Every time I jokingly praise you that you are the most handsome, the best and the best, you really take it as a joke. At the end of the movie, the tears turned into tears. Some people say that one of the things that can make you cry when watching a movie is moved, and the other is that you probably think of yourself, a similar experience.

finding that meeting you is the most important thing in life and lucky to meet you