Thank you for making me who I am.

Thank you for making me who I am.

& quot;you are what you see&quot

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January 4, I remember this date very clearly, because it was the first time that I formally got the fee. In the afternoon, I went to buy a pen, it is very ordinary, it is also very cheap, it is not as smooth as I imagined, but I will put it well in the penholder, because human emotion always needs to be pinned on something, only when I miss the specific materialization. You just know how deep it means to you, just like a long-distance couple will wear the same watch, because when you see it, you will think of her /him.

later, I received other contributions one after another, which was not as profound as the first time, but I still spent the money where I thought it was worth it. For example, I bought a tube of lipstick worthy of its price tag. When I told my good friend J, she was surprised because when I went to the counter in the department store with her for the first time, I tried the color number back and forth three times, but finally I was reluctant to buy it. I explained half-jokingly, "because I like it, and I'm rich."

is actually true. I bought it, not because of its brand, not because it is not limited, but because it is very suitable for me, it makes me look refreshed. At that time, I noticed that many other colors were cheaper than it, but they were not what I wanted. I didn't buy them because I knew I would come back one day. I knew what I deserved to have. I bought a lot of new clothes before I went to college. Once I looked at the price tag in the store and put it back. My mother asked why she didn't try. I said it was too expensive to give up.

she said, "would you rather buy ten clothes with more than 80 yuan style but obviously low quality, or would you rather buy a 300 yuan dress that will last a long time? The quality of the clothes is good, and your style will be stable in the next year or two. Can't you wear expensive clothes back to the original? "

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although this sentence persuaded me to accept the list price, I didn't buy it in the end because it was not suitable. So in the end, my conclusion is that I don't care about the price. I don't think it's my style, so I won't buy it. I really like it and can afford the price, so buy it.

what is "vanity"?

those who satisfy their consumption desires outside their spending power are called vanity. With a monthly salary of 3K, they buy a 6K iPhone.

and within the limits of your ability, to find something that suits you and really likes it should be called "pleasing yourself".

but I really don't like the dress of "like to show logo on purpose". Many trend signs have obvious logo in the design of clothes. Once I was roller skating downstairs, leaning to my ear and whispering to J, "that boy is really ugly dressed like this!" "which one?" "the one with letters and signs all over."

the best way to express the tide card should be to interpret it rather than show it on the surface. I had breakfast with Y at McDonald's this morning, and he said, you can wear a thousand yuan dress on top and a pair of fifty yuan trousers underneath. As long as you can match them with your own personality and style, this is the best way to show the tide card. Let yourself wear your own personality, you are the most unique, instead of just turning out the logo and telling others:

"Hey, look, I'm wearing a brand!"

something really good, or something that suits you, should be done. "in you, it makes you who you are."

Yeezy, a trend card in cooperation with Nike and Adidas successively, its first Chinese model is Hoyee, a model who previously worked as a confused boy, sold pirated DVD and worked as a waitress. In the "hipster" interview, he said that "clothes are one". I think the definition should be similar. A piece of clothing that can be worn to let others see your taste and personality is the most worthy of your consumption. You can not have 1.8 meters without muscles, you can not have 1.7 meters without protruding and protruding, but you must know yourself, otherwise it is an empty shell, no matter how you wear it, it will become clothes that are driving you, not clothes.

"I like girls who wear street signs because I can see their personalities here, but girls who wear famous brands are very difficult."

whether it is to do things or dress, the most important thing is to be yourself. I always encourage people around me to believe the saying, "you are different from others."

appearance always gives people the first impression, and the first impression is always the most difficult to change. The street sign with your own style is the best way to distinguish your first impression from others, and it is also the simplest and easiest preparation.

Deyang, the one who had breakfast with me at McDonald's, I asked him why he sold fashion brand clothes. He smiled shyly and said that a year ago, because he had a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend, he almost used up his living expenses in order to see her every week, was embarrassed to ask his parents for it, and happened to know several manufacturers, so he began to sell fashion brand clothes. In addition, he is a trend enthusiast.

"Who care what others sees", he hopes that his customers can really wear the tide card to their own taste, rather than just "put it on".

interpret the tide card: "Let your clothes help you become yourself."

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