Ten wrong exercise methods for the rest of life: if you can't strengthen yourself, you'll hurt your body instead.

Ten wrong exercise methods for the rest of life: if you can't strengthen yourself, you'll hurt your body instead.

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after retirement, many friends began to shift the focus of their lives to physical exercise and strive to be healthy and energetic old people.

but what you don't know is that your exercise is not only unable to "strengthen", but even "hurt"!

according to the Jiangsu Network of China, about 78.56% of the middle-aged and elderly have the misunderstanding of sports health care.

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how to exercise more and more easily? What are the wrong ways of exercise for the elderly? Uncle Fan will take you to know it!


this kind of patients' symptoms are basically the same: there is no problem with knee extension and flexion.

but knee pain is obvious when climbing stairs, severe walking will be uncomfortable, and the pain will be relieved after a few days of rest.

Why is it easy to get hurt when you dance in the square?

Square dancing is becoming more and more difficult, usually designing a lot of body rotation and lower limb torsion movements.

these movements have higher requirements for the control of the body's center of gravity, the strength and stability of the lower limbs.

dancing for more than an hour or two means that the joints are too long to be used continuously.

Square dancing is not the longer the better, the more difficult the better.

proper control of time and exercise intensity is beneficial to the protection of knee joint.


shoulder flick exercise

rotator cuff laceration is one of the common sports injuries in the middle-aged and elderly.

there are many such patients in clinic, and most of them have a history of shoulder pain.

I mistakenly thought I was suffering from scapulohumeral periarthritis and wanted to relieve it through exercise.

when the elderly are exercising in the community, they like to do some lifting frequently.

includes shoulder rotation in horizontal bar or rings, baseball pitching, weightlifting, etc.

this will actually increase the load of the shoulder joint and cause or aggravate the rotator cuff tear.

shoulder periarthritis and rotator cuff injury are two different diseases.

scapulohumeral periarthritis is a self-limited disease, generally half a year, no more than two years will improve on its own.

rotator cuff injury, if left untreated or exercised in the wrong way, will only get worse.


some old people will practice their low back muscles, which is called "Yan'er Fei".

"swallow flying" is a good exercise, but it is not necessarily suitable for the elderly.

because of the aging of articular intervertebral disc in the elderly, there are joint hyperplasia and spinal canal stenosis.

excessive extension will aggravate the compression and collision of the joint, increase the hardness of the vertebral arch, cause fracture and make the spinal canal narrower.

in addition, sit-ups are not suitable for the elderly. Sit-ups should curl up your legs to practice your abs, which is too strong.

exceeds the 150 cattle fixed by the International Labour Safety Organization for intervertebral discs.

will increase the load of human lumbar vertebrae and make the intervertebral disc degeneration very serious in the elderly.

most middle-aged and elderly people have some problems with their cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae.

coupled with osteoporosis, sit-ups can easily cause irreversible damage to the cervical and lumbar vertebrae.

moreover, this exercise has a great change on the head, which is easy to cause high blood pressure and accidents in people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


some elderly people think that the greater the intensity of exercise, the greater the amount of exercise, the more beneficial to health. Only in this way can we achieve the goal of exercise.

but explosive exercise may lead to increased blood pressure, heart rate, myocardial ischemia and hypoxia.

exercise lies in persistence, not in speed and intensity.


climbing stairs is listed as a fitness exercise program by many elderly people, thinking that fitness is at home, convenient and fast, no extra space, no special time.

but in fact, in the process of climbing stairs, the pressure of the knee joint increases obviously, and the knee joint strikes repeatedly.

repeated movements over and over again will undoubtedly increase the injury of the knee joint and induce knee joint disease.

similar to climbing stairs, mountaineering is also prone to knee joint injury.

when going down the hill, the impact force on the knee joint is equal to 5-8 times of one's own body weight.

aggravate the injury of patellar cartilage and meniscus, which is a high incidence item of knee joint injury.


many old people often do head and neck rotation exercises, thinking that this is good for the cervical vertebra, but also helps to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

if the elderly suffer from severe arteriosclerosis, or even carotid plaque formation, severe rotation of the head and neck.

dizziness, nausea, vomiting, or even falls may occur, and severe plaques may fall off, leading to accidents.

the head and neck exercise of the elderly should be moderate, and the amplitude, speed and rotation intensity of movement should be reduced.

the amplitude of swing on both sides and back and forth should be controlled within 180 degrees, and can rest for 2 to 3 seconds from time to time. In order to achieve the effect of relaxing muscles and activating collaterals.


due to unscientific exercise or physical incoordination, the elderly often lead to ankle sprain during exercise.

there will be pain and swelling in local tissue. Some elderly people will immediately adopt the method of "hot compress".

think that this can promote blood circulation and accelerate the speed of recovery.

the correct treatment of sports injury (such as ankle sprain) is to lower the temperature in the injured tissue by cold compress (such as ice) within 24 hours of the injury.

capillaries contract, reduce bleeding and exudate, help to control the development of the disease;

24 hours later, thermotherapy can accelerate local blood circulation and achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation, detumescence and relieving pain.


morning exercise in the parkUncle and aunt, some people especially like to walk backwards.

I think this can better achieve the effect of exercise.

it is not known that the balance, eyesight and reaction ability of the elderly have decreased, and walking backwards is easy to cause accidents.


for the elderly, fasting morning exercise is very dangerous.

after a night's sleep, my stomach is empty and I will exercise for 1-2 hours without eating, which is not enough for calories.

coupled with physical exertion, there will be insufficient blood supply to the brain.

even a short period of time can make people feel uncomfortable. The most common symptom is dizziness, and serious ones will feel flustered, weak legs and unstable standing.

Old people with heart problems will suddenly fall or even die suddenly.

in addition, morning exercise is best started after sunrise, which is the most hygienic and safest exercise.


the cardiopulmonary function of the elderly is decreased, and pneumothorax occurs due to alveolar rupture when holding breath.

holding breath will also increase the burden on the heart, causing chest tightness and palpitations.

when holding breath, due to the increase of chest pressure and the decrease of cardiac blood volume, the cerebral blood supply is insufficient, and dizziness and even fainting are easy to occur.

after holding breath, there is a sudden increase in blood volume and blood pressure, which is prone to cerebrovascular accidents.

therefore, exercises such as weightlifting, tug-of-war, hard Qigong, and pull-ups, which require holding breath, are not suitable for the elderly.

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