Ten classic lines from the Age of Awakening have become popular: the 10 truths we should see through in our lives.

Ten classic lines from the Age of Awakening have become popular: the 10 truths we should see through in our lives.

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in the last six months, the TV series "the Age of Awakening" is a hot search, and the high-burning lines in the play also make netizens' blood boil.

as a main theme series, the Age of Awakening has soared from 8.3 points at the start of the broadcast to a super high score of 9.3 points for Douban netizens.

this kind of rating directly refreshes the scoring standard of domestic dramas in recent years, which shows how deeply netizens love it.

although the TV series has been over for 3 months, with the spontaneous Amway of netizens, there is more and more discussion about it.

it focuses on the group of young people who took saving the country as their duty during the period from 1915 to 1921, recreating the surging years of a group of warm-blooded young people seeking truth and striving to change China's destiny a hundred years ago.

many people do not understand why the Age of Awakening can attract so many people. I think a netizen's message may be the best answer to it:

"the people in the play are the young people of that era. We saw that young people of that era were willing to throw their blood for their ideals.

the power of empathy is really great. "

Yes, although it was chaotic at that time, we could see the hope of China's future in these young people and the helplessness of life in their stories.

the lines behind those stories tell the times and reveal the heart-piercing truth about life.


in this impetuous era, only people with self-discipline can stand out and achieve great things.

Aristotle once said:

"what ultimately determines who we are is what we insist on day after day."

then you will find that excellence is not an act, but a habit. "

in this impetuous society, many people yearn for success, but few can really succeed.

they are immersed in fantasies and try to achieve their goals with the help of others.

but I never thought that in this life, I am the only one who can decide my success or failure.

there are no shortcuts in life. The only way to have an ideal life is to maintain self-discipline.

Slide into charming evening gowns with sleeves and flaunt your sexy figure. There are perfect pieces for formal and informal events.

only when you are good enough, the world will be at your feet and make way for you.

No effort, no gain.

it may be difficult to maintain self-discipline, but a life without self-discipline is bound to be hard.

A man can't control his life if he can't control his own life.

only by eating enough self-discipline can you hold your destiny in your own hands and have the life you want.


tolerance and kindness are the habits we have cultivated since childhood, but tolerance and kindness also have a bottom line.

at the beginning of a man, nature is good.

We always say that those who are kind will be blessed; they will always be taught to be kind and tolerant.

but life is never about giving tolerance and getting something in return.

in many cases, the so-called kindness will only become a sharp weapon for others to hurt themselves.

some people say:

unprincipled tolerance, in the eyes of others, is not kindness, but cowardice.

keep the bottom line so that you can treat others kindly without being bullied by others.

there is a saying in "Godfather" that people very much agree:

people know how to be kind and tolerant, and that no matter how tolerant they are, there should be a bottom line.

We can not stab people, but we must have thorns on our bodies; we can be tolerant of others, but we must also have a ruler in our hearts.


since it is a choice, friends should be allowed to have their own aspirations, and gentlemen should be harmonious but different.

there is a saying:

"allow yourself to be different from others, let you be different; allow others to be different from you, and let you accept all kinds of rivers."

everyone has his or her own preferences, unique habits and different values.

just like this world, it is never just black and white, but colorful.

do not impose your will on others, respect differences and understand differences.

this is respect for each other, and it is also the most basic accomplishment of a person.

A writer once said:

"you can never like what others like, but please allow it to exist;

you can continue to hate what you hate, but please allow others to like it."

there is no standard answer in life. Everyone has the right to choose life.

do not interfere in other people's lives, nor be interfered by others; do not require others by your own standards, nor measure the rights and wrongs of others by your own yardstick.

as the philosopher Kant said:


self-confidence is an advantage, but not blind confidence.

this is what Chen Duxiu said to his son Chen Yannian, but it still applies today.

most of the time, we always regard others as "imaginary enemies", but we don't know that the greatest enemy in our life is not others, but ourselves.

because of temporary achievements, he is defiant and self-righteous.

many people regard themselves as the center of the world, but forget that there are always better people and greater achievements.

"if the sky is crazy, there will be rain, and when people are crazy, there will be disaster."

the most difficult thing in life is the lack of self-knowledge.

Don't overestimate yourself, don't underestimate others, keep a low profile, and life can go smoothly.

having self-confidence is a good thing, but blind self-confidence will only bring you destruction.

because no matter how good people are, there will be shortcomings; no matter how mediocreOf the people, there will be something special.

only by keeping a low profile and not being self-righteous can we live a good life.