Tell your daughter: a partner you can't choose.

Tell your daughter: a partner you can't choose.

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every child has sweet illusions about love.

every parent will also usher in the moment when the child leaves himself and spends his or her life with another person.

maybe we don't want to, maybe we don't want to, but none of us can stop one from getting married.

Marriage is one of the most important choices in a person's life. If you make the right choice, you will successfully go ashore and have a stable and happy life. If you make the wrong choice, you will be stuck in a quagmire.

although we can't stop the child from leaving, we can tell the child who can't be entrusted, so that is to protect the child's future.


A man who is too controlling

the bondage of "in the name of love" will only suffocate.

interfering with other people's lives in the name of love, turning "I am for your own good" into a kind of harm.

the best relationship is never control, but letting go: admit your differences and face the future hand in hand.

as Jung, founder of analytical psychology, said: "you don't even want to change others."

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our friend broke up and we all felt sorry for her, but she was relieved.

whenever he goes out to meet a friend, he is sure to ask whether he is a man or a woman. Is the man single or married? If he is single or male, he should be coaxed.

even if he goes out with his best friend, he will check the post and ask to shoot a small video to show him;

he will definitely check his cell phone and check his phone and chat records at night.

"A man who is too controlling really can't have it." My friend told us earnestly and earnestly.

between people, no matter how intimate they are, they must have their own independent living space. Crossing this boundary will make each other feel uncomfortable.

when you get along with people who have a strong desire for control, you will have a strong sense of pressure, depression and suffocation.

you will feel as if your existence is always facing some kind of threat, you can not stretch to be yourself, your good or bad right or wrong is entirely in the hands of another person. You can't live the way you like.

if the son is not a fish, how can you know the joy of a fish?

such feelings are not so much love as a cage built with desire for control.

so, never indulge in the illusion of "caring about you". A strong and selfish man really can't take it.


A man who has no sense of family responsibility

can bend down and bear the burden, which is the support of a family.

the criteria for choosing a mate can be different, but one thing must be necessary, that is, to be an independent person.

before becoming a wife and mother, every woman is also a spoiled little princess who marries a man for happiness and happiness, not to be a babysitter.

if you marry a "giant baby boy" with sound limbs but only know how to use his mouth, the rest of his life is imaginable toil.

Jiayin has been married to her husband for seven years and her child is six years old. she performs a typical widowed marriage and fraudulent corpse parenting.

after so many years of marriage, the husband has hardly done a piece of housework. He always opens his mouth and clothes to reach out. After work, he sank at home to play games and other meals. Sometimes when Jiayin comes back from a business trip, some of the food at home has grown maggots. Her husband doesn't take out the trash.

in the end, the tipping point that made Jiayin more and more unbearable was that her husband's company organized a trip when she gave birth.

what's more, I knew that I knew I had a baby and completed the whole journey, and I didn't come back until several days later.

later, the unbearable Jiayin chose to divorce. The life of

and "giant baby" men is a disaster.

they are short-sighted and think only about the comfort of the present and not about their future life.

married such a man, what I wanted was a shelter from the wind and rain, but finally I found out that he gave me the greatest storm in life.

Meng Fei once said:

all willingness comes from "love". But no matter how much I love, I can't stand the chill again and again.

so, a man who never understands women is not worth your heart and soul.


an obedient mama's boy

if you marry mama's boy, your life is only aggrieved.

because the man you married has found himself a "son" rather than a husband, and the "bride" has become the standard "new mother".

when your mother-in-law's opinion is at odds with yours, of course his mother is more reasonable;

when you show a little inunderstanding, of course you are not sensible enough;

when you are bitter about what your mother-in-law has done, you are too impatient.

in the hearts of every mama's boy man, the mother is the one you can count on, and you are just the third party between them.

Nana went to her mother-in-law's house before marriage. when she saw that her husband was particularly filial to her parents, she thought: the character of those who honor their parents will not be bad, and it will be right to marry him.

during pregnancy, Nana could not bend over. Her husband helped her wash her feet, and her mother-in-law saw her. Her mother-in-law said it was inappropriate for her to ask a big man to wash her feet.

Nana explained that her waist was sore. As a result, her mother-in-law refused to forgive her, and in a fit of anger, Nana contradicted her mother-in-law.

she had thought that the old man would be on her side. How could he yell at her, "how could you yell at Mom?" It's your fault if you talk back to your elders! "

he is obedient to his mother-in-law. Whenever there is a conflict between her and her mother-in-law, he will side with her, and Nana comes more and more.The more I feel that I am very suffocated.

since ancient times, conflicts in families have been difficult to reconcile, and this relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the most difficult of all relationships.

there was a question before: "Why is there natural hostility between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law?" The answer at the bottom of

is also very straightforward:

it is true that in real life, many mothers-in-law will regard their son as their whole life, and they will subconsciously compare their daughter-in-law with their daughter-in-law. Will ask their daughter-in-law to do everything according to their own requirements.

if your partner is a "mama's boy", not only can you not get your sense of security, but you even have to fight with "mother and son" alone.

so, if you are not a person who can give up principles and swallow the United front with your mother-in-law, please stay away from mama's boy.

people always have to face parting.

as parents, we will never be able to accompany our children throughout their life. all we can do is to tell them what is right.

Marriage is not so much a union of affection as a self-cultivation.

Women, in marriage, assume the responsibility of a wife and mother, ensuring the harmony of the family.

A man, in marriage, is a big tree, and all members of the family are responsible.

in the big exam of marriage, only when two people work together and cooperate with each other can they get through smoothly.

so choice is important, but more important is running-in.

May every child meet a man who makes you willing to get married, even if it doesn't matter a little later.